Bell to exclusively release the Sony Xperia Z this month, available in black, white and purple


  • CoolGuyConnor

    This would have been really good to have sold at the beginning of summer. I’d say that the end of July is much too late

    • casey

      Back to school starts at the end of july so while late, still before the big rush for laptops and cell phones.

    • CoolGuyConnor

      Which will be great for iPhones and Galaxy phones, but this is definitely a summer phone and would have been great for a summer push

    • casey

      I spent 2 years selling cell phones, and the summer push doesn’t happen till about now maybe in another week. I don’t know if you have retail experience but late july to early august is the biggest time of year for cell phones. Releasing it earlier would make no difference.

    • CoolGuyConnor

      I am selling cell phones now, and I know that the carriers tend to push for summer sales now, but of I were Sony I would have wanted this out there months ago

  • danakin

    This is a very nice looking device, however, as a life long Sony fan I’m really geeked up for the Honami or i1.

  • southerndinner

    beats crappy htc

  • Andrew

    What is with all this exclusive crap. I guess people like me (Rogers) won’t be getting this phone. Funny because I was just about to buy the Xperia ZL as I thought the Z wouldn’t be coming to Canada. Geez thanks….

    • Techie01

      if you like Sony , the ZL is 10 times better than the iON or “bond Phone” Xperia T. just make sure that you use Stamina Mode helps tremendously with battery life

  • MSined

    I’d rather have the smaller bezel over water and dust resistance.
    It’s pretty seldom I jump in a pool or go to a desert with my phone on me.

  • Fawoo

    You do realize it is worth it for the carriers right? And you do realize that carriers hold all the power in Canada (when it comes to telecommunications) right?

    So put those two pieces together and you’ll quickly realize unless you have a shitload of money to spend as leverage, you basically have to bow down to the carriers. Sony is in no position to leverage anything now (perhaps later this year/next year they will be as they seem to be on an amazing profitable track).

    Besides it’s a slightly older phone (old in comparison to it’s international debut, it’s internal specs aren’t old at all), so Sony is probably looking to keep their “better” phones and just let the carriers fight over their older phones.

    Well that’s my hope… I want the Xperia Z Ultra available on majority of the networks because that is a beautiful device.

  • Eluder

    HTC One and GS4 are already better devices. The Z is using last gen hardware (snapdragon s4 pro), so it’s already slower and not as efficient when it comes to battery life. The screen is also not a clean as the One as it has poor viewing angles. It’s not a bad device by any means, it just better be priced right to compete with what’s out on the market now.