Here’s Virgin Mobile’s “smokin’ hot updates” to their Silver, Gold, and Platinum rate plans


  • Rio

    What exactly did they change? All this looks very similar to what they previously had :S

    • FuzzyFish6

      It’s very very similar, not much to see here.

    • Chris Lau

      Not true. You save a buck. A whole buck!

    • Angulo

      You know what DIDN’T change? The asinine and retarded language Bell/Virgin marketing use in their communications. Written by complete morons for i****s. So, as you said, nothing changed…

  • PewZ

    feels like the sub brands are matching the big 3, what is this the big 9 soon?

  • Mobile Nerdy


  • Sean McConnell

    So many levels, add ons and fees. I’ll stick with my $350 outright Nexus 4 on Wind where a simple $40 plan >>> Virgin Platinum 100.

    • sharkhark

      i personally think if i read one more comment to a national coverage company…from someone chiming in uselessly with their promise to stay with an extremely limited range company…i will throw up…beat that person up…or club a baby seal to death…whatever is easiest.
      i am in my 40’s and remember cell companies trying to expand and grow…i remember huge roaming fees and bills…why anyone that is not a 14 yr old student who never leaves their dorm…or some hipster living in their parents basement…never venturing out of the city limits….why otherwise would one by with a useless example in comparison to the national coverage of virgin. apples to apples. mobile syrup should block anyone from commenting unless in their category…in other words wind people can only comment on posts and threads about other non national…limited companies.
      i dont know a single adult who stays in a limited wind zone. i guess maybe if you dont own a car….a home…a bike….basically no life…then yes…comment. but if you drive a car from area to area…from city to city…shut up. i live in ns right now. moved from toronto. there is no wind. even if it comes its useless. i had to leave rogers as they dont cover outside halifax. drive to the airport and boom no service. i cant be with a company so useless even if they come. jesus you wind people wont shut it

    • LTE Is Overrated

      Wind has almost all the Golden Horseshoe, Ottawa and then some. Virgin Mobile Canada plans are lame. Perhaps they are lowering value because Mobilicity plans to shut down.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Why do you compare Wind coverage with Virgin plans? That’s apples to oranges. Oh, that’s right – because Wind coverage blows.

    • Walter

      I feel sorry for your limited view of the world. But I can assure you that me and my family are Wind users and we are the polar opposite of your little tirade. You don’t have access to Wind or Mobi then that is your misfortune.

    • sharkhark

      99 % of the country doesn’t have access either…lol

    • icyhotonmynuts

      I don’t know why you were downvoted. It’s true. All the downvoters just go to and bring up the map of Wind vs Virgin. I count about 8 major cities that Wind covers, and even then it’s not the entire city, but just the core.

      Walter has never been outside of Canada – if he has, he’d realize his carrier options are severely limited. So much for having a broad view of the world.

    • beyond

      1. Peoples travelling habits vary as widely as people themselves. Not everyone travels and not everyone stays within the same coverage zone, but rather there is a range of varying degrees of roaming. So coverage does not mean the same to everyone. For those that roam less Wind mobile might suit them just fine. Even if they did roam occasionally, any charges would be offset by the savings they receive from a lower cost plan.

      2. Those people who consider Wind are perfectly justified in comparing Wind to the Big 3, namely because the Big 3 offers an alternative service to them in the limited coverage areas they care about. The extra coverage offered is immaterial to them. So for what they need it is comparing apples to apples.

      3. Lastly you’re implying that those who need less coverage have no lives since they don’t travel. I know people older than you who have lived life and travelled but who can’t do that anymore. You telling these people or anyone that they have no life is insulting. Everyone’s life and situation is different, whether they travel or not is irrelevant to them having a life or not.

    • vn33

      kudos for having an intelligent and thoughtful analysis !

    • Sean McConnell

      I’m proud of Sharkhark for standing up for his beliefs. I guess I’m just the Galileo to his Pope…

    • TheMaster

      If you are really in your 40’s and you remember the days of being free of internet and cell phones, your comment shows that it is really YOU who does not have a life anymore….Isn’t it time to “unplug” in order to have a “life”?…That is, if you still remember what that means…………

  • hunkyleepickle

    That is the worst, even if they were great deals, it hurts my eyes just to look at that huge convoluted,mess of rates, add one etc etc. I would take loads of hidden fine print over that monstrosity.

    • LeafsFanGirl

      I agree! I can’t believe I read most of that. My eyes hurt now! What a waste of my time! Gesh!

    • LTE Is Overrated

      They make the plans hard to read and hope people don’t notice the bad deals!

    • Rhett H

      Impossible to read clearly, 6 pages of plan information?!? WTF!

    • hunkyleepickle

      For crying out loud, in the first ‘paragraph’ like section they when say their rate plans are even more super simplified!! Hahaha, this is the laugh of the day for me.

    • skullan

      So, you’re saying that you can’t read the leaked internal memo to Virgin’s employees?

    • 34545345

      basically just go to fido’s website, its the exact same plans lol (cept some of the platinum plans)

  • Rich

    Looks like the $20 plans are fading away on all the carriers. New minimum is 25

    • icyhotonmynuts

      $25 has been the minimum for the last two/three years.

    • 34545345

      even last year, fido had a 20$ plan

  • virgindude44

    The plans are worse if anything. The weekends used to start at 5 on the $35 silver plan. And it used to be voicemail 10 included in the silver/gold plans, and now it is voicemail 3…

    • Zed

      That’s right

  • gmd

    I was just looking at the $20 plan… This is Bell executives convincing at its best.

  • Tommy Crosby

    Virgin just put the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 4 8GB in the same bin as mid-range phone.

    I have both an iPhone 4 and a Nexus 4 and software difference aside, they are night and day as the specs goes. Two years separate both phones releases, this is freaking huge in the mobile world. (also, the Nexus 4 is still an high-end phone despite having last gen CPU)

    • icyhotonmynuts

      They’re trying to really push the S4, since it’s the Samsung flagship phone. ..oh, and trying to push that 3 year contract.
      BTW, since when is virgin under 3 year contracts? I thought they were just 2 year guys.

    • Zed

      They haven’t had 2 year plans in years

  • Guillaume Gagnon

    Telus Corporate plans FTW (MOBILENET)! I got 6gb of data, 250min calls, unlimited text, voicemail & call display and unlimited after 17 pm. ALL of this for 50$/month +taxes

    • 2dfx

      Blows. 6gb, Unlimited Canada-wide, CID/VM, and mobile TV. “ALL of this for 50$/month +taxes”. Bell baby.

    • ToniCipriani

      Do you live in Thunder Bay sir?

    • Guillaume Gagnon

      I’m from Quebec city

    • ToniCipriani

      Was poking at 2dfx actually…

    • icyhotonmynuts

      When you have 6gb data, you already have mobile TV – and commercial free 😉

    • SkAshe

      Unlimited north American calls with unlimited international texting with 6gb for 54.95$ + taxes.

      Only problem is that I only have coverage in Quebec.

      I’m also able to get a corporate plan but not as good as yours for 58$ + taxes for 400 local mins with unlimited incoming calls and unlimited local calls with Telus users + unlimited texting and 6gb of data with a 250$ credit which covers the price of a few months.

    • Guillaume Gagnon

      I got that plan for being a student in engineering, I registered to the engineer network group and I was pretty happy, because I’m a big data consumer!

    • Super_Deluxe

      With Rogers I get $55 for Unlimited Canada wide calling/Texting/Data with 3GB cap, Voicemail and Call Display. Not a corporate plan though, it’s a Manitoba exclusive.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      You pay too much.
      Come back when you’ve got unlimited Canada wide calling, CID, VM, TXT and 6gb data for $35.

    • Guillaume Gagnon

      Where can I get that?

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Grandfathered retention / unofficial corporate plan.

      Because most corp plans you have to go through the corporate line to get changes, and you can’t have discounts tacked on, let alone talk and negotiate with the retention department to have the plan mucked about with.

  • Justin

    I’ve been with Virgin for a while now and been getting that “platinum 100” plan for $68 a month. These plans are ridiculously overpriced.

  • sicsicpuppy

    Huh is it me or these plans suck ?

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Plan changes always suck. The only good plans are the ones they changed from, last year. Looking back and having regrets one didn’t sign on when the gettin’ was good.

    • skullan

      Agreed. If a plan changes, you know it’s not going to be beneficial to the consumer.

      That $50 dollar gold should have stayed at $45

  • johnny bravo

    I dont see the logic in charging for international texting in the higher end platinum plans and including it in the lower end silver and gold plans. Virgin seems like its going down hill. They havent had anything fancy to offer in ages. And they should definitely follow in fidos footsteps with the tab24 idea. Having to pay off a samsung galaxy ace over 4 years with a 25$ plan is pretty ridiculous. Cant wait til december 2nd for all the changes to take effect.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Still can match wind for Price

  • EvanKrosney

    Have to spend minimum $40 just to get data? Uh, no thanks!

  • Zed

    So basically, the only ‘good’ thing is an extra hour in the evenings for the silver 25. Everything else either stayed the same or increased in price/decreased in features.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      You forgot the part where they made things over complicated and convoluted.

  • Omer Shukrullah

    Funny how they list the nexus 4 as a mid range smartphone in the same field as the iPhone 4. Cmon man it should at least be on par with the Z10

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Not when they’re trying to push the Samsung flagship phone and 3 year contracts.
      Plus they’re trying to get rid of old iPhone 4 stock, so..stick it on the tab plan.

  • Desi Jatt

    Did any one else notice Platinum Plans no longer have US Texting

    • Zed

      They haven’t had US texting ever since they were called platinum plans, that’s a couple of months now.


    It was my idea to bring a BYOD discount to Koodo (your welcome fellow Koodo customers ;-)) & now Virgin doing the same & making a big deal if it. Koodo gave me free phones I want some from Virgin now, you guys owe me lol. Ha ha I just want some more free phones to help offset the cost of my Addiction to mobile Tech, the more phone the better 😉 – Paul “Kid Android” Deschamps

  • Monji

    I don’t understand why the Platinum plans are worse than the gold ones… Less data for a higher end phone which are more data hungry…

    • Zed

      The idea is to spend more money per month for a higher credit on a device. Obviously, Gold plans are better value wise

  • icyhotonmynuts

    They call that keeping it simple?

  • KAPT Kipper

    Ever since Bell completed their ownership of Virgin the plans have been degrading.

  • Aaron

    They are slowly driving up the price again,

    In February I had the $30 Silver plan and it included 75 min / 100MB data, then I switched to the $35 Gold plan which included 200min / 200MB plan.

    Now the first plan that has any data is $39, and based on the leak above the “extras” will stop being offered Jul 2, that means the standard offering on the $39 plan will be 150 min / 200MB.

    • Aaron

      Here is my other two cents,

      If you watch for a while you will notice that they offer a new promotion right at the end of a financial quarter (March 31, June 30, Sep 30, Dec 31), They have to make Quarterly Financial Results and everyone wants to show subscriber growth, so depending on how the months leading up to a quarter are going they are going to give a promotion so that they can show shareholder they are growing.

      There usually are not many new phone releases until the back to school season so they don’t have to offer that great of a deal right now (Spring) since no one is switching,

      In the fall all the hype is on the devices, not the plans, so they don’t have to switch them up to much,

      Christmas season is interesting since you want to get perfect gift for Junior but mommy and daddy still have to pay the bills so there is the phone as well as the plan to consider. I think more importantly all the Telco VPs are trying to meet the bonus metrics, so if they are 5,000 subscriber adds short of $XX’000 bonus then offer discounts.

      Back to spring there isn’t much moving phone plans except discounts on rates, as well it helps get rid of the old stock

      …. then let the cycle continue.

      I might be totally out to lunch but that is what I have noticed.

  • Panda Bear

    What are those VM peoples were smoking at work when they came up with those plans?

  • rgl168

    Besides the automatic 10% off, I don’t see anything “smokin’ hot” with these deals.

  • haley

    what if ive been stuck signing a 3 yr contract and absolutly hateeeeee my phone!!

  • Constructivity

    I know this is petty, but they’re pointing at palladium instead of silver, platinum instead of gold, and cerium instead of platinum. Just sayin’.

  • Wilbour

    My Plan:
    Text + VM/CD 25 – 5pm
    150 anytime minutes
    Unlimited evenings & wknd from 5PM
    Canada-Wide Calling
    Text & PIC to Can, US & Int’l
    Unlimited Incoming Text
    Call Display Included
    Voice Mail 10 Included
    Commitment Free Data/Pay Per Use
    Pay per use 1X data/tether-US Roam
    Pay per use Browser – U.S. Roaming
    Pay per use Voice – U.S. Roaming
    Standard LD Rate (to U.S. & CAN)
    They add 50 anytime minutes and take away 1 hour Unlimited evenings each weekday

    Nothing to see here….

  • acabanos

    The only things that changed were all plans now include “free evenings after 6pm/wknds. And “Voicemail 10” has been changed to “voicemail 3.” That is all.

  • Lajpie

    I am pretty sure that the $50 Gold Plan was $45 not too long ago…

    • ToniCipriani

      Upon closer inspection, this is probably in response to Koodo jacking their prices, now their plans matches with the exception of the Unlimited EW is worse at 6PM vs 5PM on Koodo. Way to go Virgin, to “compete” is to make your plan worse.

      CRTC and Industry Canada, are you reading this?

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    Look like my current $45 Virgin BlackBerry (GOLD Talk 45) phone plan doesn’t exist anymore.

    It basically become the $50 but instead of 400 mins it now 600 mins. I personally never used a full 400 mins a month. Just remember it a “Limited Edition” plan so sooner or later these plan change and prices go up and down, etc.

    The problem nowadays is that company increased minutes but reduce data.

    “I’m not trying to make friends, I’m trying to make money.” Kevin O’Leary

  • Andy Ferber

    The data on the platinum 80 and 100 here is double what’s on the Virgin website. how would we get these deals?