Samsung Galaxy S IV will most likely be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 chip


  • William

    Can’t wait! I love my Sgs3 but I’m going to switch as soon as it hits shelves! Android is the way to go!

    • Mexico Ron

      Of course battery life was going to suck. The Cortex A15 is a frickn SERVER CPU. Qualcomm was laughing the a*s off all the way to the bank when the heard Samsung was planning an A15 core for their next gen “mobile” processor.

    • S4 FTW

      There is nothing dissapointing about the S4!

      They have found that Battery life is BEtTER than brute power.

      Re: Almost the same hardware as HTC:

      All SAMSUNG has to do to keep on WINNING is add SD card to the same hardware and keep the booting UNLOCKED.

      All HTC needs to keep on LOSING is NOT ADDING SD cards and locking the booting.

      The day HTC stops locking the boot, and adds SD card, Samsung will start Shaking!

      Samsung: Phones are “ugly” but they have tons of support, have a long life and don’t have to an IT guy to load CM.

      HTC: Arguably some of the nicest-looking Android-phones, but if you have to wait for the Telus update…Good luck with that!

    • Fartknocker


    • Proud Quebecois

      Yes we are all looking forward to Le Galaxie du Samsung telephonie.

  • People don’t notice this but…

    People dont notice this but the bigger the phone size the harder it is to do the 4 corner test. but imagine a phone that is either thicker or have a gripped part that allows you to hold the phone easier in one hand. If you have that then the suface area that your thumb can reach on the phone screen is a lot easier compared to thin phones that makes it hard for you to climb your thumb around the screen. Either way if this happens this also allows manufacturers to put bigger batteries allowing longer standby times and other things in that aspect.

  • 99roxah

    5 hour battery life.

  • Wes

    @ william. wanna send me ur sgs3?

  • Oldschool

    I think I’m going to need a bigger battery…

  • AWSguy

    Wait till the Exynos 5 Octa in the Note 4!!!

  • Josh

    To all the phone builders out there… Bigger isn’t always better. I think you should look into building the phones smaller. If I could get a good smart phone with only a 3.5″ HD screen and all the same bells and whistles as above. That would be sweet.

    • akash

      why down-vote the guy.
      3.7 – 4.0 inch devices are the best devices for one-hand usage.
      Would love to see the next nexus with this size of the screen.

  • CanadianMarijuana

    why would they not use the 800 snapdragon or is that for S5 hmmm

  • superfly

    If hspa+ was not throttled now and left raw like it was when it first changed to 21mb/s…. internet speeds would be faster than LTE today. I used to get faster downloads on hspa+ 21mb/s two years ago than I do now on LTE. Hence why a non LTE device would be perfect.

    • S4 FTW

      So True!:
      HSDPA+ 42mbps on Telus Koodo BELL and Virgin is almost as fast as Canadian LTE without the battery drain, thanks to the big 3 throttle.

    • Monkey Face

      Yea, I’m averaging 3-5mbps download speeds from with my HSDPA+ on Rogers. It’s not that much faster than 3G. LTE is fast now, but wait a year or two and they will throttle your speed to what HSDPA is now, forcing you to upgrade to a newer spectrum thinking it will be faster.

  • Dalex

    Judging by the HTC One’s early results, the Qualcomm 600 is a monster. My Nexus 4’s S4 Pro is already a beast so its no surprise. I can only imagine the desolation that the Qualcomm 800 will provide.

    Here’s hoping the Nexus 5 will employ it along with Qualcomm’s radio tech that integrates all worldwide LTE carriers.

  • tutuythegreat

    i’ll just wait for galaxy S V or VI until i see i big difference between the new phone and my s III. still s III for me!

  • Rich

    I can’t wait till we get to a point where a few extra cores, ram or megapixels aren’t a big deal. I’d like to see some real innovation beyond just spec bumps on these levels.

    • wotzit2ya

      Guess Samsung caught the Apple disease , incremental updates

  • superfly

    Imagine if the xphone from Motorola had a under 5 inch 1080p screen with a 4000mah battery. Now that’s innovating.

    • S2556

      not at all that’s what they have been doing with the MAXX line.

  • tomatoes 11

    Win! Like it always does.

  • Bill

    @rich – I think we’ve already reached that point now if you don’t play any 3D powered games on your phone. Unless, of course, they develop new features that require a whole lot more on-board computational power (e.g. on-phone speech recognition vs. sending it to a remote server for processing).

  • Mike

    If I remember Samsung claim at CES the new Exynos 5 Octa will be 60% more energy efficient because of the four low power core.

    So if we got the Snapdragon in the S4 they got to find another raison than power.

  • wotzit2ya

    All we know for sure is it’ll be made out of that wonderful shiny Samsung plastic

  • screamer

    Should be almost the samr specs than the HTC one. But in the note 3 we will see big power. I wish they make the phone a bit thicker and more juice.

  • Steven

    I’m done with Samsung. HTC here I come!

  • @PlazmicFlame

    By the time I get my upgrade, the Galaxy Note 4 should be rolling out. By ten I’m hoping for a huge honking battery as stock!

  • Kakarot

    I bet it will perform like a beast, otherwise…. What’s the point? The s2, s3, note 2 have been great devices… I cannot think of a reason why the s4 won’t be…. Come on Samsung, kick them while their down (stock)

  • BIll Murray

    too big fuk samsung gs4. htc one is better

  • Nathen

    NeXus 4 is simply the BEST hands down.

    JB 4.2.2. How many will be Bit#$%ing and complaining when Key Lime Pie hits the release and people will be stuck at the Mercy of the Carries. While NeXus 4 owners will AGAIN rejoice that there Devices are updated and Rocking On !

    • Cam C

      Yes….because their phones will be completely unusable with the current firmware that they have *eyeroll*

  • superfly

    @mike….. the over heating is 100% LTE chip related. It works perfectly fine on 42mb/s hspa+ but including the LTE chip causes problems. Hence why the international version will have the octa…no LTE.

  • RyanOver

    the HTC One X had the best display on a smartphone last year(cnet, the verge, engaget, android central, poketnow, technobuffallo etc. approved) the One X won the best looking/desing and built quality phone of last year. yes it had no SD card but 12 of my friend have an Galaxy S3 and don’t have an SD Card.
    what makes Samsung a hit last year was the Apple v. Samsung that was going on. the message was if you hate apple and iOS get a Galaxy S3.
    No doubt the HTC One X was the better phone but samsung is a marketing genious

  • Telusdoesnotcare

    As much as I don’t like Samsung, this is going to SMOKE the Blackberry Z10. Z10 has absolutely NOTHING unique about it, it’s VERY generic, so with a generic brick like the Z10 it all comes to down to specs. And on the subject of specs, I hope the S4 SMOKES the Z10 HARD. I hope Samsung BOMBS USA media outlets with S4 promotions and advertisements after the mid-March unveiling to derail Blackberry’s Z10 USA launch.

    You’re going down Blackberry!

    I’m not a big Android fan or Samsung fan, but Fandroids, you and I have a common enemy, Blackberry!

    • royf29

      @Telusdoesnotcare shame man. You should at least as a Canadian want a canadian company to succeed in this as USA world.

    • Telusdoesnotcare

      So you’re saying I should support a Canadian company “just because” it’s Canadian? Even if I feel it’s a shitty company?

      I never liked Blackberry, I never liked their corporate vision or philosophy. The few advantages Blackberry may have had are all gone.

      BB10 is outdated, and the Z10 is outdated. They are company existing past their prime.

      For corporations, Windows Phone 8 makes more sense than BB10. Corporations will have to choose soon too, as Blackberry will soon end support for BB7 BES servers. They won’t continue that support indefinitely. Most companies won’t be willing to buy new BES servers, and will likely go with a bring your own device policy, or simply go with Windows Phone 8.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    good or bad, doesnt matter
    galaxy sheep will buy anything



  • Kelly

    I have the S3 and I have a lot of issues with it ever since the JB update. I was hoping Samsung would go with their Exynos processer on the S IV. If they can use it on the International model, why not the North American model as well? It makes updating the device faster and easier.

  • Thomas

    pls snapdragon 800 🙁

  • Samuel Polakovic

    Samsung will use this just in USA and Canada, as for “dual-core” S3 , in Europe we have S3 with quadcores, And flagship of samsung beats the hell out of any HTC device in Europe and also in Asia. I believe they will you more powerfull iron, else they will dont be able to sell here much of S4’s. And by the way, Tegra use quadcore-A15 chip in project shield 😉 I believe Samsung will never do such a big mistake in marketing, as they always brought most powerfull device.

  • Ja

    Old galaxy owner, got tired of it and battery. Loving my New BlackBerry Z10, all samsung is offering is more the same but more powerful

  • John

    Hey Fartknocker, really? ssheep? You can’t even come up with your own ideas. You just copy other people’s ideas, just like apple. SMH.

  • krstnlndsy

    My buddy in China said that the big rumour over there right now is some sort of 3D keyboard on the S IV. Apparently it’ll make it easier to type. Not sure if there’s very much truth behind this, but it’d be cool nonetheless.