WIND launches $33/month back-to-school promo plan


  • EvanKrosney

    Ugh. I don’t want to go back to school.

    • iphoneee’s bro

      Lol. School is good for you.

    • iphoneee

      BBQ tonight?

    • Tom Morris

      lol ya ya ,

  • iphoneee’s bro

    Loading up the customers before 2yr contracts are implemented.

    Or maybe Verizon backed out?

    • Jesse Laurin

      this promotion comes out the same day that the 2 year plans come into play
      (which is tomorrow)

    • CC

      We are humans. We over think stuff.

  • alexander

    Explain to me why it costs more to call another province in Canada(within the same country) than to call the US (another country)

    • Jason

      I was thinking the same thing haha. Makes no sense to me.

    • Dylan

      Because believe it or not, US carriers have better agreements in place with wind then CANADIAN carriers were willing to offer. In fact, you can even get better international roaming rates then you can IN CANADA, as an add on. to simplify – It’s cheaper to roam IN AMERICA, then it is to roam IN CANADA. I live in a border city and have put this to the test. for 10$ you can be in the states a whole lot without incurring any fees. 10$ in canada roaming is gone in a day.

    • Jesse Laurin

      also costs 1 cent a minute to call china

    • Liberal Phone Person

      I’m willing to bet it has something to do with robellus being d**kheads

    • hoo dat

      Rogers charges WIND a lot more to roam in Canada than T-Mobile does to roam in the US. I think they charge 4 or 6 times as much.

    • Ry29

      But it’s not roaming, it’s calling USA from Canada (particularly in a Wind Zone).

      It doesn’t seem to make much sense that calling Canada within a Wind zone is 4x more expensive. Typically (at least in the voip world), Canada is one of the cheapest countries to call.

    • hoo dat

      I’m not really too sure what you’re saying. Why is it not roaming?

      If you’re on WIND and you’re outside of a WIND Zone, you are roaming on Rogers’ 2G network and you’ll pay a lot more to make a call in Canada than you will if you were in the US even without a US roaming package simply because Rogers charges WIND a lot more than T-Mobile does for 3G+ and LTE services. According to Simon Lockie, Rogers charges WIND 4X (it could be 6X, but I’m not certain) more for roaming privileges than T-Mobile does.

    • Ry29

      I understand and agree with your statement. Yes, Roaming in USA with Wind under T-Mo is cheaper than Roaming with Rogers here in Canada. But the OP was asking why does it cost more to call another province here in Canada than it does to call USA. The rates listed in that screenshot, Canadian LD and USA LD, are calling from within a Wind Zone… thus not roaming.

    • hoo dat

      Ah, I see where you’re going. Sorry, severe lack of sleep makes me easily confused. But again I would suggest, although I don’t know for sure, that it comes down to fees and charges. At the meeting I was at Lockie was talking about how the Big3 were not offering the same fee schedule that they offer amongst themselves and that they were charging WIND a heck of a lot more than anyone else, but the American carriers were bending over backwards to help WIND in the US and that’s not just for roaming, that’s for pretty much everything.

    • Tshimanga Bukasa

      But then how come US long distance is only cheaper for Wind 33 and Wind40 plans and not the other plans? If American carriers were bending over backwards to help WIND, wouldn’t the rates be uniform among all the plans?

    • hoo dat

      When you sign up for a certain package or pay for extra services you’ll go into a pool where you LD allowances are routed through a bulk purchased agreement rather than regular channels, thus the 5c. The extra fees you pay for the more expensive packages actually do pay for something. WIND has always maintained they lose money on Canadian roaming and pretty much break even on Canadian LD. The difference you’re seeing between Canadian and American charges are the result of heavy discounting on the Canadian side. The most obvious example is If you were to roam in the US even without a pre-purchased package your charges are significantly lower than they would be compared to roaming in Canada as a direct result of the heavy fees the incumbents charge WIND.

    • goodgangsta

      ya they want to rob you!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Is tab being offered with 2 years deal or 3 years?

    • Jesse Laurin

      2 years

    • hoo dat

      As of tomorrow it’s 2 years.

  • Prince

    No voice mail another $8 ugh

    • Dylan

      You have a smartphone right? Download a voicemail app, why do people pay for voicemail?

    • GS

      Because they need to maintain their voicemail servers. Not saying that $8 isn’t too much though…

    • Tuco Ramirez

      voicemail app? Never heard of such a thing. Any recommendations?

    • Croc Ography

      I would like a recommendation too!

    • Elvis Ma

      There’s a couple ways to get free voicemail on wind. The way I did is first I got a account at textnow. They have free phone services through VOIP, and free voice mail as well. Since all of Wind’s plan have unlimited call forwarding, simply change your call forwarding settings so that when you are unable to get calls, it will forward it to the text now number. Downside is that to access those voice-mails, you need an internet connection… no problem if your on wind’s unlimited data plans.

    • King kobi

      Voice mail apps do not work properly. Plus they require a subscription. In most cases you have to connect the call for it to work. If you’re phone is off then your screwed.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Unlimited data… not bad.

    • Dylan

      It’s not completely unlimited. They have a fair usage policy for 5gb at full 4g speeds, then if you exceed that they cut you in half for speed. When you hit 10gb they cut you down super slow, but it’s still usable.

  • FKnm

    Does Wind have BYOP?

    • Liberal Phone Person

      yes, 10% i believe, but sim cards are expensive.

  • FKnm

    Ok, man! For you it would be 34$/month + 1$ at the end of second year.

    • skullan

      Versus the Incumbents $10 and $20ing you, I’ll take the nickel and diming 🙂

  • tyresmoke

    When Wind gets acquired by someone, is when I’ll be back.
    Cheap plans are cool, slow unreliable service is not.

    • Dave

      For you.
      For a student who basically just texting and listening to music in Toronto it’s enough and more.

  • Luc

    If you are moving up plans, there should be no fee. If you are coming down from the 40 dollar plan then there is.

  • Tuco Ramirez

    Voicemail extra!

    • Harold Mitchell

      What would Bill Carson say?

    • Tuco Ramirez

      “Water.. Water!”

    • Harold Mitchell

      Don’t die…blondie. Don’t die.

    • Tuco Ramirez

      I like big, fat men like you. When they fall, they make more noise. And sometimes they never get up. 😉

    • TheOtherSide

      So Wind is the Good, Big 3 are the Bad, and Verizon is the Ugly.

  • Martini

    Why does calling a US number cost less with the Wind 33 plan than a Canadian number?

  • Noah SONG

    oh my god, please come to manitoba.

  • Tuco Ramirez

    This better not be a trick to later force me into a 2 year contract. Whoever double crosses me and leaves me alive… he understands nothing about Tuco

  • Darth Paton

    They still have the $30 plan listed to the left of the BTS plan, so I would assume that they are keeping it. Personally, I’ll be hanging on to my 30 plan, I don’t need to pay an extra few dollars for cheaper US calls and texts.

  • moehunter

    When will WIND get the iPhone or have the ability to use of it on their network?

    • ravi

      you can already use it, You just have to buy an unlock iphone 5 from apple and buy windmobile sim card. You can only use 3g tho, since LTE is not supported on wind.

    • moehunter

      Thanks for your reply Ravi
      Wind Mobile uses AWS spectrum for its network. T-Mobile in the States also uses this same spectrum and they also have the iPhone 5 running 4G Wonder if a US Mobile iPhone 5 would run on the Wind Network?

      Stranger yet. . . WIND doesn’t offer LTE . . . BUT Rogers,Bell and TELUS exclusively use the same AWS spectrum but only for their LTE networks.

      We are in Kingston and I am interested to hear from others on the WIND network and based out of Kingston

  • ABCONMan

    I couldn’t send my kid to school with a WIND phone. I might as well send him back to school with Walmart clothing.

    • Darth Paton

      Something tells me its his idiotic, elitist parents he’s more concerned about.

  • King kobi

    No voice mail. Not worth it.

  • PT

    Beat that … Robelus! LOL!

  • Jenn

    Why is WIND not where I live dammit….

  • Jacob Dagenais

    Data or Premium Data?