Samsung Galaxy Note II update to OS 4.1.2 now available, brings Multi Window support


  • ASH

    What about the early adopters of the Note concept? Any chance of an update this winter???

  • lefe0102

    Hahahaha I just tweeted you to let you know… two minutes later…this link pops up in my twitter feed.

  • someguy

    Late but still good.
    Thanks Samsung

  • bigshadyray

    NO UPDATE!!!! Get on this WIND!

    • nexus lover

      the mistake you made was buying a phone from wind. I’ve learned quite a hard lesson from my optimus 2x experience. never will i fall victim to that again. Wind does not update phones.

  • Bell Note 1

    Got this update this morning and it is sweet. Finally can run youtube while doing other stuff without pausing

  • Android_geek

    Just got mine from Rogers on West coast about 3am here finally been waiting for it…. Love it now… Galaxy note ii

  • bigshadyray

    No my biggest mistake was getting the note 2 instead of sticking with a pure Android device.

  • Bear

    I love the Multi Window, wish more apps are supported.

    • meh

      If you root it, you can get multiwindow to support basically any app.

      But then if you root it, why did you even wait for this? haha

      I got the update this morning when I woke up and turn on my phone. Multiwindow is nice but I keep pressing that by accident (it’s right beside the “a” on the keyboard) but at least now I can hand-write Chinese without installing some other keyboard.

  • teflon

    Got it! Sask-tel.

  • bblol

    Excellent… Now will all the cry-babies stop with their crying?

  • StEC

    Maybe now they will finally release jelly bean for Galaxy S2 since it seems to be their last promised phone to update! Getting very impatient with Samsung.

    • Android1

      Relax man, that phone is like 2 years old, at least Samsung is still supporting it!

  • G Singh

    I’m on Fido with an unlocked Rogers Note 2 and I got the update as well.

  • 6mon

    Did anybody got the update while being rooted?
    It’s not picking it up on my [Telus] device 🙁

    • bblol

      I updated while rooted, it’s not an issue. If you have a custom recovery installed though it won’t work.

  • Wannabefisherman

    Got it this morning around 730 am. Telus.

  • TechGuru

    Got it around 6:30am as soon as I booted up my device….!! very happy. Hopefully it won’t take as long to update again to 4.2 JB once Google finishes rolling that update out to their Nexus line up!!!

    • nexus lover

      4.2? that’s it my friend. 4.1.2 is the last update the note 2 will ever see. unless you in install custom Rom super nexus. the new galaxy s4 will have 4.1 Samsung will no longer update there old phones. they have fulfilled there responsibilities

  • me

    Does anyone have a full list of changes? Aside from Multi-Window, Chinese support, Notification bar customization… what else?

    • tye

      Just going over my note 2 now, it seems like the camera picture quality and video quality has improved. You allso have the option of taking pics and videos or zooming in and out with the volume button.

  • LJK

    Saw the update as I turned off my alarm lol Multi Window is pretty kick a*s.

  • J

    Got the update at 6:30, installed at 7:30, oooo shiny 🙂 TELUS

  • Roger

    Got it! C’est merveilleux!
    Bell Québec

  • John Lay

    Anyone know if it breaks the ‘undocumented’ phone SIM unlock ‘hack’ after this upgrade?

  • elyas

    I have a note 2 with rogers and it sais access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in wich they request it. Try later

  • Chris S

    Is this coming to the S3 too?

    • bellrep

      Sorry Chris, this is an update and feature only for the Note , the s3 did not come with this feature.

    • Nitin Gaba

      @Chris S yes the Galaxy S3 will be getting this update probably in a month or so. The update is already out for the international S3 and it came out around the time we got our 4.1.1 update and judging by how long it took us to get the 4.1.1 update after everyone else I’m guessing late feb/early march unless they decide to skip the update and go straight to 4.2 then we might see a little longer delay.

    • screamer

      Nobody know when the galaxy s3 will get it

    • patrick

      not sure what that d*****s bell rep is saying but obvisously his knowledge reflectts the general knowledge of his company. The S3 will have all these features, we just have to wait a lil bit more but it will get it

  • BD

    Just received it at 6am this morning in Winnipeg. I love the multi-window, so much easier to multi-task, plus I’ve noticed the keyboard is so much smoother when typing.

  • Dominique

    Any news from Videotron about the update?

  • Nat

    Just got the update this morning from Bell. So far my phone seems faster and the multi window is cool

  • gn2man

    Anyone with wind get it yet?

    • bigshadyray

      ^ no

  • Peko

    How is everyone’s battery performance with this new update? I’ve been reading instances from users in other countries that after receiving the 4.1.2 update their battery performance went down considerably.

  • chris

    Just got my notification to download the update with sasktel

  • iWonder

    Carrier updates: iLaugh.

    • m00rb

      And when is the current version of Android is coming out for essentially the highest end phone on the market?

  • Android_geek

    Key changes to Galaxy note ii

    Multi window
    Camera has new feature with volume rocker in assist to capture pic
    Os seems a lot smooth and fast
    Battery unchanged
    Gallery section has new icons on top corners of picture folder indicating whether it’s on sd card or internal folder
    Able to disable the auto brightness on notification bar
    Notification bar is customised
    Lock screen ink effect has more color
    S pen seems more responsive

    So far that s what I have noticed

    • peko

      How can you say there’s no battery hit? There’s certainly a significant drop in battery performance.

  • Steel Curtain

    I’ve been using it all morning.

    Pop Up Video seems pointless now, there’s no need for it.


    i love it!

  • symbianoldskool

    Battery a lot worse for me now. How do I go back to 4.1.1?

  • tweak

    If you long press on the multi window tab when it is closed you can move it around and get it away from your keyboard if its bothering you. At least on my custom rom you can not sure about stock update but I assume so..

  • emc

    You can long press on the back button to hide or show the multi window tab.

  • DaveR

    My 4.1.2 update came thru overnight from Telus,happier GN2 user now!

  • bigshadyray

    How will we know if WInd will push out the Update?

  • Superfly

    I got this update…… funny thing is my phone is now unlocked or at least my koodo amd telus sims both work in the phone now. Before koodo sim would say unlocked code… it just works. Awesome.

  • Rjc

    Update from Wind Mobile is now available.

    • bigshadyray


  • Claude Boudreau

    What about the original Note 1
    Update too or not ?

  • royf29

    When is this coming to the GS3…..

  • C!!!

    When I navigate to the settings menu to update it says my device has been modified. It has not been rooted or anything as I got it directly from the store. Any ideas for help?


  • bigshadyray

    What Wind users could do is….borrow a Robbers sim card..put it in ur Wind phone..(u have to unlock ur Wind phone first) and update since the WInd version works on Robbers LTE.

  • darkestday

    Anyone having issues with haptic feedback?

    I turned it off but it’s still on when using the keyboard.

  • darkestday

    nvm user error.

    I love this update, finally I can enjoy multiwindow.

  • jason

    Ive noticed the 4g symbol has changed the H+ on Telus

  • drone

    Jedi XP9 is an AMAZING ROM. I’m getting 1.5 days of battery life on regular usage easily.

    Got tired of waiting for this official update. I can multiview any application I want which is a great addition.

    • Linker

      The same question as gn2man’s below: did you flash the Jedi rom on a T889V? if so, did you take any procedure to prevent bricking the phone? Thanks!

  • gn2man

    hey drone how did you root your phone and flash the Jedi.
    Since we have the Canadian t9889V version lot of people bricked their phones. Do you have instructions how to do it for us with our canadian version? Thanks!

  • peko

    There’s definitely a noticeable hit on battery performance with this 4.1.2 update. Even with the Multi-Window feature turned off.

    Samsung, please release the BMA 5 or 6 fix, which would fix this!!

  • shane

    Got it this morning sometime around 2:30am pst

  • Sam

    Phone is fantastic, BUT what a complete yawn of an update.

  • gn2man

    Ok so thank god I am not the only one. Has anyone with T889V canadian version rooted this phone sucesfuly without bricking it and how. Please share! Thank you.

  • Danno

    Since the update this morning, I have been trying to push the battery; I have run multi-window simultaneously with both pop-up browser and pop-up video, just to monitor the battery level. Also running all the usual: WiFi, GPS, push notifications, etc.

    Been going for 16 hrs, still have 49%. Business as usual.

    Good update.

    • Peko

      Can you confirm the Build Number in your Settings > About Device? I want to see if all carriers got the exact same update. I’m with Rogers, btw.

    • Danno

      Sure. Build # is JZO54K.I317MVLBMA3.

      Hope this helps.

    • Danno

      …also, I’m with Bell. You guys should have the same results, though. Have you been having issues?

  • Dan John

    I don’t get it… I’ve had multiwindow support since I bought my Note 2 and I’ve still only got 4.1.1

    Does 4.1.2 allow you to use more apps in multi-window or something?