Google posts another winning quarter despite Motorola losses, calls it ‘a long-term bet’


  • JB

    Its a shame Motorola, HTC, and Blackberry have hit a rough patch here…..We need more competition in this market. To keep companies like Apple from being stagnant. God knows the tech reporting industry refuses to hold apple accountable for their patent trolling, and slow tech progression. Seemingly no tech writer has the balls to call them out.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Moto won’t be successful unless they sell their phones unlocked and off contract from the play store.

    • JB

      Dont disagree…but then whats the point at that point. just another nexus product. Motorola needs to provide something different then just another nexus variation.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Like what? Smart phones are a commodity now. It’s very hard to stand out as BBRY learned the hard way.

    • JB

      I think everyone that isnt apple, and samsung, has learned the hard way. Lol.

      Well maybe google play is the way. But who knows. Google is writing the cheques anyway lol.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Google play is the only way. Motorola should take over production of the nexus line.

    • JB

      I like that idea actually. Like motorolas build quality over LG’s.

      Just order LG’s lens, and screen. Keep motorola away from the camera lol.

    • thisiscjay

      Was discussing this today… Motorola definitely would put better hardware than the “stuff” LG puts out. Only problem is would Motorola want to cut the margins and sell at a possible loss…

    • B-Mac

      wouldn’t be like Nexus in the fact that the Motorola phones would still have there skinned (lightly) version of android and would sell at a more premium price with higher end specs. Moto X software is such a good base to build off of, hope they improve specs and build off what they have started next year.

    • HelloCDN

      Well, for starters, you should stop trolling in MS comment sections.
      Then we can talk about who is stagnant or not stagnant.

    • JB



    • HelloCDN

      I could care less about Apple, Android, Google or BlackBerry. Or even Samsung.

      I was always fascinated by people like you. You do realize you’re a BB fanboy, yet for some reason for you it is completely fine, yet you hate when someone is “Apple “fanboy” and you use it as an insult.

    • JB

      I love the fact you approach this comment like you’re some neutral commenter….LMFAO


      I own both android and BB10. But hey dont let that get in the way of your soap box rant.

    • TomsDisqusted

      Well, at least Samsung is giving them a go, but obviously 2 is not enough for good competition. The nice thing about Samsung being competitive (and the sad thing about losing BB and Nokia) is that its good to have a tech ‘titan’ that isn’t American.

    • JB

      Agreed. But I wouldn’t count BlackBerry out. They have much better access to a niche market then Nokia did. Nokia was a consumer phone that lost the consumer game. I wouldnt be surprised if HTC goes down before BBRY to be honest.

      Also dont count Sony out either. They dominate outside the north american market.

    • iPlunks

      Nokia using MS/WP8 are gaining, Thank you

    • TomsDisqusted

      For the purposes of this discussion, Nokia is now just another U.S. tech titan – the handset business was purchased by MS.

  • Crunch204

    What if the Moto X was sold unlocked, online through google play?

    • JB

      Ya certainly an option for sure.

  • Mythos88

    It was bad enough that Google paid 12.5 billion for a black hole but they are still sinking hundreds of millions per quarter into it.

    • Rio

      They have the right idea, and need to keep going with this. Look at Apple, BB and now Microsoft, what do they have in common? Integration, as specs sky rocket they start to become less of a buying factor.

    • ArberBeq

      They bough it mainly for the patents.

  • Mark C

    Make a moto nexus and they will be back at baller status. Guaranteed.

  • PT

    Motorola Nexus 6 – Made in U.S.A

    It’s going to sell like hotcakes. It’s not too hard to figure out Google!

  • DratBrat

    So why continue to make the nexus with LG?
    Why not consolidate with motorola and kick on from there?

    With the motorola droids’ stellar battery life and design, a motorola nexus would be a hit surely.

    Is that just too simple? or am I missing something here.

    • J-Ro

      They might have some kind of contract with LG. LG might be letting them use patents in exchange for the boost in brand recognition.

    • iPlunks

      Then it would not be a Nexus. Moto has their on skins and bloatware soft that makes the experience of a moto what it is.

  • MissNikka28

    Maybe Google should have sold the Moto X unlocked and delivered on their promise with Moto Maker and made it available in Canada!?! Some of us have been waiting on these options since the launch. Should have come out strong rather than this soft-launch, exclusivity BS!! They needed to deliver with a solid product that everyone could get their hands on rather than trying to compete with Apple in some fantasy niche market that doesn’t really exist.

    • J-Ro

      When it comes to choices in Canada, it is slim pickings.

  • William Worlde

    It’s over $1,000/share. I’m going to buy 2 right now!

    Sorry, meant to say I’m going to get 7 other people to buy 2 right now. 😉

  • J-Ro

    I think the Moto X was a great phone but the timing was off. With all the Apple, Samsung and Nexus leaks, No one really took the phone for what it was. A hands free phone that can perform well with older specs is a cool when you think about it. Too bad it was over looked.

  • rgl168

    I didn’t think Google/Motorola communicated the capabilities of Moto X well. I was monitoring the web on the day of the launch, expecting to see a keynote. But instead all I saw was blog sites start putting up blog posts regarding the handset.

  • gommer strike

    Well no.

    How many people even know about the Google Play store? I’m not talking about people like us. I’m talking about people like your aunts, uncles, the non-techie people who honestly don’t read about, nor care about tech, and just walk into the Samsung or Apple store when they want to buy a phone.

    Given that – how would selling the Moto X from the Play Store, make much of a dent(unless it’s also heavily subsidized a la Nexus 4)?

    Also Motorola dug their own grave when they didn’t allow customization on the Moto X, to any human being on the planet. Instead they made it exclusive to AT&T. How many AT&T customers cared? It should have been available, whether I lived in Siberia or lived in Canada.

    And now we’re hearing that the upcoming Nexus 5 will have many of the features of the Moto X. This phone was doomed, in face of the iPhone 5S, S4, the Note 3. Why did they price it so high?