Motorola Moto X specs leak online


  • Will

    Dear administrator, if this were truly an impressive smartphone, then the screen display wouldn’t be limited to 720p. Compared to the likes of HTC One and Samsung S4 (both 1080p displays), this rather looks like a slightly below flagship smartphone.

    I am pretty confident Motorola will release a 1080p flagship sometime in the future…

    • Thr1ve

      Says who? Both battery life and performance are MUCH better on my HTC One compared to both my previous HTC One Xs (both the S4 and Tegra 3 versions), there is absolutely no lag on the One, even with its 1080P display. I also get significantly better battery life on the HTC One compared to both old One Xs, especially when it comes to screen on time… After using a smartphone with a beautiful 1080P display, I could never go back to one with a 720P display. So maybe it’s “good enough” for you, but for others, it’s not…

    • Allan

      Well, genius, the APQ8064T in your HTC One also destroys the MSM8960 and Tegra 3 from your One X, so that might account for it?? How would you like to see a 1080p screen powered by a S4 Plus’s Adreno 225?

    • David Metcalfe

      It’s the stuff of power users and those passionate about their tech. Anyone who thinks the masses care about a 720p vs 1080p phone display is deluding themselves. If their phone comes with a nicer display, then great, but they’re still only going to care about the base features that gets done what they want.

  • kirilmatt

    Yeah, dual core SOC???

    • kirilmatt

      That’s what I’d say, with a 1080p display

    • MSined

      MSM8960 is a Dual Core Snapdragon S4 (Non-Pro)

    • jb

      Its the msm8960t, which is a pro…and it means it has the same GPU as the n4

  • Daniel Petersen

    But why only dual core? It should be quad core 🙁

    • howitzerr

      But you shouldn’t care about it, the quad core thing is mostly a gimmick

    • Thr1ve

      Why do you need a quad core? Barely any apps make use of the 2 extra cores, hell, very few apps actually makes full use of 2 cores…

    • Daniel Petersen

      Well.. One way or another… I feel a big a difference between my old Galaxy Nexus(1.2 GHz dual core) and my “new” Nexus 4(1.5 GHz quad core). And don’t tell me that it is only because of the extra 0.3 GHz.

      If the Moto X performs as well as the N4(or hopefully better), and with only two cores, then it’s fine with me. I just haven’t experienced it yet..

    • howitzerr

      The GNexus’s cores architecture is based on ARM Cortex A9 while the Nexus 4 one is based on ARM Cortex A15

      The architecture of the core and the SOC itself play a big role on performances. Thats why we see quad cores Tegra 3 being outperformed by a dual core S4

    • MSined

      They aren’t exactly A15s but they do have some of the A15 features.

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Motorola in Google’s hands excites me, but these wouldn’t be absolute cream-of-the-crop specs if true. Plenty good enough for me if priced reasonably though.

    • Mohammad Lafi

      I got excited when Google bought Moto too, but it seems so far that they’re not planning to do anything with it, the last decent device they released was the Razr Maxx and this was more than a year ago.

  • icy_virtuoso6

    Those specs sound like it should have come out a year ago.

    • Nimer55

      Unless it’s a 4-4.2 inch phone. In which case a higher resolution screen wouldn’t make sense. Nor would a quad core, as it would eat up to much battery.

      I recall them saying there would a be a series of phone, launching summer to fall. Though I could be completely wrong on that. But If I’m not, we could still get a more high-end phone by the fall.

      For me the most important part is going to be battery. The Nexus 4 lasts me only 60-70% of my typical day. Less than 50% of semi-regular, and occasionally less than 30% (Long Day + Podcasts + Games + GPS + Bad Reception)

    • hunkyleepickle

      I agree, I’d this thing runs stock, and can have great battery life, decent camera, and a reasonable price, then specs that are less than top shelf for the moment are irrelevant to me. Hello moto!

    • ArberBeq

      Yeah but there are quad core arm cpu’s that are more energy efficient then lots of dual core arm cpu’s

  • Nimer55

    I’m guessing the screen is on the small side. Which would explain the dual instead of the quad, and the 720p screen.

    Don’t forget, that the reason the screen on the One looks nicer than the N4 isn’t just resolution, but the fact that it has things like better colours, since it’s a newer screen.

  • jackjiarocks

    This better be around $249 or……….

    • phathands

      Yeah I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

    • dbest180

      $200 is what I’m thinking. 4.3 inch 5-8 MP

  • KDC

    i dont think these are the specs for the Moto X but for the xfon that they already passed through the FCC

  • DroDro

    The specs don’t look very impressive especially when compared to the 0.5 years old Nexus 4 – lower screen resolution and an older SoC.

  • julian

    why an S4 processor! A 600 and a 720p screen would be amazing!

    • howitzerr

      Because the 600 is a S4 pro overclocked and renamed for marketing sake

    • Thr1ve

      No it isn’t… The Snapdragon 600 is a new SoC, you don’t get such a huge performance boost (~50%) out of a slight overclock of ~200 mhz.

    • Allan

      Krait 300 is an improved version of Krait with some new features such as in the speed of L2 cache but it’s really the same core. Adreno 320 doesn’t see any changes at all, just clocked higher in the case of the Galaxy S4. And where did you get that figure (50% performance boost), Qualcomm’s marketing material?

    • julian

      never knew that

  • Scott

    I bought a Motorola Xoom tablet a few years back but found out later that Motorola does not stand behind their products in Canada. I am very happy with Samsung and recommend Samsung to all in Canada. ..just stay away from Moto. I wish someone would have told me this before I bought a Motorola product.

    • mouser

      hence why I used either the U.S stock or a Team EOS build on the Xoom, 2 years later my Xoom’s still going strong!

    • Scott

      Likewise. My Xoom immigrated about a year ago… all is good now. 🙂

  • Charles Gauthier

    I love my RAZR and am looking forward to the Moto X.
    IMO the 720 and dual core if h true are all about conserving power.
    Longer bat life trumps 1080p in my book.

  • S2556

    release it with a snapdragon 800 and 1080p and I will be sold

    • julian

      they’re trying to keep the price down though. 1080p won’t be necessary on a smaller screen either. Not bashing it; I LOVE 1080p on my One

    • S2556

      I know but I already Have a GS3 (which i just replaced through insurance so basically brand new) so I need enough of an upgrade to warrant the purchaase. I’m thinking either the next nexus, motos flagship, or the GS5/next htc flagship. Time will tell! untill then I am more than content with my GS3. the GS4 and HTC One were not enough for me to pull the trigger. (nothing against either device though)

  • Isaac Gacura

    how unfortunately mediocre, I keep wanting to root Motorola yet they always seem to fall flat somewhere.

  • hyperhyper

    My disappointment is in the 16GB of memory. I think the standard should be 32GB since the size of the apps and the data they coupled with the higher resolution photos/videos eat up the space way too quickly.

    • phathands

      Much agreed, waiting on something with 4.7 inch screen (minimum), 32 gb storage, 2GB RAM, thick battery, and damn close to stock experience.

  • Dan Totan

    This can not be the new RAZR HD+ or MotoX or X phone… this must be a midrange like the RAZR M from last year. I expect that the real flagship will have a 1080p screen, a quad core, a 4000 miliamps battery, at least 13 megapixels rear camera, will be indestructible, waterproof, and have all the anticipating your wishes through your gestures gimmicks… otherwise why the hell would I buy this over the RAZR HD???????

    • kroms

      I agree with you. For Motorola’s sake it better be.

  • kroms

    I’m sorry but this better NOT be the Flagship Moto X they are intending to come out with.
    Seriously…while not bad , this is far and Away not the sort of PHONE you want to be coming OUT WITH to put your NAME back on top with the leaders and re-Energize the Motorola Name. A second tier phone or a scaled down alternative to FLAGSHIP then yea this sounds awesome. FLAGSHIP Phone ? Ah …. no.
    Do not forget that it is already going to go head to head with S4 , HTC one and All new entrants when released. So it better be offering on par specs and performance with Stock Android to boot like they said it would. Other wise Motorola will continue to BLEED Sales and Money. If anyone needs to be REMINDED of how you do it RIGHT then just look at HTC. They are finally getting it.

  • LeafsFanGirl

    I don’t think this is Motorola’s flagship device. They did say that the “Motorola X” is the name of a series of devices. I think this is a smaller device aimed towards iPhone users who wants and Android but don’t want a big device. There were a couple of leaked videos comparing the Moto X next to an iPhone5 and the size was bigger but not as big as the S4 or HTC One. I have small hands and not everyone wants a big device.

  • Nadefrenzy

    Wow.. I just love it when people try to justify the crap specs of a new product.

    I’ve seen 720p and 1080p displays; if u have decent vision, it’s not difficult to tell that the 1080p is a lot more crisp and sharper than the former.

  • Rich

    I don’t understand the obsession with the “X” in everything.

  • mobilesyrupuser01

    At D11, Woodside said:

    “I’ll save the details for later, but [the industry issue of] battery life is a huge problem. Motorola has some of the world’s best engineers and systems designers who spend their lives on that problem. There are two processors in the device that creates a system that allows you to do such a thing.”

    This is in reference to an ARM big.LITTLE setup.

    Therefore, these are NOT the specifications of the Moto X.

  • Eduardo

    Aren’t these specs a little too similar to the S3?

  • will wright

    Meh, sounds alright but i’ll probably go with HTC one google edition

  • anonymous

    All you spec hounds seem to care about is SPECS. That’s NOT all what makes a good device–it’s what ASSUMES a good device…NOT what MAKES one. Seriously, if this is perhaps a smaller display (say 4.4-4.6″) device, than these specs are reasonable.. you never know…YOU haven’t tried out this device…have you? Sure, these standards take the place around mid 2012-era flagship devices (GS3, N4) but, you just never know…720p is still a very dense PPI for a smartphone. Most laptops–even the Macbook Pro–have resolutions UNDER 720p. And yet, the users don’t complain about that for the most part. Perhaps on a hardware standpoint, the newer android KLP OS will implement certain processes to reduce CPU dependencies,

    I am pretty confident, regarding what Motorola promised of X-Phone will be a success– at least on innovation and user-centric awareness standpoint.

    I hope, for the most part, this phone lives up to it’s expectations…and if not, well, Motorola somewhat foreshadowed the X-Phone will be succeeded by a whole line of X-devices. Now for the waiting…..:-/

  • Dylan D’Croix

    Well this phone just went from a top of the line phone, to a completely average phone. The ONLY way it will sell if its 1) an extremely low outright prce 2) comes with stock android

    Nobody is going to want it when comparing other top of the line phones today.

    Of course this is all an assumption on what these “rumored” specs are.

  • Sanjiro

    I remember an article a while back that said Motorola wanted to do what Dell did with desktops and allow you to order phones customized for you.

    If Motorola started to make customized phones you can order, the above specs might be the baseline and upgradeable to something better during the customization process.

  • S2556

    These are the specs for the midrange xfon. Not the motor X hero device that woodside said was coming.

  • Bbrysucks

    Just another generic in the dirty sea of android. Oh well, at least it’s better than a crapberry.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Lets just wait for the official specs