Fancy hops aboard the Glass-wagon, creates GlassWare-based shopping experience

In the last few weeks we’ve covered Google Glass from two different perspectives: as a blogger and as a developer. Both instances left us eager to see more in terms of functionality and usability. The only downside we found from our quick hands-on with the wearable tech was the overall lack of apps to choose from. This bareness, however, has not stopped design-focused shopping experience “Fancy” from creating its own GlassWare for the Android-based platform.

The app is available now and offers three core experiences: exploring, simple purchasing, and of course, matching. The Fancy app, as one would expect, is beautiful, with a strong focus on a clean UI and easy to navigate interface. With a simple tap of Glass, you’re able to see what is new and and purchase with a simple tap of your temple.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have Glass, download Fancy from Glasshead and let us know what you think.

Source: TNW