Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean now rolling out to Canadians


  • Thorsten Garbe

    Mts yes
    Bell yes
    Rogers yes
    There all yes fido virgin koodoo

  • Brandon Dal Bello

    what about the SIII on Rogers? its been a while…

    • Super_Deluxe

      Should be soon since it’s been rolled out in the states last week.

  • Ken Godfrey

    Downloading update for GS4 right now on Wind

  • Dani Grinblat

    I got the update on my Rogers Galaxy S4! Finally! Yes!

  • 204Guy

    Got the update with Telus.

  • James Arsenault

    when will S3 getting update to 4.3 ??

    • Candido

      Slated for Nov 29 and onwards depending on carrier.

    • Steve

      Ya I read from somewhere the GS3 should get the update on the 29th from bell , I would imagine other carrier’s would also update

    • F Young

      Personally, I’m in no hurry for Android 4.3 on the S3. I’ll wait a few days after it starts to download and check the blogs to ensure it’s not buggy.

      Samsung pulled the 4.3 update to the S3 in the US and UK 5 days ago due to multiple issues, some of them serious, but now has resumed the downloads:
      ht tp://
      ht tp://

      This is Samsung Canada’s Nov 21. release which says that Nov. 29 is when Android 4.3 will start downloading to the S3 and other devices:
      ht tp://

  • Nitin Gaba

    Updating now (S4 on Rogers)! Note 2 and Galaxy S3 users should receive the update starting on the 29th as stated by the Samsung press release a couple days ago.

  • TLS2000

    KNOX adds an unremovable flag to your phone if you install a custom ROM. You’ll never be able to reinstall a stock OS again.

    • southerndinner

      Hardly a problem – can’t blame them for flagging devices that are modified and void warranty

    • TLS2000

      Voiding the warranty and blocking your ability to restore or update the OS are two different things. Once that flag is set you’ll never be able to update your phone again.

      Edit: Even rooting your phone sets this flag.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      I can understand why they would do this though. Its a little more, protective I guess is one way to put it. But it makes complete sense. I have Cyanogenmod on my SIII and love it much more then the stock version.

    • Rick Thieme

      Knox can be disabled. Its meant as a security feature. Nothing to do with warranty. Besides.. if you own the phone – you should be able to put whatever OS flavor you want on it. Especially when they stop rolling out updates.

    • BB BB

      Thats totally lame. I wanted to go with the google edition on my s4 but have peace of mind I can go back to TouchWiz if I needed to as I love lava in bloatware.

  • 204Guy

    The option to turn mobile data on and off is gone from the notification panel!? WHY

    • BB BB

      Complete i****s but eh we have reading mode now which supports google play books! I use mobile data toggle daily so I can quickly turn of data when I dont want to drain my battery or need to use data. Pure genius samsung!

    • Mike

      that’s the one i use the most throughout every day. I switch between data when im not home and then turn off data and turn on wifi when i am home. They better bring it back!!

  • JVP

    got it today on GS4 with Wind

  • Oilersfan74

    I’ve had kit kat on my s4 for weeks, and it wasn’t that hard to do.

    • Caleb


  • TronicsCity

    Yes i have received the upgrade Notification for Windmobile Version Of S4

  • Bernard brunu

    I got it on my Bell s4

  • Steve Black

    I got it this morning. When i installed samsung Knox, to try it, it bricked my phone. I don’t know what happened but i would advise you guys NOT TO INSTALL it

    • F Young

      Sorry about your friend.
      Is it possible to install this update without Knox? I haven’t downloaded the update yet.

    • Steve Black

      Yes . When you install the update, you’ll have the Knox installer in your apps. As long as you don’t open it and install Knox, you’ll be fine.

    • F Young

      Thanks. Do you know if Knox can be completely deleted if not installed, or is it locked in? If it cannot be deleted, do you know how much storage it takes up?
      I only have 16 GB of internal storage, and I understand that this update takes up 10 GB.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      ? 10gb for an update? That doesn’t sound right. Not for a phone upgrade. It should be in the megabytes range not gigabytes.

    • F Young

      Sorry. I wasn’t clear.

      I meant 10 GB for Android 4.3 with Touchwiz (possibly including Knox). That is the size given by BB BB in an earlier post:
      ht tp://

    • BB BB

      I downloaded Knox and installed it setup a workspace then deleted it. No bricks here but samsung took out a few things and I had to factory reset my phone to fix all the lag post update.

    • F Young

      So, you have an S4 (which would be 1.9 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Krait 300?), and you ended up deleting Android 4.3 with Touchwiz and Knox because of the lag? (as well as the loss of some functionality)

      What I have is an S3, which is a dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Krait; so it looks like lag would be a big problem on my S3.

    • BB BB

      No I didn’t delete 4.3 Knox is an application (200 MB) and change that you install on top of 4.3. Once you setup your Knox Workspace you have the option to Uninstall Knox and delete the workspace as well as backing it up to your sdcard before deleting it in case you want to set it up again one day. The Knox version is 1.0.0 so it is bound to have some bugs. It worked but it seemed redundant on top of my already encrypted phone with a password, last thing I want is to have to enter 3 passwords just to reach my work emails and I couldn’t completely separate my personal space from my workspace other than emails since the Knox workspace doesn’t let you install apps from Google Play. i.e. Google Drive where I save documents etc. and so forth. If you want to see your work contacts to make a call from your personal dialer then you have to allow your personal profile to see your contacts if you don’t want to manually add them to a personal account. Knox didn’t really slow down my phone but 4.3 did contribute a few bugs. My phone locks itself during phone calls now and won’t even let me hang up. Even after a factory reset this is completely annoying. No Mobile Data shortcut and my camera got screwed up too. So wait if you can and let the squeeze out an update to squash the bugs for the 4.3 on the S3 because it was pulled shortly after it was released.

  • BB BB

    After the 9gb miscellaneous files and less than a gb of space on my local storage luckily it downloaded very slowly. Installing as I type from my z10 should be interesting to see if this update trims any fat, improves battery life and performance

  • sid

    When I samsung mega for rogers getting it?

  • Tornado15550

    Wait, so what will you guys do to root or rom your device when KNOX is installed?
    The only thing that is keeping me from getting the Note 3 (or S5 when it comes out next year) is that with KNOX, we won’t be able to root or rom, and if we do, we won’t get any updates from Samsung (once the KNOX counter is at 0x1). From what I hear, if you downgrade to Android 4.2.2 using ODIN, and want to re-upgrade back to Android 4.3 (or any KNOX enabled firmware), you can’t. I may be wrong about that, though.
    Samsung is turning into Apple now. Where is the openness of Android OS?

    I can’t believe Samsung is pulling this off. This is the same company that gave the Cyanogenmod team a few S2s to make them compatible with the custom ROM.

  • BB BB

    After an hour download and an hour install ( maybe a little less) the update shaves off 500mb of space. Samsung at least breaks down the storage a bit more clearly now. 6.77 gb for the OS 1.5gb for system cache and 1.5gb for miscellaneous files. So it’s still a whopping 10gb by the time you’re all said and done. Have a couple of GB’s of Google Play music? Good luck google as you may not know doesn’t let you save your music from external SD. You’re better off loading all your music through Kies onto your sdcard

    • F Young

      Wow, 10 GB is a lot. (does that include Knox?)

      Now, I don’t know if I should download this. My S3 has only 16 GB of internal storage, about 5 GB of which is currently taken by Android 4.1.2. I have 30 GB SD card, but my phone only records video on the internal storage, and I understand that most apps must also intall on internal storage. The phone is new and I already have 1 GB of apps; I intend to keep it for 2 years.

      So, I am concerned that 4 GB of spare room after I download this update won’t be enough. What do you guys think? Is it worth it, assuming the bugs are cleared up?

    • BB BB

      The S3 OS should be a lot less in size than S4. On the S4 the download was 800mb the S3 update is only 440MB so it shouldn’t change much available storage. In fact the s4 update freed up 500mb. After 4.3 your phone will be Knox Enabled so don’t do it if you want to root it and install custom ROMs and still have the ability to unroot and return to stock. Once the Knox flag is tripped its a one way journey and your warranty goes down the drain. Also I would wait a bit longer since 4.3 was already pulled earlier with complaints and issues on the S3. By the way Knox is a separate app that needs to be downloaded which is 200mb in size. So I can only assume after it’s uncompressed and installed and up and running it will eat up at least 500mb.

    • F Young

      Good to hear that Android 4.3 for S3 download should be around 440 MB, apart from Knox.

      What did you mean when you said in an earlier post “So it’s still a whopping 10gb by the time you’re all said and done”

    • BB BB

      The OS takes up 6.7GB with all those wonderful touchwiz features. After the update I had 1.5GB in miscellaneous files and another 1.5GB in the temp / cache files according to my storage settings. I did a factory reset and that reduced the miscellaneous and the cache files to about 800MB each. So it still eats up a mind boggling 8-9 gb. I probably had a lot of apps before the reset filling up the cache but if you are worried about it on the S3 don’t be it will be a much tighter package. The S4 really should come with 32GB of storage standard like the Note 3 does after SAMSUNG realized their mistake on the S4.

    • egsfgfgdg

      its about 7 GB for me, dunno how you have so much cache + misc files

    • BB BB

      probably all the apps. I did a factory reset and that trimmed down the cache and misc by about half.

  • Reyy

    does this include the OpenGL 3 support?

  • Brayden

    I have the galaxy s4 on bell, it’s updating now

  • trickster_qc

    I downloaded the update on my S4 with Fido. it took about an hour to download and install.

    So far, it seems like not much have change, except a few changes here and there.

    But, as far as I’m concern the battery life seems terrible. I’ll have to test it more deeply in the next few days but so far, it looks pretty bad.

    I was surfing on Wifi and reading some articles online, updated 2 apps and and the battery drained by 7% in a matter of minutes. I’ll drain it completely and then recharge and watch closely how it goes.

  • Scott

    Getting the update now… I’m on Fido

  • Scott

    I’m on Fido and I’m downloading the update now.

  • Smoking Man

    Don’t download update on s4 for telus friend of mine just bricked his phone, and no it’s not rooted

    • Michaeli Finch

      I’ve read that you cannot update if your phone is rooted. Someone also mentioned that you could download the file on the SD card and update via Mobile Odin; however, there was a question as to whether Knox would then lock
      the phone or just invalidate the warranty. Think I’ll wait a while and see as I don’t want to lose the ability to have my VM S G3 rooted.

  • Alexander Do Rio

    Hi all. Im with fido gs4. I downloaded the 4.3 update however it looks like i lost everything in my phone and it is back to what it was like before i had my launcher and other apps and contacts. nothing left…is this normal?

    First time android user here. I hope i diddnt lose my contacts…

  • ks31

    Updated to 4.3 on GS4 from Rogers, experiencing huge batterydrain, anyone got solution?

    • trickster_qc

      i have the same so far. i will see in the next few days how it goes.

    • Andrew Sangho Lee

      I have Rogers GS4 with 4.3, the battery life is actually better than before.

    • BB BB

      I did a factory reset and the battery is behaving better than before actually. I just had way too many apps installed. Doing a factory reset also helps because it will reset your battery calibration file. I have always had to do a factory update when installing Nexus Upgrades to calibrate the battery to its optimal performance it also allows for some much need spring cleaning. Much like re-installing Windows when it gets to gummed up and gives you a blue screen every other reboot.

    • Air Sin

      ya.. i just uninstalled and cleaned some old stuff and then restarted the phone, its better than before now

  • H0ckster

    S4 on Bell in Edmonton and I’m getting the update right now

  • Jon P

    S4 Mini is not getting 4.3 today. I got the notification for software update but it is 88MB, still at 4.2.2, KNOX, multimedia performance increase, Galaxy Gear compatibility, improved UI and stability, icon changes. Build: i257MVLUAMK5.

  • jj

    got mine for s4 today at 3:30 pm! i’m with wind

  • Gary W. Evans

    Android = Hemorrhoid = STINKS!!!
    Windows Phone… RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • luvmygadgets

      I would definitely not want to be your therapist.

    • BB BB

      How is Windows Phone? That is the only phone I haven’t owned or lived with? While Android can be stupid and annoying at times I find it is one of the most versatile platforms depending on your OEM of course and how they slice the software makes a big difference in experience.

  • Dave

    I’ve got the update. S4 on Telus

  • Elpapi Demami

    I wonder when the us galaxy s4 for tmobile is getting this..

  • Jack nave

    I got my update this morning when I woke up. Sprint gs4 11/24/13 6:07 am.

  • Ashish Diwakar

    That’s cool,but I am Indian 🙂 😛

    • luvmygadgets

      apparently, you are also a Comedian 🙂

    • Ashish Diwakar

      well, that was a good one 🙂

  • jarren toledo

    My s4 wont update..can you help me with that??

  • luvmygadgets

    Anybody having any issues after the update ? Kind of scared to do it after hearing reports of battery drain… maybe wait for 4.4 ? Don’t need or want KNOX and I have no intention of buying a Galaxy Gear watch… TouchWIZ usually drowns out any speed improvements when stock Android gets an update so why bother ?

    • BB BB

      Battery feels about the same but google play services is a big drain. If you want to root and install custom Roms and revert to touch wiz then don’t install the samsung 4.3 firmware.

    • luvmygadgets

      nah… never saw the necessity to root… last time I rooted a phone was back when having an iPhone 3G meant you were cool lol …more than happy with the customization available with launchers like Nova… I’ll wait a few days before deciding to upgrade… might be just a few isolated cases of battery drain… if Google Play services shows a higher percentage of use, yet the total up time on battery doesn’t change much, then it’s no big deal

  • chawndro

    Reporting bugs: Samsung Galaxy S4 (Videotron Canada) 4.3 firmware update Nov 2013. DATA toggle switch has disappeared from dropdown shortcuts list. Now I have to go into Settings>Connections>Data Usage, manually check/uncheck Data option; plus turn off/on Wifi in order for DATA to work. KNOX is a great security feature, however I dont understand why MoBeam is forcefully integregated without full user acknowledgment given the ***humongous*** list of permissions it requires to perform its simple tasks associated with MoBeam, no option to uninstall. This feature doesnt interest many like me, that MoBeam commercial video hasnt impressed me to the level that Im hyped to get the service. 100kb is no trouble but there goes my security. Pretty agressif marketing strategy by MoBeam with Samsung. Samsung’s vision towards consumers in respect to privacy and freedom of choosing what consumer wants or doesnt; wanna make me switch out from Samsung devices.

  • John Smith

    I just lost the data on/off toggle button in the drop down menu. Thay was my favourite.

    Android Jelly Bean 4.3

    • BB BB

      Me too it’s a major annoyance now turning off mobile data when I don’t need it now. Which saves a tonne of battery for me esp when going into the subway.

  • John Smith

    What happens if I factory reset it? Will it still be 4.3 or revert back to original on S4?

  • bimmerboii

    Does the update bring emoji support?

    • luvmygadgets

      I believe emoji support will arrive with KitKat 4.4… so maybe summer 2014 ? 🙂

  • Jorge Maldonado

    Just updated, now I have a few issues with a few app icon images not showing 🙁 I restarted my phone but I still can’t get them to appear

    • luvmygadgets

      Which app icons are missing ?

    • Sam Hanna

      Move the app from the sad card to your phone memory and then restart the phone you will see the app

  • Jorge Maldonado

    about 18 app icon images haven’t appeared. example carbuzz, FB messenger, Fit radio, Asphalt 8 etc.

  • Alan Pedwell

    My wife and I got the 4.3 update. Noticed right away that the mobile data toggle was missing from the drop down menu. Battery drain doesn’t seem to be an issue, then again we just installed the new release this morning.

  • Rene Pariseau

    Got the update. S4 on Rogers

  • egsfgfgdg


  • rinaldo

    got the 4.3,update on my galaxy s4 on Bell carrier. but since then my samsung browser keeps talking saying things like “page loaded ” page loading” when I am on the web. also i dont know if its normal but in my notification bar the data option isnt there anymore.

  • koushik ghosal

    When it will be available in india. I have s4 mini but still dont get the update.

  • Salomao

    people my cell phone couldnt reach the update and ive been tryin for a long time. why is dat?

  • Mojo

    Bell Galaxy Note 2 Upgrade as started

  • Dcorkz

    Looks like the S3 I747 at rogers has the update available if you are using Kies to download it. I’m in the process of updating right now.

  • Bruce Lee

    Telus S3 confirmed.

  • Sean Smoothy Ilott

    I’m on Telus in Vancouver BC, just happened to check for an update thru my phone’s “about device” and it upgraded to 4.3 about an hr ago…Samsung S3 btw, and total space it took up on my phone is 5.74 gb for system memory,4.12 mb for cached data, and 263mb for miscellaneous data

  • Sujeevan Segaram

    I’m with Wind Mobile in Canada and I received the update for my Samsung GS4 a few days ago.

  • jl1623

    Im very upset the mobile data toggle is no longer on the notification bar. Also, I keep getting notifications that my internet is unstable. Will they be fixing these problems? If not, is there a way to uninstall this update?

    • Gabriel Li

      Which carrier are you on? I’m wondering if the mobile data toggle is removed for Fido galaxy s4, it if is i will probably not update

    • just like bad medicine

      i’m with bell and my mobile data toggle has also disappeared in the notification bar!!

  • ArclightX

    790MB ??!! What the hell are they packing in there?

    Bloat FTW!

  • just like bad medicine

    just updated my s4 with bell … i don’t see much change at all. however, others have been talking about new emojis being added to the keyboard but i don’t see that option anywhere? maybe it’s not available in canada yet

  • Leah

    My s4 mini is telling me I have the current version but it still says I have 4.2.2! How do I get the new upgrade?

  • Leah

    My samsung galaxy 4 mini will not update the 4.3! Help!! It is telling me that i have the current version which is the 4.2.2!

  • cat

    I just got the update. Do you have to have your mobile data on in order to send emjois in a text?

  • FOH

    i downloaded the update right away and now my data icon in the notification panel is gone so now i have to go into settings under data usage to turn on or off my data. does anyonee have this problem? or know how to fix?

  • mitchwoodcock

    GS4 on Fido got it November 24th.

  • Алексаднр

    У меня СГС4 Мини

  • davesousa

    Last night

  • Bullitt

    You can replace the missing mobile data notification button with the airplane mode button. Even with airplane mode on, wifi and bluetooth and GPS can still be reactivated, leaving mobile data off. It is a bit of a pain, but at least you can still “control” mobile data from the notification bar.

  • Bullitt

    Doh! Forgot about the cellphone itself. Airplane mode cuts off cellphone use. Never mind, stupid idea…

  • Cole Stark

    Waited until today to run the update incase there were issues with other peoples installs. S3 with Rogers. 4.3 update completed and my phone has an infinite boot loop now. Bricked

  • Cole Stark

    Also above says that 4.3 was a 750 meg update. it said on my screen 550 ish 4.3 update. With rogers.

  • Rose

    Downloaded 4.3 (Telus) today. And I basically have a fancy paperweight now instead of a phone. It totally drains dry in less than 4 hours. I’m so busy charging it that I haven’t even had time to discover if all the other problems people are reporting are true (crashing, app problems, freezes, performance, etc.). My recommendation – don’t download it!

  • George Porter

    Just received my S4 update from Bell.

  • nick gould

    cant get it on my s4 mini it just said i have the latest software

  • Flavius Maximus

    DONT INSTALL IT. And they knew about all the problems and still rolled it out. *sigh*

  • John Spuzzum

    My GS3 updated from Telus last week, and I find the battery life far better than it used to be. I listen to full length concerts while I’m out and about, and after 3hrs, it used to be a 50% drain. Today I listened for 6hrs straight… and it had 62%. 45mins later and it was still 59%. That’s more than double what it used to be. 🙂

  • astrit

    I have Galaxy s4 mini but the update is not comming
    I live in Germany is that the problem

  • Ako C Aron Ü

    Well, I did upgrade my SGS4 to android 4.3 but I was disapointed after cuz’ it’s interface/UI is still the same as the previous 4.2 firmware UI. I’m now waiting for the 4.4 KitKat update for me.

  • Mohd Azlan

    Just updated my S4 to 4.3 but why the phone memory reduce from 16Gb to 8.9Gb only.

  • Tyrone Thompson

    I’m in Jamaica I have not received the upgrade. The carrier is Digicel. Can I upgrade manually?

  • Ahmad

    i am using samsung s4 mini but didn’t receive any update message yet, even i try to update it but still its showing that my software is already updated

  • Anjelous

    ummm…. my Wifes GS4 mini still hasn’t seen this update, you guys sure it was for the mini as well?

  • Sparky Sparky

    I have s4 mini sgh i257m droid version 4.2.2 so where do I download this? I go into settings check for updates and it says that I got latest version of Android.

  • Sparky Sparky

    lol wind? wind blows a*s

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  • For S4 mini users in Canada ,, is there any new updates or the latest one is 4.3 ??