Moto G launching in Canada on November 22nd


  • Humberto Giambrone

    You got the processor wrong.

    • thas ★

      Let the good people dream damn it lol.

    • deltatux

      Ye, if it really had a Snapdragon 800 as the article suggests and a $200 price tag I think everyone’s going to flock and get one lol.

    • bpladirector

      I wonder if the frequency bands are correct as well.

    • MXH070

      What is the correct processor

    • trickster_qc

      Snapdragon S4 Quad Core 1.2ghz

    • MXH070

      Not bad,More than a normal person would need at that price point

    • Sam Wiggans

      It’s a Snapdragon 400, newer version of the S4 pro

    • KrispyInTO

      This is from the S4 PLAY family not pro. It’s not newer then the S4 pro, It’s considerably weaker. S4 pro uses Krait cpu cores and adreno 320. Moto G cpu has A7 cores. and an adreno 305 gpu. For speed it goes A5, A7, A8, Scorpion, A9, then Krait.

  • trickster_qc

    no wall plug? those cost around 10 cents to make.

    and also, the Moto G should sell for 179$ 8GB and 199$ 16 gb as announced by Motorola.

    I guess i’ll try to find one outside the usual channels and pay a bit less.

    • bpladirector

      The phone doesn’t come to the US till January I think. I looked at the UK price and it sucks compared to either the CAN or US price.

    • StormMagnus

      With exchange from USD you are spending only about $9 more for 8 GB… that would not pay for the gas (unless you live Windsor, Niagara Falls, Sarnia… etc).

    • trickster_qc

      That’s true! good point.

  • Tom

    ‘It’s also interesting to note that the Moto G will come lack a wall plug and only come with a USB charger in the box (probably to keep costs down?).”

    At the rate people upgrade these days (or buy accessories), I won’t be surprised if future phones of this type omit the charger altogether! The chances that the buyer will already have multiple chargers on hand are very high. I myself have way more micro USBs on hand than I have devices to use them with.

    They should also omit the user manual and just print a URL to a PDF on the box, lol.

    • GGB

      It’s cheaper than a 5th Gen iPod touch, which also doesn’t come with a charger.

  • bpladirector

    If I unlock the phone myself (if its easy to do that’s what I would like to do) by rooting the phone, could I use this phone with Bell?

    • Viktor

      comes unlocked

    • bpladirector

      I thought I read somewhere that it would be factory locked from Telus or Koodo but you could pay $35 to unlock it (thus increasing the price by $35 before tax)

    • Jim__R

      Motorola, please sell directly to Canadians.

    • Tom

      Don’t pay your carrier to unlock the phone for you.

      Go to cellunlocker dot net and buy an unlock code.

      Then insert a non-Telus/Koodo sim card and enter the code when prompted.

      The last time I bought an unlock code from them, it cost me $7.99. The prices vary but generally go below $10 if the phone has been out for a while. For a phone that’s just launched they can be as high as $25 – still beats $35 though.

    • Sam Wiggans

      I bought an LG G2 unlock code off ebay for 1.99 2 weeks after it came out, best price I’ve ever seen haha

    • Tom

      I don’t think so… there was no announcement that it would be sold that way, unlike the Nexus models.

    • Tom

      Generally, you can’t unlock an Android phone by rooting… it is possible with some phones (usually HTCs) but that’s the exception rather than the rule. Don’t confuse the bootloader unlock with the SIM unlock.

      Unlocking the “standard” way is cheap and very easy – go to cellunlocker dot net, enter your IMEI and the name of the carrier the phone is locked to, pay a few dollars, get your code emailed to you, then put a non-accepted SIM into the phone and enter the code when prompted. This is the “universal” method for all phones, whether it’s a smartphone or a dumbphone.

      And yes, once you unlock a phone it can be used anywhere in the world assuming the network is compatible with the phone radio. In Canada, that opens up all the carriers (except the AWS ones if your phone lacks AWS).

  • StormMagnus

    I’m all over this. My next device is 50 hours away.

    • StormMagnus

      If it does come carrier unlocked, I’ll let my WIND friend drop his SIM in and test if it has the AWS or not. I have read it many places it doesn’t but few have said it does. Time will tell.

    • JP

      According to GSMarena, the phone is not an AWS phone. That said specs on that site aren’t always 100% accurate as there are often multiple versions of phones made. That said it’s unlikely Telus would pickup an AWS version of a SIM unlocked phone if they have the option not to.

    • canucks4life

      I think the specs clearly show it doesn’t support AWS freq’s

    • Tom

      Eh, even if it can’t be used on wind, there’s no reason not to unlock it! It makes the phone easier to sell in the future and frees you from the evil roaming fees when you travel internationally.

  • bpladirector

    Would it be possible to install games to a USB OTG and play them on the phone.

  • Jim__R

    Telus (and presumably Rogers and Bell) are likely afraid to sell the 16GB version as that would cannibalize some of their more profitable products.

    Would be nice to be able to buy this directly from Motorola (as can be done in the US) and thus get the 16GB version. Without expandable storage, 8GB is a real limitation.

    • bpladirector

      What are the limitations to using a USB OTG with a phone? I was thinking of attaching my Sansa Clip+ or Clip Zip with the 32GB MicroSd using a USB OTG

    • jroc

      Depends on whether or not the phone has the drivers for OTG installed. If not, you’d have to root it and install some.

      Once it’s set up you should be able to play music and videos from your flash drive. You can move games to it as well with an app called Lucky Patcher (needs root).

      The downside to this is that you have to walk around with a cable and a flash drive attached to your phone. Micro USB ports can be flimsy, and if you have all that jammed in your pocket there’s a good chance it could bend/snap.

    • bpladirector

      Was thinking of maybe getting the ”

      Meenova micro SD card reader for Android”

    • jroc

      As far as USB OTG goes, that has to be the nicest one. I’d still be concerned with something being plugged in to the micro USB when it is in my pocket though.

      If you go for it, good luck!

    • bpladirector

      I was really intending to only keep it plugged in when in use, so for games (looked up Lucky Patcher seems like a good idea) and movies.

  • sid32

    Hm… thinking its better to get this for the kids, then last years ipod touch.

  • Philippe Morin


  • TomsDisqusted

    I think you will confuse people by writing “Internal memory: 8 GB”.
    the internal memory is 1GB; the internal storage is 8GB.

  • canucks4life

    Good thing I got some extra “made in china” USB chargers lol

  • Billy

    You know, even the lowly $50 Huawei phones have microSD card expansion slot. This phone, along with others like it (namely iphone 8GB variants) are out to make the carriers big bucks in overage fees because you constantly have to use services like Dropbox to store your stuff.

    Granted people should know better to use while on wifi, but for practical purposes most don’t know and that’s where it could be a problem for the users.

    Nothing wrong with the price, but just put in a microSD expansion slot ffs.

    • Tom

      I think anyone savvy enough to use Dropbox would be savvy enough to know the meaning of “monthly data cap” 😉

    • Comrade Yeti

      Google has come out saying they don’t like the compromises of SD expansion and won’t be using it going forward. It’s been this way on Nexus devices for a while, and now that Motorola is a Google company i doubt any new Motorola will have expansion either

    • BMSMA

      I too am bummed about the lack of microSD on newer devices, but that feature is about to disappear. I store my music on a microSD, there are still a few low end devices (like the Galaxy Ace II X) that offers it, otherwise 8 and 16GB sized devices aren’t enough and not all phones offers 32GB.

    • StormMagnus

      50 GB Google Drive space for 2 years comes with the phone. Set it up to upload pics/videos WIFI only.

  • danbob999

    -Best $200 phone ever.
    -Best $0 phone on contract with no minimum monthly rate.

    Too bad it’s only on Telus.

    • Brad Veenvliet

      Nexus 4 is 300 – 100 gift card at Best Buy Canada and the specs are comparable, upgrades to KitKat right now and had 2 gb memory.

    • thedosbox

      Only if you’re willing to sign a contract/tab with Koodo.

    • Tom

      If you’re paying $300 you don’t have to sign a contract… because you’d be buying the phone outright… they *might* force you to get the cheapest plan (i.e. without data) for a minimum of one month, but not always. If that’s a problem you can also get a friend on Koodo to make the purchase on your behalf.

      My friend did buy a Nexus 4 for 300 off Koodo at Best Buy and wasn’t made to sign up for any plan.

    • Tom

      If you’re willing to pay the $200 up front to get it off Telus without signing up for a plan, then you can always buy an unlock code…

      We need to have more than just Nexus models and iPhones being sold directly to consumers, SIM unlocked. Whether it’s a $200 Moto G or a $650 HTC One, the option to buy it that way without any carrier would be much appreciated. The European and Asian markets already work that way (hell you can buy phones ON contract and not have them locked).


    I was just looking at the body measurement of the Moto G, why is it bigger than my Moto X which has a bigger screen? It’s also 13g heavier too.

    Moto G: 4.5″ LCD, 129.9 x 65.9 x 11.6 mm, 143g
    Moto X: 4.7″ AMOLED, 129.3 x 65.3 x 10.4 mm, 130g

    • Comrade Yeti

      It’s cheaper. They’ll go with a slightly larger and cheaper build to save $

  • stent00

    I want my MTV (I mean wall plug)! ……. for 200 bucks this is a steal! is the 64 GB google drive storage included like in the UK? Anyone know? THis could be a deal I cannot refuse!

    • Tom

      I have no idea, but if it’s not included on this side of the pond, there’s always the proxy way 😉

  • Tom

    Might seriously get this as a gift for a family member. Anyone know what the SIM card size is? I’m sure it won’t be a full size (do phones even launch with those sizes anymore?), but micro is definitely preferable to nano (to maintain compatibility with a collection of foreign micro SIMs we use when traveling).

    • Zee

      It has a micro-SIM. This phone is great for $200 off contract, almost can be a backup phone it’s so low priced

    • Tom

      Thanks, going to order this as a gift 🙂

      I might wait a bit and grab a used one for myself for a discount off kijiji – as a backup, like you suggested :P. My current backup is an old Nexus One that uses a standard size sim and the adapters that came with my micro sim cutter are so thick they’re very difficult to pull out of the slot after being inserted. Since my main phone (N4) uses a micro sim, having a backup that also uses micro sim would indeed be handy.

  • Fodie

    Only problem with the phone for me, it’s not a LTE phone. 3G only