Bell to begin offering data share plans with unlimited nationwide calling, matches TELUS’ $20 BYOD discount

Two weeks ago, Bell went live with their new 2-year rate plan structure, offering various price plans in three categories: Voice, Voice and Data Lite, and Voice and Data Plus. Now, after having the opportunity to look at Rogers’ and TELUS’ shared data pricing structure, Canada’s third-largest provider has re-worked its rate plans to focus on shared data pools, increasing the upfront price of their Voice and Data Plus plans in the process.

According to an internal document, pricing will start at $70 for 250MB of shared data, but all plans will now come with unlimited nationwide calling, in addition to unlimited nationwide texting, voicemail and call display.

The next tier brings the price up to $80 for 500MB, $85 for 1GB, $105 for 3GB, $120 for 6GB and $140 for 10GB. Additional lines will cost $55, presumably only for high-end “Data Plus” devices like the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5.

Bell has also altered its BYOD (Bring Your Own device) option, removing the once-standard 10% discount and discounting $20 off all 30-day term contracts. The total saved, if bringing your own device, is $480+tax, which is similar to the price of a subsidized smartphone, according to the carriers.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because the arrangement is practically identical to TELUS’ SharePlus plans, though Bell still comes out cheaper by $10 for the 6GB plan and $15 for the 10GB plan. The rest of them, from 500MB to 3GB, are identical in price.

Rogers and Fido will be going live with their 2-year terms on August 9th and at this point looks to maintain its 10% BYOD discount. No word on when these Bell plans are going into effect, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them roll out on August 9th, too.

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