Chromecast now available in Canada through Amazon (Updated)

Update: Looks like Amazon has removed the ability to ship the Chromecast to Canadian addresses. Not sure if they flipped the switch earlier or merely corrected a glitch, but it’s certainly disappointing. If you managed to get a shipment through, let us know whether it gets cancelled.

Google has opened up Chromecast shipping to users outside the U.S., though currently only Amazon.com is selling the dongle to Canadians.

Google unveiled the HDMI-based device alongside Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7 in July, and it was rumoured to hit other regions, including Canada, by the end of the year. Amazon is selling it for $35+$13 shipping+$4.69 customs/duty charges, so the $52.67 USD price may not be palatable for some users, especially when it could soon be sold directly from Google Play for far less.

Still, Chromecast is a very interesting little device, and can be integrated with an Android, iOS or Chrome browser-based device for content streaming and mirroring, respectively. Netflix is one of the few Android apps that currently supports Chromecast streaming, and while the setup app is not yet available officially in Canada, the APK is easy to find and sideload.


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