Photoshop Touch comes to iPhone and Android smartphones for $4.99

After a long gestation period, Adobe has released Photoshop Touch for smartphones, iPhone and Android specifically. The app was previously available for iPad and Android tablets, and Adobe has focused on bringing much of the core functionality from that app to the smaller screen.

The app goes beyond the Snapseeds and Aviary’s of the world by bringing true creation and touch-up tools to the phone. Users can combine different images seamlessly, apply brushes and filters, and even use the camera to fill in unused space on an image. Adobe’s Creative Cloud saves projects online so you can switch between the phone, tablet and desktop easily.

At $4.99, it may be a bit much for many casual users, especially since the tablet version is sold separately for $9.99. But it’s a full-featured solution for iPhone and Android smartphones, and could mean the difference between finishing a project or having to wait until you’re in front of a computer.

Download Photoshop Touch for Android and iPhone.

Via: The Verge