Nexus 4 in White now available at WIND Mobile


  • Plazmic Flame

    Looks nice.

    White phones always look nice but I never buy them. They get dirty so fast. I see it all the time with people that have white phones.

    • Bri

      no way!
      I don’t think these phones made of glasses don’t get dirty like other phones do.
      l’ve never seen a white iphone getting dirty.

    • MERB

      Bri you are correct. It is like the SIII where they coated it so it will not transfer dirt or stains onto the unit. Even with dark denim, will easily wipe away. You might see dirt if you surface scratch the coating causing dirt to stick in the scratch.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    what the point The Nexus Phones are so breakable you keep then in full case front and back so you never see the phone’s body My Case is full body Plastic with a Rubber 2nd layer

    • Bri

      I keep mine in a bumper and I’ve had it for 6 months and it didn’t break.

    • MERB

      I have a team member who had his Nexus 4 with a bumper fly off the new rollercoaster at Canada’s Wonderland, Leviathan, and it survived! I wouldn’t use this as a selling point that it will happen every time BUT for a uni body solid glass unit it is a lot better than others that have been out.

    • Stylinred

      my friend has a bumper on his dropped it off the table and the glass in the back broke

    • Thomas C. Riddell

      The Bumper dose not protect as well as a Full Case
      I use mine as GPS on my Scooter The Case I use is very deep to Protect the front screen and covers back side with 2 layers of Protection
      1st plastic cover then a rubber one over it

      I dropped going 35 KM and it’s fine

  • clyde

    Why do they charge 100 more than the play store?
    Does anyone know if they will price match if I mention it to them?
    I want to get the phone but don’t want to pay then more than it cost but also don’t want to wait for it to ship. Wish I could just go on to wind and get it for 350 outright. Had anyone done this?

    Also, if a buy from wind will it get the update same time as if I bought from Google. Don’t want another case like the Samsung Galaxy nexus where I had to wait for Samsung to push the update.

    • silver_arrow

      I don’t think they will price match. And yes the one sold by the carriers are real Nexus devices

    • someguy

      buying any devices from the play store isnt subjected to carrier inflated prices which isnt illegal mind you but after shipping and handling the difference is only about 30 dollars any way

  • sid32

    Koodo has the the black one at 300. Maybe they’ll get the white one.

    • Top_Quark

      At Koodoo the prepaid Nexus 4 is $350 (with $20 sim balance) while postpaid is $300

    • FKnm

      -Add 300$ to the cart with their plan and sim-card
      -Delete plan from cart, keep phone and sim-card
      -Pay, Wait – receive unlocked phone for 300$
      -Through away their sim-card and get some food for saved 50$. 🙂

    • Byron Elton

      Would that actually work? Can anybody confirm this?

    • FKnm

      If not, you have
      14-Day Money Back Guaranteeyou can return this phone anytime back to the store.

    • joe

      Yea it works comes to $339 with tax. Recieved mine on Tuesday.

  • Top_Quark

    will the one sold by Wind or Koodoo be unlocked, i.e. be usable with other carriers?

    • TP

      All Nexus 4 devices come unlocked, the same software/hardware as the ones sold from Play Store.

  • Kevin

    why spend 449$ at wind when you can go to Pacific mall (toronto canada) for only 300-350$

    • TP

      not a bad choice if you want to take the WindTab, especially if planning to use it for the next 2 years

    • Sierra

      that is, if wind stays alive for the next 2 years…

    • MERB

      Even if not it is unlocked penta-ban phone and will work with any provider right off the hop.

    • Stylinred

      if you’re on the WindTab the amount owing gets wiped after 2 years so I don’t see why you’d care about the price at all? 149 vs 350 hmm wind ftw..

  • Aiden

    I don’t like white phones, at my work management is a hawk when it comes to texting and everyone I know who has a white phone has been repremanded, those things stick out like a sore eye.

    • Stylinred

      why are you texting during work anyways….

  • ABCONMan

    I feel bad for kids who get sent to school with WIND mobile phones. It’s like they’re on welfare.

    • jagger27

      It’s like they (or their parents) don’t respond well to involuntary anal sex. FTFY

  • Tuco Ramirez

    White phones are for women.