Update: Bell and Virgin HTC One S upgrade to Jelly Bean now available


  • iphoneee

    iJellyBean iBell

  • Wow

    Took them long enough, holy hell.

  • Abe

    I take it this is for Virgin Mobile as well?

  • zed

    Aaaand that’s one reason why HTC is losing market share – very delayed updates. It was initially supposed to come in October last year, we’re almost in March now.

    I love my One S, I do. But HTC has to get their shi-t together and get back on track with supporting their phones better.

    • Dan

      HTC pushed the 4.1 update to users back in 2012, It took bell and telus more than 2 months to “test” it and customize it.

  • Sean

    Come on Telus… Anytime now…

  • RyanB

    I’ve been running Jellybean on mine since I purchased it. Couldn’t imagine using a locked, unrooted phone.

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    And people say HTC doesn’t send out updates. Patience is the virtue.

  • noonan

    The last update bricked my data connection requiring a new mobo.
    Wonder what this update will bring.
    leaving HTC as soon as they release the Motorola phone in the summer.

  • Caldera

    Hope this will fix the data drop issue (not wifi) – anyone else experience it?

  • y2kfire

    Your move Telus, uh, oh wait, CHECK MATE. I kind of get Bell beating you to the update, they’ve gotten better over the last couple of years, butFido beating both of you?!? The WWE update was released by HTC in December… Geez…

    So no more buying devices from Telus for me. That leaves Rogers, Bell, and Virgin to choose who to buy my HTC One from… I wonder which will be the lesser of those 3 evils…

    • Parsifal1492

      Wind mobile users received the Jellybean update a few weeks back….

  • Mike

    This is just pathetic. Telus still hasen’t released it yet, and they had promised it by the end of 2012. And it’s not even 4.2 JellyBean they will be releasing; it’s 4.1 JeallyBean, which was released in July 2012, and it’s getting close to being almost a year past and still no update???

    Can someone post how to easily get stock android on this phone, cause I’m tired of waiting after every update so that companies can modify their “skins” and add bloat apps that we can’t delete.

  • dexter

    Did anyone get the update yet? I cant see any for my virgin mobile phone 🙁

    • Richard T

      It’s 8:20EST and the update is available to me finally. Looking forward to getting this update. Although I love my phone, I think from now on I’m going to be buying Nexus devices so I get the updates in a more timely fashion.

  • john steen

    Telus is a load of crap does any one have any idea of when this update is expected ?
    The future sure isnt friendly for updates thats for sure !

  • Caldera

    Updating now.
    You can prompt the update by entering *#*#2432546#*#*
    in your phone dialer.

  • alex


  • Bob

    Anybody havimg trouble with the download? Mine just keeps telling me “download corrupted”……. This is bogus.

  • Doug

    About f*cking time.

  • Caldera

    Working good so far. I read about people in Europe having issues with the upgrade so I did a system reset before installing. You loose some data but if you have Google Contacts those are backed up and then downloaded automatically when you re-register your gmail address on your phone.
    I came from a Galaxy Nexus and it’s nice to have Google Now back after being without it for a couple months.

  • Suken

    After download is completed it saying that the download is corrupted..

  • oneS

    If the device is unlocked and is currently being used with another carrier SIM, will I still get the update?

  • y2kfire

    Yes you will.

    Unless, as previously mentioned, you bought your device from Telus, in which case, the sun will convert all its hydrogen into helium before you get the update >:-(

  • Parsifal1492

    According to an HTC Call Centre representative the Jellybean Update will not be available for Telus Branded HTC One S just yet. No reason given…. Kind of upsetting that people on WIND Mobile got the update already and they have not had the phone in their stores as long as Telus has.

  • MarcusJ

    I thought they were to release Sense 5 with this update, I am disappointed with the update. They could have at least brought it to 4.1.2 (which was a great release, on the nexus at least, until 4.2.2 came with all it’s glory!)

    More and more, I am pushed to Nexus devices (for phones and tablets especially) as to get timely updates and future proof my purchases a little.

  • Caldera

    Why in hell would they release Sense 5 on last year’s phone before the brand-new ONE is introduced? Get real. Sense 5 may come, but not sooner than six months from now, and even then may be a cut-down version.

  • al

    HTC left out the compact mode on the new keyboard. No more power usage from screen in battery statistics. Pc connection now mtp, no more ums. Status bar occasionally loses icons like clock for alarms and shows WiFi when not even powered on. These are the issues I’ve noticed after a day of use so far.