HTC One Max to officially be unveiled October 15th, says WSJ


  • d094

    i want 8 ‘Ultrapixels’

  • silver_arrow

    They did get it right. It’s just Apple bought the company that made the fingerprint scanner in the Atrix so they couldn’t improve on it.

    • J-Ro

      The Atrix came out a year before Apple bought that company. That means they worked with them for likely a year before that. They had plenty of time to improve and even buy the tech for themselves.

  • vn33

    Wonder if this will have the same price range as the Z Ultra or Note 3 ??

    • Dimitri

      Most likely. Doubt they will raise the prices just for this. If they do, barely anyone would get it then. Rogers already has the lowest prices for the Note 3 (2 year term price at $249.99).

  • John

    Monster phone. Imagine how big a tech nerd you’d look like holding that to your ear. Phones bigger than 5″ should be banned.

    • vn33

      Why should it be banned? LOL

      We don’t live in North Korea so we actually can choose what we feel is suitable for us, don’t we ? I don’t think companies create big phones just to lose money, but because they believe there will be people who buys them, right ?

    • Guest

      You are right. Mobile Syrup just posted that

    • PT

      Welcome to today’s cell phone. Get use to it.

  • Plazmic Flame

    I think this is too late for HTC, maybe this should have been their first device…

  • Kabir Raza


  • stephen

    wow, this is one of the reasons why i’m getting the galaxy s5 as my next phone. samsung is working on a 64 bit processor for the s5 and apple just released the 5s with a 64 bit processor and htc is is still using a snapdragon s4 pro processor at 1.5 ghz speed, pretty sad. they’re also slow to update their phones and cut off a lot of their phones from further software updates just like my htc one s. i had to send out my one s two times in a row because it was so buggy. when its working properly its a good phone but i just don’t like how htc does nothing in terms of what i just mentioned to help themselves and does next to no advertising. sorry htc, i liked you guys before but i’m switching to samsung.