Square has now processed $16 billion in mobile transactions, plans to open a permanent office in K-W area


  • Yulet

    I signed up for this thingy (for my father) 2 days ago, let’s see when he’ll receive the reader.

    • It’s Me

      there is going to be some premium real estate coming up close to the universities soon. I say that without trying to be a dick, but there are some buildings that are already coming on the market..

  • TomsDisqusted

    Square also contributes a ton of stuff to the Android dev community. They are great corporation citizens, so I wish them well in Canada.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    cashing in on the ex-blackberry employees. smart

  • Avgvstvs

    Awesome, you’ll have plenty of workers trying to get work there soon. (Former Blackberry employees). Take your pick.