HTC rumoured to replace mega- with ultrapixels as it plans a “new sound and camera experience in 2013”


  • tomatoes 11

    Is this the HTC Fail 2013?

    • Cody

      IF, and that’s a big IF, HTC actually does what they are saying and provides the same version of the M7 on ALL major US carriers then and only then will HTC become a serious contender. They don’t need to improve on hardware or software they just have to supply.

  • Comment Master

    HTC is the BEST …PREMIUM quality ANDROID only from HTC

    • LW81

      Not sure if you’re being sarcastic but I’ve always liked HTC. They have good products and they’re not in your face like Samsung. I wish they kept making the Nexus line.

  • Andrew

    I like turtles.

  • Henaway

    Ultrapixels is pure adspeak. But the idea behind it is good. I’d rather have a stunning 5 megapixel image than a meh 13 megapixel image. And low light performance is horribly overlooked on smartphones. It was overlooked for years in dSLRs too, but Canon/Nikon eventually upped the game. Hope the phone makers do too. Maybe I’ll have ultrapixels on my next phone. But that won’t be for a while because my N4 should be in my hands before the week is out. Muahahahaha!

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    Even though HTC M7 is going to sweep it all, Samsung will have more units sold because of they’re marketing and ignorant customers. Just like how everyone was with Apple and still some left. HTC is the real deal!

    • Haythem

      Samsung will sell more because of their Marketing? Yes. Because of their ignorant customers? Hardly.

      HTC’s only advantage over Samsung is build quality…and that is where it ends. The One X, their flagship, was released with a very limited amount of storage (16 GB), a small battery (1800mAh) and HTC Sense that crippled the android experience (multi tasking).

      Samsung on the other hand gave the option of expanding your storage capacity if 16GB is not enough (for many power users, it’s not). They also made sure to give you a larger battery than most of their competitors.

      HTC did fix these Issues with the One X+ but by then it was too little too late. It’s too bad because I would have probably bought that phone over the S3 if it was released instead of the One X.

    • tomatoes11


      HTC doesn’t even have build quality in their favor. I had to return and sell the the one x twice and I had to exchange my HTC 8x. Never again HTF. Worst build quality and quality control ever.

    • Haythem

      @ Tomatoes11

      What happened to your HTC devices?

    • tomatoes11

      Both One X had loose digitizers that flexed, finishing marks near the micro USB port, the silver circle back cover covering the camera protruded away from the white unibody(I know the camera isn’t flush but the silver circle should be flush with the white backing at least). Both also had a yellow tint near the edges of the screen.

      One of them wouldn’t recognize being plugged into the wall socket all the time and the other wouldn’t receive text messages or whatsapp messages in the notification center.

      One 8x had a dead pixel or dust and my current one has a loose and rattling volume rocker.

      Compared to the perfect GS2 and perfect GS3 I had. People have the build quality thing backwards. Samsung phones are built much, much, much better.

    • Haythem

      Oh wow! Good thing I didn’t buy the HTC then lol

  • wFlan

    I would love to see some innovative sensor like Fuji’s X-trans or EXR, Nokia’s 808, or even Sigma’s Foveon (poor noise performance and therefore not good for mobile, but an example of innovation). Think outside the Bayer array!

    I’m a big fan of HTC’s. I think they’re probably the most innovative phone company behind Apple, I love their software now that they have the reigns on Sense, and their phones are TOUGH. I hope them all the best, and will likely be buying the M7.

  • wewewi

    I dont want to hear about cellphone cameras unless it can do Photospheres!

  • Blue1k

    Apparently HTC doesn’t understand how sampling an 8mp image from a 38mp full sensor will minimize noise as seen in the 808. HTC is full of crap.
    I’ve owned almost a 100 different phones over the years and the 808 blows away any other mobile sensor. Instead of bashing a competitor why not come up with a large improved sensor and quality lens rather than focussing on making a razor thin phone.

  • tomatoes11

    HTF M7

    High Tech Failing M7

  • Airbus

    The “beats” logo at the back make HTC’s phones looks cheap.
    I would buy the M7 if they remove the stupid “beats” logo

    • Hamid

      it doesn’t make it look cheap, it just makes the owner look like a douche ’cause beats are for douches

  • yeswecan

    Rumour has it that I’m going to drop a deuce inside HTC headquarters the next time HTC says or does something stupid like making fun of the Nokia 808 camera.

  • stylinred

    Nokias 808 is NOT Interpolation… i would have assumed after all this time that those misconceptions had been erased.. I guess not.

    As for HTC.. if you look at their “Infographic” it’s horribly misrepresenting reality and glosses over so much… only to try and portray themselves as relevant in the camera phone world when they’ve never even been a contender..

    It’s highly juvenile, embarrassing and most of all pathetic…

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    The S3 was better than the One X because Samsung held back their product so that they could see how HTC did their work on the One X and simply improved on it. The S3 wasn’t able to take Videopics but since they held back, they added that feature. So just think how crap it could’ve been if Samsung released the S3 before the One X.

    • Haythem

      Are you serious? It takes about 2 years to engineer a Smartphone. By the time HTC released the One X, Samsung was either finishing with tooling their factory or they were stocking up supplies for the big launch.

  • Tom

    I had a desire HD, it was terrible in that the GPS worked like garbage due to poor build quality of the connectors between the phone and the antenna which was on the plastic back cover. Beats is a gimmick and is retarded that they use that for marketing. I really like that they are going to make a good camera but no one will care because if you want a good camera you aren’t using a phone with a lens the size of an eraser

  • Dalex

    My One X’s screen just decided to stop working on its own without any drop, spill, or any physical damage whatsoever. Don’t give me any bs about HTC build quality. HTC doesn’t listen to their customers and builds shitty phones with shitty batteries and shitty bloated software.

  • Steve

    While I love my HOX, I will be hesitant to upgrade to the M7 unless they address the battery and space issue. I didn’t care about having expandable memory until I started using it… the HOX+ seemed to address the problems, but a bigger battery didn’t seem to extend the life according to reviews. Will patiently wait for reviews before I look to upgrade. BTW, still love my phone, especially the screen.

  • Mefirst

    HTC needs to hit a home run. Samsung has stuck it to them hard!! I would like to see HTC and LG pick it up!

  • Koala MeatPie

    So I clicked thinking this had to do with Kim Dotcom.