LG Canada says Android 4.4 update for G2 coming ‘late Q1, 2014’


  • silver_arrow

    This is actually really impressive as the Optimus G, which was the base for the Nexus 4, never got 4.2 which is what the Nexus 4 launched on.

  • trickster_qc

    end of march 2014?

    wow. no thanks LG.

    • Ugslick

      You don’t want the update at all 😛
      Haha, I kid.. If they stick to the timeline (no delays) I guess it is okay, though it definitely would have been nicer in one or two months rather than 4 months away.. and only potentially at that for all we know.. I guess we can just hope that the UI is being rebuilt completely from the ground up on 4.4 to make it really streamlined and efficient while still offering extra features over standard kitkat.

    • trickster_qc

      The end of march would make 5 months from the date Kitkat was released.

      5 months is a long time. but it’s clear the LG G2 wasn’t a huge seller in canada so they don’t really care and they will work on the update after other countries are covered and done.

  • King kobi

    I don’t believe a word LG says I’ve been burned by that before with the Optimus 2x I had high hopes to at least see Ice Cream Sandwich on that phone there’s no excuse why the Optimus G 1st generation isn’t running 4.2 at least today LG Sony an HTC all make false promises Samsung seems to be the only company that’s getting it right and it just goes to show that Samsung is so cocky and confident with the sales that they don’t mind giving you a higher update count for your old device something to think about.

    • Ugslick

      Im running 4.1.1 on the g2x

  • Moritz Haager

    there is no way that this should take this long…..not when unpaid devs on XDA can get a functioning ROM out a week after the AOSP is released. Maybe they should just pay one of the XDA devs to do this for them. Or just offer a vanilla stock build. I don’t get this at all.

    • JTon

      Yeah it’s true. My cynical side likes to think manufacturers drag their feet on updates so impatient users will buy their latest gadget with freshest OS. But on the other side of things, the manufacturers are obligated to release a solid patch with no new bugs introduced. XDA devs are under no such obligation and users using their ROMs know what they are getting into. Different set of standards for sure.

    • Ali F.

      Totally agree. I tried stable CM builds on many devices, and they all show issues either the next day or after few days. The only exception, is the latest stable Eclipse v4.3 that I installed on my RAZR xt910 that is running for a week now without any glitch at all. I always had to go back to Fido stock ROM on this device until Eclipse. I hope this will work.

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      Not the same thing.

  • Super_Deluxe

    If it wasn’t for the great hardware, I would’ve never bought an LG phone. Looks like they are still as lazy with the updates. Time to install a 4.4 based ROMs instead of waiting another 4 months for it…

  • Omis

    Translation: No update coming for G2.

  • Jam

    I thought they changed with the Optimus G when I got it for my son last Christmas.
    But here we are. Sorry last LG phone unless it’s the Nexus 5.

    • Ugslick

      G2 is actually a much better phone than the N5 overall. The only slight plus for the Nexus is the updates.

  • Raj Singh

    So just when the next version is about to be announced…

  • ToniCipriani

    Well if the rumour about SFR getting it this month comes true, then we have nobody to blame but the carriers.

    • Ugslick

      It won’t though.. LG said they will release it to carriers here at the ‘end’ of Q1 2014.

    • ToniCipriani

      No I’m not saying we’re getting it this month, but why it’s ‘end’ of Q1.

    • Ugslick

      Apparently it’s already been released in Korea… which is honestly surprising to me.. but if it’s true (and it appears to be) then I have to wonder why they won’t get it out here sooner. It should be out by the end of december latest.

  • Max Fireman

    Anyone want mg LG G2?

    • Ugslick

      You have one? I’ll buy it off you, depending on how much of course.

  • flibblesan

    March 2014 is about right based on what I’ve heard. A 4.4 test rom for the Korean G2 variant was leaked on some Chinese forums so the update is definitely coming. Looks to have the same UI as the current 4.2.2 ROM though so if people are expecting to have a more Google nexusy experience will be disappointed. Of course, you could always root and install a custom ROM…

  • amhopeless

    And yet again LG shows themselves to be the worst android OEM with regards to updates. It’s a damned shame, seeing as their hardware is awesome.

  • MaX Damage

    LG Optimus 2x flashbacks…

  • John Turpin

    LG is the worst. I own an Optimus 2X P999 and they have just abandoned the device, and will not produce any updates for it. I’m super frustrated as I am stuck with this phone (have to pay $300 to cell phone company if I want to get a new phone) so in the mean time I’m stuck with super old version of Android that is starting to get really buggy. So word to the wise, do NOT BUY AN LG PHONE.

  • mggOptimusG

    To be honest, my OG973 4.1.2 is running just fine.

    If your device is fast enough, and you can do all the things you need to do with it, why upgrade ?

    Getting the latest OS version is not as “good” as it may seem. You know it will become sluggish since they always add “features” whether you need them or not.

    I want to see real options out there.
    Manufacturer customized versions and flashable ROMs so I can manually bypass the carrier’s version without rooting it.
    Here are some ideas:
    1- Secured locked down version with full control over app permissions. This could have limited apps available. (this is my biggest complaint over Android)
    2- Moving the OS from Android to anything else would be an option, maybe not a good one but hey you can choose how and what you use on your device.

    3- multiple bootable images so I can change if I use it for work or personal use, at least from an app perspective.
    I am sure the list can be endless …

  • Jason

    I recently upgraded from a Galaxy Nexus to an LG G2. During my time with the Galaxy Nexus, I ran 4.3 and 4.4 ROMs. However, now that I am back on 4.2, I have a hard time naming any newer features that I miss. Maybe built-in TRIM support. But the phone runs so fast there’s not really an urgent need for that. I can name one 4.4 feature that I hate, and that’s the removal of the network activity indicator. Maybe LG will fix that in their 4.4 release.

    So, I have no problem waiting for a Q1 release.

  • Kurtis Miller

    Let the n5 have the test phase and complaints about it , then android fixes it and it gets sent out to all the ppl with the best phone with the best possible kitkat , worth the wait i think. Havent all of you heard that saying , good things come to those who wait. Sent from the best superphone out there LGG2

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