Notable carrier handset price changes (both on sale and increases)


  • Magesnz

    As usual rogers bring up the prices because an other proof they don’t care about consumers, only their bottom line…… shameful rogers…. shameful

  • Sean

    Wind lowers prices (and offcontract ones), Mobilicity lowers prices, and Rogers… increases the on contract price. Why am I not surprised…

  • lukeiphone

    Rogers, stop scamming people

  • deltatux

    Typical Big 3 logic: everyone’s lowering their prices, let’s up ours!

  • rice

    Rogers increased prices because there “White Sale” ended.

  • zed

    Ahh, basically best time to get a phone is on Xmas (or perhaps Back to School) from 3rd party retailers like Best Buy, Wireless wave and such. Best carrier plans, best in store credits. Bloody rip-off during the year.

  • Nick

    The Nexus 4 is a better deal than all of these.

    We finally have an option not to get screwed. I have no pity for people who continue to screw themselves over by going through the carriers.

    • Tommy Texter

      I will be in a market for a new phone within this year, or an early 2014. Nexus 5 should be coming around at that time. If the specs are decent, battery life acceptable, and build quality is good, then it will be a no-brained getting a Nexus 5 directly from Google, provided that the price is similar to what Nexus 4 was going for.

      Buy a phone, then shop for a month-to-month plan that offers the best value.


    • Nathen

      Agreed ! All you people buying Phones on 3 yr CONTACTS deserve all the crap that you get.
      Especially if you are with ROGERS!!

      I don’t fell 1 bit of pity for them.
      GO ROGERS GO ! Keep on screwing over the mindless people that live in a vaccum.

      NEXUS 4 ……the best decision you will ever make!

  • Memberbenefits

    Alberta Costco are doing $75 off all new z10 activations on bell FYI

  • Sweet

    I figured the increase in the Z10 price had to do with the high demand and low supply — BB appears to be having a serious problem supplying Z10 phones to resellers.

    • andy

      Also because Blackberry said they will sell for $150.

    • John_hates_blackberry

      Yeah right. And analysts cut sales estimates because of short supply not low demand due to a failure to launch in the US.

    • hoo dat

      Analysts? Let’s call is what it really is, shall we? ONE analyst has reduced HIS forecast for BlackBerry shipments in the current quarter. What are the thousands of other analysts saying? Interesting that one of the biggest BlackBerry shorters and Apple boosters, Misek, said yesterday that sales and deliveries of the Z10 are impressive and are likely to remain that way for the rest of the year. That’s Peter Misek for drying out loud and if you knew a single kernel about anything to do with investing you would know whom I’m referring to and what his stance on BlackBerry has been for years. You’re pulling a BGR and using a single source to extrapolate what’s going on in the rest of the world. Try actually researching, you’d be amazed how much bigger the world is once you look beyond the blinkers.

    • hoo dat

      Further: Along with Jefferies (Misek), Goldman’s & RBC just raised their outlook on BlackBerry. I’ve been looking and I can’t find any other “reputable” house outside of Canaccord that’s shorting BlackBerry.

    • John_hates_blackberry

      Hoo dat, I think that when results come out they will be a lot lower than expected. Canacord is simply the first. Their logic is sound. Their numbers (and presumably everyone else’s) were based on having a timely US launch.

      Time will tell, but I honestly don’t think BB10 will be the magic bullet for blackberry.

      They will never be more than a niche player at best. I was a long time RIM supporter but their products have left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll never give them a penny again. You’ll find a lot of people feel the same way. It’s going to be hard for them to change people’s negative feelings towards the company. Look at the backlash on Facebook to the ad spamming. I’ve never seen such hatred for a company before.

  • lane

    fido and telus are offering 2 yr contract on a most if their high to mid devices, even seen the iphone 4 free on a 2 yr

  • Nothing new

    Par for the course, prices go up and down all the time.

  • T-dot

    Telus recently dropped iPhone 4 (8GB) pricing. No term from $549 down to $399 and $0 on 2 year term with no min. $50 rate plan.

  • Mike

    Koodo Mobile slashed their price for the Samsung Galaxy S2X from $300 to $250. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 X from $200 to $150.
    Iphone 4 8gb from $375 to $300.

    Best Buy And Futureshop has sales on Chatr phones as well. Lg P505 was $160 now $69.99
    LG C195 was $90 now $69.99
    Nokia C2-02 was $85 Now $59.99
    Sony Ericsson Text Pro was $60 Now $49.99
    LG Optimus L3 was $125 now $89.99
    Nokia C3 was $100 Now $59.99

  • Mike

    But the bad news is Chatr won’t do any price matching from Best Buy or Futureshop

  • contractor

    To all these guys that keep preaching about buying an unlocked phone and going month to month: why? The Big 3 only give a 10% discount per month for using your own phone at most, which over 3 years would equal $216 savings if you’re on a $60 plan. If I signed a contract I’d be getting a $500 discount or more on a high end phone. Even if I wanted to carrier-hop, the new cancellation policies mean that even if I stay on a 3-year contract for just one month then cancel, I’d pay a $486 cancellation fee for that $500 phone. Why the heck would’t I let the carrier subsidize my phone as long as possible?

  • Cam C

    People weren’t singing praises when rogers launched the BB 10 at a cheaper rate than the other main competitors forcing them to follow (139.99 vs 149.99). “ohhh 10$ – big whoop!” “oh only 10.00? They should reduce it more!” ” just 10.00 cheaper? how pathetic!”

    Now it goes back to original launch price point within a month-ish of release and its the worst thing ever! ” OMG!!! It went back up by a gigantic 10.00!? What a rip off!” “Holy smokes! 10.00 price increase!? What the hell?” “Rogers put the price back to where it was going to be normally at launch within a few weeks? What scammers! What evil corporate pigs! 10.00 is absolutely insaaaane!!”

    Hehe….if you’re going to be a whiner at least go both ways. If it wasn’t a big deal when the price was lowered for the consumer – it shouldn’t be a big deal when it goes back to normal subsidized pricing. *shrug*

  • T1MB0T

    So the wind phones have no warranty… so whats that worth jabronis?

    • 0defaced

      All phones sold at Wind have a 1 year warranty.

      Your confusing this with the condom your dad bought.

  • Potato

    Lumia 920 is actually $99.99 now on Rogers. Not $49.99

  • Hey nathen

    I love responding to Nathen’s often STUPID comments. FYI I can get LTE coverage better than your welfare carriers offer on month-to-month, and I only pay $55/month on a grandfathered 6GB plan with ALL voice/SMS optional extras included. Beat that (without lying). No carriers offer you a discount when you DON’T buy on contract either. So you pay full month prices AND no phone discount. Yeah you’re a genius!