HTC One can now be reserved via Rogers Online Reservation System


  • jack

    I want one! Get it?

  • thorty

    I hope MTS manitoba doesnt wait 6 month like with the GS3

  • Nathen

    This is just plain stupid. Why would anyone be so desperate that they have to reserve a phone that will be available at many other store and location.
    Seriously this is News ?

    • jack

      How about waiting overnight in a lineup?

    • SheepSix

      Yup, don’t bother reserving one. This is not a pre-order system like other carriers and you will likely not get your device until a week or two after release. You can easily walk into a store and get one without standing in line a couple of days after release.

      How do I know? I “reserved” a Z10 through this system only to be told by CSR after CSR that they had no idea why I didn’t have my phone yet. Finally after complaining on Facebook, Rogers damage control specialists told me that I
      “misunderstood” the meaning of reservation.

  • Alex

    I’m reserving One

  • iphoneeeeeeeeee

    HTC makes bricks right?

    • Tomatoes11

      Yes they do actually. They would rather include some gimmicky technology that no one will use rather than streamline the device as much as possible.

      Case in point, this phone. It is the same size as the Droid DNA but with a smaller screen. When they could have easily taken out something I could care less about such as boom sound, beats audio, ultra pixel or whatever, aluminum block in order to make the device smaller than the One X and GS3 like it should have been.

  • lukeiphone

    $40 reservation fee? Oh please! I can just buy it from anywhere when it will be released.

    • Anonymous


    • wotzit2ya

      It’s a deposit not a fee idi0t

    • Monkey Face

      Yes, LEARN TO READ…on the Rogers webpage, it CLEARLY states Reservation Fee +tax. A deposit would never include a tax. BURRRRRRNNNNN!

  • Brandon

    Will Rogers will ever carry the 64GB variant? Why is that one not avail for pre-order? Also no color choices?

    • Monkey Face

      There are no choices at Rogers. You take what they give.

  • Brandon

    Also: if you reserve and the store receives, can you buy it outright from them as long as you’re a customer with a contract?

    • David

      I reserved two Lumia 920s via Rogers online reservation system. When I went to pick them up, the guy didn’t want to sell them to me outright (he said he didn’t want to see it end up on eBay), he wanted to to extended my contract, I said no, I want to buy them outright. So after 30 minutes of calling his “Rogers manager” and searching online, he said they were 600 each and that he didn’t take credit card…debit or cash only,

      It was honestly the most redicoulous thing I’ve ever experienced. If you live in Calgary southwest be prepared to put up a fight.

  • screamer

    What about the pricing? Better not more then 600 $ otherwise leave me alone. People can talk whatever they want but you can easily can sell them after a year. Try that with a hct!

  • screamer

    Should say htc

  • davegravy

    From Rogers:

    “In order to secure a place in our reservation line, a reservation fee of $40.00 plus taxes will be applied to your next Rogers invoice and will be credited back to your account when your device is shipped from our warehouse or when your reservation is cancelled.”

  • Mike

    I want oneeeee…but I got my OneX not that long ago. Can’t justify it 🙁

    • tomatoes11

      Don’t worry, you are never missing much when it comes to HTC. Get a Samsung or now LG and you’ll never go back to HTC.

  • Nathen

    It never stops amazing me how so MANY Mindless people will BUY there phones such as this through Rogers and get stuck with a 3yr plan somewhere along the way.

    Then they will be the 1st to complain they are paying $$$ too much.

    Free your selves, buy a Google NEXUS 4 and feel what it’s like to get Updates and use a TRULY open Standard Phone unlimited in potential.

  • tomatoes 11

    I reserved one just in case it actually sells out or have limited supply like the Lumia 920 so I can sell it on eBay or Craigslist. Anyone interested?

  • JJ

    Rogers is pathetic. They want sales. So as far as I know, they hate selling the phone outright on the release date.
    Been there. They will simply asked you to go to other Rogers to try and that they want to save their inventory for new contracts.

    • davegravy

      Well based on what everyone’s claiming here I’ll be interested to see how they deal with my situation: I just dropped and broke my One X yesterday which I bought on contract less than 4 months ago… I don’t suspect they have the choice of offering me any discount over the outright price.

      I’d like to see them turn me away based on how new my contact is.

  • Theo

    David, most smaller stores won’t sell phones outright with credit card because people with stolen credit cards often go and buy cell phones outright.

    If you are already a Rogers customer, because of their FLEXtab system, it is always cheaper doing an upgrade than buying it outright anyways (even if you cancel your contract after a month, it is still +$50 cheaper than buying outright)!

  • Dony

    Will wait and see March 14th(SGS4), b4 pre ordering anything!

  • locustal

    Physical phones are a laugh. I’m from the future where we all use augmented reality chips placed on our heads that tap into our synapses. They are tiny and wafer thin so you can’t even notice them. I remember whey they first came out… They were huge! But thanks to neurological advancements with micro sos technology they are the size of your pinky nail.

    Enjoy your phones now, they will soon be a thing of the past.. (feels strange saying that as this present is my past)

    • Tomatoes11

      LOL Thanks man. I got a good laugh out your post.

    • locustal

      The ability to tap into the optical nerve and the central cortex of our brains is nothing short of awesome. It works like this:

      Everything you see is sent through your optical nerve where it is rerouted to the chip and processed. That data including original signal from eyes mixed with new electrodes from chip are then send to the brain for final processing (or altered thought process as we call it in the future).

    • locustal

      This allows real time processing of everything we see. It also has a tap into our brain that deals with sounds for instant voice and sound applications.

      You can speak a word in English which is routed through the chip and converted to French for output which your brain directs to your mouth, allowing you to speak any language instantly (provided you buy the language upgrades)

    • locustal

      Phones are Such primitive infancy of technology.

    • locustal

      Real life applications are the ability to analyze faces in real time and know if the person is known to you by facial/voice scans and displayed in your VR hud. You can tag people you know and the next time you see them their information is displayed.

      This eliminates the use of things like facebook and online social sites. In the future it is all about seeing people in real life and not behind a computer/phone screen.

    • locustal

      When you look at someone their current status, past feeds, interests etc are displayed real time through your augmented chip and displayed real time next to the person.

      It’s really cool what abilities will be opened up in the future, and society is better off as social interaction is once again done through meeting people.

  • Theo

    LG always manages to fall short of my expectations (quality or reliability wise), whereas something about HTC phones make me keep coming back (build quality and care to esthetic detail of both hard- and software)

    • Peter

      Have you ever get a chance to use Optimus G? LG has been changed and performance and quality is much better than Samsung.

    • Tomatoes11

      You should really buy a lottery ticket Theo. I went through two One X devices and two 8x devices and they were literally pieces of crap.

      On the other hand, my GS2, GS3, Nexus 4, and Optimus G were flawless. Well, the Nexus 4 has a tiny bit of light bleed in total darkness with the brightness on high but that is nothing compared to the BS from HTC.

      HTC only concentrates on casing materials and their logos. What care are you talking about? Their quality control is about as lazy as you can get. Samsung on the other hand, great quality.

  • Steven

    I’m super stoked for this phone!

  • Roy

    They just posted: “Pre-order your new HTC One today and have it shipped to your door on or after March 22, 2013.” .

    So that is the available Date !

  • Hotdoggable

    Another stupid exercise in paying top dollar for a product that will quickly drop in price as per usual in only a couple of months. Just like every other phone. Who are you fools? Then complaints follow as people wait for updates to be pushed out for their early adoption of said product.