Awesome Twitter banter between HTC, Samsung and LG


  • RoboBonobo

    muahaha that’s awesome!

  • Omer Shukrullah


  • JwoodatKRFTWRK


  • Kyle Dodsworth

    A little too cocky HTC… considering that Samsung won manufacturer of the year, and phone of the year with the S3 – remember that phone that came out in 2012??

    • Avalain

      It’s not cocky! It’s free advertising on a very limited budget!

  • Stephanie

    Way to be petty Samsung. Let HTC have a peice of the pie. They will sell a million bajillion Samsung galaxy s 4’s anyway.

  • nikman

    Blackberry z10 is the hottest new phone of the year.

    • Wizzy

      Lol. Somebody’s worried about their job at RIM.

  • xenrobia

    Congrats to HTC, it’s a very nice phone.
    But I wouldn’t give up my Z10 for it – which is also a very nice phone.
    LG is right, they’re just phones and it’ll be nice when BBM is available for iOS, Android and WP’s.

    • Stephen Cunliffe

      Agreed but I’ve heard no official mention of BBM coming to Windows Phone.

    • xenrobia

      No, they haven’t mentioned Windows, yet, but I think it will come eventually. BB10, iOS and Android share the same Unix, or Unix like, heritage so it is easiest to develop for iOS and Android first and that makes the most sense. But if BlackBerry’s goal is for BBM to become a true cross platform messaging system, then WP can’t be ignored; it will just take longer to develop for since the underlying OS is so different from BB10.

    • Nadefrenzy

      It will when WP manages a market share great than 5%.

    • Thr1ve

      Don’t hold your breath for that.

  • skullan

    I’d buy an HTC One just to support their smackdown tweet.

  • Zed

    Love my One! Wouldn’t trade it for any other phone

  • kroms

    L M A O hey at least it is entertaining. 🙂 LOVE IT, Guess APPLE must at not even being mentioned in all of this ?

  • Mäuri Freitas

    phone of the year 2013 ?? How can that be if several manufacturers such as LG, Motorola and Nokia haven’t even released their flagships yet ??

  • S2556

    That is hilarious. Good job LG!
    HTC looked a little childish here though

  • vroomvroomfromtheback

    look at all that butthurt

  • Nadefrenzy

    This is Awesome lol!!

    Stuff like this and that Nokia WP ad always make my day.

  • downhilldude

    Probably just bitter that PC Magazine has the GS4 on this month’s cover, with the caption “best phone on Earth.”

    • marorun1982

      Best phone on earth that’s lag a lots unless you turn of mostly all animations.. changed mine for the one in my 14 day return policy at Telus..

  • EvanKrosney

    For anyone curious about the picture, it’s a reference to a British insurance advert from a few years back.

  • Mike123

    And Samsung will crush the rest of the competition..

  • Ruy Melo

    Mi mi mi mi… Let´s face it. If you all had the money to buy all those phones, you would not be a fan boy. As if you guys don’t really know why they have to launch every year a new model. We all could have better phones by now. But they won’t release all the technology at once.. no, they want you to spend loads of money on the way. As long as we keep brand slaves, and the profits keep coming, all they really want is you to fight each other, and you all are doing a great job.

    We are doing a great job as well producing technology waste, and we could be using our planet resources more efficiently and get all this tech minds to work together. But no.. They have been hijacked by the global corporations that protect them behind their shields of financial benefits and “cool work environments”, which basically works as a a place to steal our ideas, call them patents and then explores it financially.

    Do you really thin we still burn fossil fuels because using other technologies is too expensive?

    So I am not surprised to see corporations “fighting” using social media, just to boost the loyalty you bunch of brand slaves have for them. As if those awards were worth anything… Shall we wake up?

    • downhilldude

      …shall we shut up?

    • Ruy Melo

      Why shut up if we can all be heard and actually make a change? So no we shall not shut up… Free your mind buddy…

  • Garrett Cooper

    Hottest phone of 2013 half way through the year? We’re still waiting on the xphone, possibly a new nexus device, LG’s flagship, a possible pureview from Nokia, how can this award be given out in June? I think the One is a sexy phone, just seems silly to give a “best of 2013” award out for anything in June.


      Tell that to the “best movie of 2013” from January.