Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom leaks online


  • skullan

    Interesting concept a camera with a phone attached. Not sure I’d want this particular one and while I love optical zoom, the case looks off because of the size awkward design. I don’t think I could comfortably use the phone with a design like that.

    I’m actually pleasantly surprised seeing a phone coming from Samsung that isn’t cookie cutter.

  • iPlunks

    so this is what Samsung has to compete against The Nokia 41mp EOS?….ok

    • skullan

      41 Megapixel is unnecessary for your average (and probably 99 percent of all) people. You can an amazing photo at 5 Megapixel, it really depends on how large you want to increase the size to.

      Megapixel is now pretty much a marketing term.

      The question that should be asked is, what type of optical zoom will the EOS have and how do its other features stack up.

    • iPlunks

      While the 41mp is a marketing ploy. Its still 41mp. Nokia has done 5mo, 8mp 12mp. But there lens and photography is by far the best of any phone. It may not now. But the progression would enable consumers to not have to carry a separate camera. If the galaxy S4 had 21mp camera, everyone would be in awww of it

    • hunkyleepickle

      I fondly remember my nokia N95 on rogers, with 5 mp camera, still takes better shots than alot of today’s flagships.

    • Rhett H

      The greatest phone of all time *gush*

    • Xfour00

      the 41mpx isn’t a ploy… at all (its able to beat out some dslrs in detail)… second how the 41mpx is used in pureview mode makes for the best 2/3/5mpx/8mpx images you could ever dream of for a phone

    • iPlunks

      I’m a 920 user and nokia fanboy. Just some people need educating.

    • toyobaru

      When did Samsung compete with Nokia? I don’t think Sammy cares about Nokia………..Just a sammy fanboi, trying to educate Nokia users that you aint even in the same league lol ^^ enjoy your Nokia!!!

    • iPlunks

      Camera is Sony and Nokia. So they are in direct competition. Samsung may not care as do all top of the ladder company’s. But the only way to go afterwards is down. Cue Tizen

  • JBR

    Looks ridiculous. This seems like a pretty impractical device. If you want a camera, get a camera, if you want a phone, get a phone. I think that Samsung is unleashing a half-baked concept with this one, but what do I know? They’re a multi-billion dollar corporation for a reason, so maybe they know something that I don’t.

    • S2556

      at least they are trying something new. Gotta applaud them for that.
      Not every venture is going to be as successful as say the note series but it may find its niche. I wont buy it though lol

  • HeyYoWL

    How many variations of the Galaxy line does Samsung need? If they were planning something like this wouldn’t it have been better to make the S4 somehow modular in design and release a separate camera apparatus like this that could be attached to it? This seems like it might be fine for camera operation but uncomfortable for phone operation. Not to mention it’s hideous. 😛

  • bigshynepo

    Watch what Sony announces on June 25th…. much better balance of phone and camera functionality.

  • Azix

    Samsung can’t name their products something else besides s4? They just milk their flagship name to products with little in common. “galaxy s4 mini” what makes it an s4 at all? I guess they are trying to make the most of their advertising dollar. Still, this is silly.

    They could just start a line of camera phones called galaxy Z. These guys operate like a Chinese knockoff company, except they are knocking off their own products

  • Brad Hermann

    How does the galaxy camera from the fall fit in here?

  • Average Joe

    Would never consider.

  • daftchemist

    This is essentially the galaxy camera but with a phone feature…

  • Super_Deluxe

    If they can make phones this thick to this day, why not fit in bigger batteries for their flagship phones? And TBH I don’t see this pho…cam…thing selling well. Its too thick for a phone and there are better and thinner camera’s out there. But kudos to Samsung for trying out something different.

  • ruaman

    Samsung’s just milking the S4 brand. This is ridiculous!

  • ErFillion

    Hey guys! Guess what! I already have a samsung cameraphone! It right in my hand! And it ROCK!!!

  • Poodz

    So I LOVE this. I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this and I hope it works out well. If you want a thinner phone then buy one and don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t. I am very comfortable with a thicker phone if it means having a much better zoom. It’s very annoying not having a zoom on a phone camera. But I don’t know how many people feel the same way…

    • Average Joe

      You will look ridiculous in public using your camera as a phone, especially if this will be your device for daily use. Just think about it for a second.

      However, something tells me that you are no stranger to public humiliation as is, so this won’t make things any worse…

      Also, shave that beard on your neck, and lose a few hundred pounds.

    • Poodz


      Well, I only weigh 130 lbs so I’m not sure losing a few hundred pounds would work. Also, my 2 day scruff for the weekend will disappear Monday morning when I go back to work.

      But more importantly, I will decide with my wallet what I want to hold up to my head. And your ridiculous assumptions about me only prove my point further. You buy what you want and I will buy what I want.

      Let’s be more civil shall we?

    • Bodmon

      I believe that it was a good idea by Samsung to create a phone with optical zoom. But if they looked in the past of phones with optical zoom, they haven’t done extremely well. Also, for you I wouldn’t not recommend the Samsung zoom but I wouldn’t recommend it either. I would recommend looking at all your other options, like the Nokia EOS or the Pureview. Im only saying this because Nokia is known to make the best camera’s in their phones and they use the best parts for their cameras (Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash) which have proven to do extremely well. Also, Samsung doesn’t really make that great camera’s (they’re not known for it). Take the Galaxy Camera for example. It was a pretty good idea, everything a phone is without the phone part which could easily be overcome by a simple app, and internet. But unfortunately, it didn’t turn out too well. Im only saying that don’t jump the gun and buy this phone, do your research and make sure that its the best choice for you.

    • Poodz

      Thank you Bodmon for your civil response. I will obviously wait until I see it for myself and do some research once its announced. But I think it could be great.

      Others should take note of how to disagree politely lol

    • Bodmon

      Lol no problem. I guess some people are just mad 😛

    • Dj City of TJX

      my only thing with this phone why 10x thing it is a little much. I remember when I got my Jphone sharp 902sh with 2.0 mega pixel with 2 x optical zoom. if you look around look ay maybe importing a phone like Pansonic Lumix 101p (do a serch on

    • toyobaru

      Early adapters don’t need to be embarrassed in the public. It’s fashion statement gotta have confidence that’s all. If you where too conscious about the public then stay home!!! lol Average Joe needs to learn how to be innovative and creative….It’s his money and his choice maybe your just too scared to come out of the box….public humiliation? I don’t think so its called early adapters something you don’t have at the moment. lol

    • Wendell

      Some of us aren’t superficial and don’t really care what you or anyone thinks about what phone/camera we use.

    • Xfour00

      you should have bought a Nokia 808 Pureview then…. looks like its about 5 phones thinner than this Samsung and has zoom as well and an actual camera sensor

    • Poodz

      I’ve seen that phone. But it runs Symbian. What a joke.
      I prefer Android (I am allowed to choose that right?)
      So has there been an Android-based cameraphone with zoom?
      With the latest software on it?
      And decent specs?

      Oh look, I found one!
      But I guess it doesn’t fit YOUR qualifications so I shouldn’t get it?

  • Garrett Cooper

    The Nokia Pureview says hi.

    That thing is absolutely huge, I couldn’t imagine using that as my daily phone. My digital camera AND my phone together are smaller. Pass.