Here’s Bell’s new monthly rate plans (Voice, Voice and Data Lite and Voice and Data Plus)


Over the weekend we posted news that Bell would become the first of the Big 3 carriers (Rogers, Bell, TELUS) to shed the dreaded 3-year contract terms and quickly adopt 2-year contract pricing across the board. This is in direct response to the CRTC’s new Wireless Code takes effect on December 2nd. Occasionally, competing carriers offered various devices on this 2-year term, but usually to reduce inventory of older handsets.

The go live date is this coming Wednesday, July 17th and will see the device contract subsidy price slightly increase, plus Bell will launch new rate plans. The internal doc we received noted that “On July 17, 2013, hardware pricing will be determined by the plan the customer selects. There will be three key categories of rate plans offering different values of voice minutes and data usage. These new plans will be available on 30 day and 2 year terms. Until July 29, 2013, 2 of the rate plan categories will continue to be available on 3 year terms. As of July 30, 2013, 3 year terms will no longer be available.”

Here are the new rate plans: Voice; Voice and Data Lite; and Voice and Data Plus.

The basic Voice plans will be available in $30, $40 and $50/month offerings and give customers a various number of text and minutes from 200 to 1,000 minutes per month. The Voice and Data Lite plans range in price from $45 to $60/month and gives unlimited texts, 200 and unlimited calling, plus upward of 1GB data. The cost of the Voice and Data Plus are “for customers who use large amounts of data” and will be available from $60/month to $100/month, plus basically give unlimited calling, texts and 5GB of shareable data.



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