HTC 8S coming to Bell February 1st


  • Joe Public

    hopefully it comes in more colours as Virgin only has the blue

  • COBwiggy

    Bell’s THIRD WP8 device ** They have the Samsung Ativ S

  • The 8S looks a lot better than the 8X in my opinion. Love the colour combinations. Too bad it’s specced lower.

  • skazzberry

    Slow news day HUZZAHHHH

  • Joe public

    What a bunch of crap releasing a phone with 2009 specs, this phone better be sold for free…..

    • Brad F(anboy)

      It’s pretty much a dual-core One V running WP8.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Has’nt turned out the way Microsoft wanted it too , windows8 has been a bust so far

  • Keith

    What is wrong with Bell that don’t carry any Lumias–especially the 920.

  • WinCell

    i use it on bell already (bought at Virgin) and i must admit WP8 is good, but this device is not. Reception and bandwidth are poor.

    • Mark

      Anybody who follow the tech industry knows that HTC has weaker antennas then say Nokia, Motorola or Blackberry. HTC strength is design but they always have smaller battery and weaker antennas than some of their competitors

    • Keith

      In additon to the worst reception and batteries, they have the worst displays as well. I really like their notification lights though.

  • vn33

    “Superphone” ?
    I guess that word is being used loosely these days !

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      The word “affordable” neutralizes it.

  • Miknitro

    what WP isn’t budget?

  • StanLee

    You’d be a fool to get the 8S on Bell. Bell Canada does not support the hardware they sell. If you ever have any problems with your phone … they will leave you out in the cold. Example: Not that I’m a big Rogers fan, but they have already pumped out 2 OTA updates for the 8x to fix bugs and provide general updates – nothing for Bell customers. When I call them, they actually deny even carrying the phone. When I point it out to them, the response is …uh, I dunno. You’ve been warned. If you’re a phone aficionado or have any issues, you will sooo be disappointed.

  • imrightyourewrong

    Screw Bell and their HTCrap love affair!!!!

    Bell refuses to carry Nokia handsets … guess what Bell, I REFUSE to EVER sign up with you guys, unless you start to offer a nice selection of Nokia phones.

  • Blackkey

    Dont get a windows phone on bell. I have the 8X with them, and while it’s amazing I haven’t receive a single update from them even though Rogers customers with the same device have. I’ll probably be switching carriers as soon as I can to someone who has better support for WP8.

  • babablacksheep

    Yes Bell support for Windows Phone is terrible. They are anti Windows Phone and anti Nokia as well.

    Rogers surprisingly has very good Windows Phone 8 support. Rogers was one of the first carriers in the world to get the Portico WP8 update, along with AT&T. That’s MUCH faster than any other OS updates for Rogers, with the exception of maybe Blackberry. Rogers was always bad with Symbian updates, and Rogers is bad with Android updates. Android in general is a big mess for updates.

    If you can get a good retention plan with Rogers, then they are currently the best Canadian carrier in terms of Windows Phone support.

  • Damreal

    Whats said is this device has been with Virgin ( The Source ) since mid Nov !!! And last I checked Bell now owns Virgn in Canada. So having this sorry excuse for a mid level phone come to Bell when it’s barley selling for Virgin and they are practically giving it away 199.99 at least during the Holidays it was marked down! Why is Bell even bringing this to their side of the mobile wall ?? It doesn’t even make financial sense !