Just as devices become bigger, LG announces the “world’s smallest wireless charger”


Wireless charging has been around for years. Remember the Palm Pre Touchstone? Somewhat ahead of its time. These days manufactures are coming out with several wireless charging options. Nokia has the “charging pad” for Lumia phones, Google is selling the Wireless Charging “Orb” for the LG Nexus 4, and rumours have Samsung coming out with something for the upcoming Galaxy S IV.

LG unveiled another option to wirelessly charge your device. As devices are becoming bigger they’re claiming to have “world’s smallest wireless charger.” The ‘WCP-300’ has a diameter of 6.98cm and it Qi-certified for any device that has charging capabilities. The cost is about $60 (65,000 won) and is heading for South Korea and the United States first, then LG has ambitions to launch this in “more consumer-friendly mobile environment” later in the year. No word yet on Canada.

Source: LG Newsroom
Via: Engadget