Rogers Sony Xperia S updated to Android 4.1.2


  • skullan

    Remember when Android 4.x mattered?

    Time to bring out 5.x already…

  • Pat

    what widget is that battery level meter?

    • Micheal Archer

      That’s the Beautiful Widgets battery meter using the “New Star Trek” theme.

  • Alan Parsons

    Wow, Sony’s rocking the HTC look hard eh?

    • Micheal Archer

      Most of that is personal customization – the wallpaper, clock/weather, and battery all come from Beautiful Widgets with downloadable themes. The toggle widget is Sony’s, and I haven’t played with the launcher at all, so the design elements at the top and bottom are also Sony’s.

  • Scott Perkin

    I want my 4.2 update for the ZL, hurry up!!!!!!!