Free WiFi coming to two TTC subway stations on November 25th

A report in the Toronto Star today indicates that two TTC subway stations will finally receive free Wi-Fi.

This will first be a soft launch on the platforms of the Bloor-Yonge and St. George lines and riders will be able to access the web, send emails, etc, but full cell service — which includes calling and texts — will not be available yet as BAI Canada, the company who won the $25 million contract, has yet to reach terms with the any of the Canadian wireless carriers.

Brad Ross, TTC spokesman, said “Cell providers have not demonstrated an eagerness to participate at this stage, so there will be no cell service or texting… We’ve sent letters to the big service providers to encourage them to come on board… The TTC is eager to work with (them) to provide this service our customers have asked for.”

Hopefully the carriers find some meeting ground, but BAI Canada CEO Brian Jacks is optimistic, stating “We anticipated going into this that it was going to take a while for the wireless carriers to make a decision to come on board.”

The goal is to rollout full WiFi and cell service to 61 subway stations platforms by 2017.