Samsung made $6.6 billion profit in Q4, sold 63.7 million smartphones


  • Kid.Canada

    What’s Apple? Are they still relevant?!

    • Edmuntun Alburta

      Edmuntun rules you all!
      Go Edmuntun and go tar sands!

    • Mexico Ron

      Loyal is right. I will always buy Samsung. I have always bought Samsung. Even when no one else I knew bought Samsung, I bought Samsung. So happy for Samsung right now. I knew if I kept the faith and spread the word, they would rule.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Kid.Canada Of course they are. Where else is Samsung supposed to get its ideas from? /troll

      Yes. Right now Apple is Samsung’s main competition, and competition is good in the market.

    • Huawei4Real

      Just wait until Huawei really makes their play. They are going to out-Samsung Samsung. And Samsung is so busy basking in their new found glory and trying to become Apple that they won’t even see it coming.

      Remember when everyone knew Samsung meant garbage? It’s amazing how quickly they have changed that perception. I guess if Kia and Hyundai did it, so can Samsung. And so can Huawei 😉

    • Rio

      umm Apple made 13.1 Billion profit, double that of samsung. And 56% of that from iPhones, approximately 7Billion profit from 3 iPhone models.

    • Daniel Bryan

      The Company posted record quarterly revenue of $54.5 billion and record quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion.

      Makes Samsung look tiny by comparison. I guess thats difficult for your puny, fandroid mind to (get ready big word coming up) comprehend.

  • theone

    My god those are some monster numbers good for you Samsung good.for you….

  • WP74Life


  • Steel Curtain

    Not taking anything away from Samsung but I heard Apple sold 49 Million iPhone 5 alone.

    I have two Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s so back off! LOL

    • Wes

      Minor correction, it’s 47.8 million iphones, and not 47.8 million iphone 5. It’s all inclusive, meaning it accounts for iphone 4, iphone 4s and iphone 5.

      If you check the Apple stock, it has dropped a lot in the last 2 days, something like 12-14%, and one of the reasons for it is the disappointing sales of the iphone 5.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Don’t forget iPhones have Apple tax. Even though Apple sold less phones, they made more money.

    • Toto

      Whatever number Apple tells you, divide it by 2. They count replacement phones (to the same owner) as well.

  • oldschool

    I’ve only owned one Samsung phone, the GS3, and it’ll be my last, next one will be either Nokia Lumia or BB10.

    Nothing wrong with it really, it’s just too big operate with 1 hand comfortable, and I’m not a huge fan of Android or waiting around forever for software updates that may never arrive.

    To each their own

    • Nexus

      Thats why you buy Nexus devices you FOOL!!

    • Nathen

      LMAO your so silly but I HAVE to reply to your statement because you Assume that NOKIA and BB are going to give you timely UPDATES ? REALLY ?
      Do you have any idea how you get your UPDATES ? Let me refresh your memory. Incase you dont know it yet YOUR Carrier will push out the updates ( that is IF the OS is already been upadted by Win8 or BB) so Good luck with that.

      Nexus is simply RIGHT 100% You want a phone that is not outdated year later in the MOBILE industry ?
      BY A NEXUS phone.

    • S2556

      Samsung and gs3 are one of the Better phones for updates. Also gs3 is an awesome phone fur the development and root community. Which Is why I’m running an extremely stable AOKP 4.2
      After having this phone I doubt I will ever leave Android. No other OS is nearly as robust or powerful. ( for the time being anyway)

    • Stupid

      Both of you Nexus update people are retarded.
      Do you not remember the update history of the Nexus phones over the last few years?
      Samsung has a better track record for prompt updates for their flagships on average.
      Windows phone is not even worth the time it takes to type it so I won’t go there.

  • nely aka Galaxy Note II Owner

    So what are they going to do with all this money?

    • Toto

      Annihilate Apple

    • Heko

      Judging from the past they will pay off Korean politicians. I remember reading an article about samsung and it used to be that 20% of their profit went to fuel corruption in korea.

      Not sure if I wanna pay apple tax or fuel corruption… the world nowadays…

  • Mark

    Samsung makes so much profit because they sell cheap plastic devices that don’t cost them a lot of money to build. Software may be good but build quality is not high-end like iPhone 5 or Lumia 920

    • imrightyourewrong

      Exactly! Cheap products for Fandroid sheep to buy.

      Cheap for sheep I bet is Samsung’s motto inside their offices.

      Also Samsung’s crazy corruption and collusion with politicians is ridiculous.

      South Korea has built up SO MUCH bad karma over the last 20 years, trying so hard to strong-arm and bully their way into all kinds of world markets and industries. Karma will soon be catching up to them. The won continues to strengthen in value, and that will seriously hurt all Korean companies.

      Also the competition in all industries Korea competes in is not happy about these strong-arm tactics, and they are fighting back hard.

    • babablacksheep

      Preach on imright! These sheep are downvoting your comment?

      Hahahaha baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • nexus 4 life

    why do you fools care why be happy for them you are benefiting in no way financially from this. this will only strengthened there military strike against the US. Gods land.

  • zzZZzz

    @nexus4life, are you for real? Can’t tell if that illiterate, racist, ignorant sentence is simple trolling or pure stupidity.

  • BG458

    And yet they can not get 4.1.2 to our Note 2 🙁

    • Nope

      @BG458: that isn’t Samsung’s fault, it’s the carriers. They won’t let an update launch if they can’t put their bloatware on it.

    • Rio

      It is just as much Samsung’s Fault as it is the Carriers. Why do you think Samsung lets the carriers add bloatware? So they can make more money.

      You dont see Apple going that route?

  • Rich

    I’ll never understand the fanboys for ANY company.

  • Sweet

    Given that Samsung is in more businesses than Apple, they should have bigger numbers than Apple, but they don’t. Samsung earned $6.6B profit on $52.4B of revenue (12.6%). Apple earned $13.1B profit on $54.5B revenue (24.0%).

    So when you look at it that way, Samsung’s numbers are big, but not as impressive as Apple’s.

  • Nathen

    My Nexus S is running Jelly Bean.
    My Galaxy Nexus running JB.
    My Nexus 4 running JB.
    Penta Band Phones All of them, work on every carrier. Never feel enslaved by a carrier. Not Happy ? Move to another! No problems.
    Don’t like the Carrier Bloat Ware or UI ? No Problem, these phone don’t have ANY !
    There is REASON the Carriers don’t WANT or Like Nexus Phones.
    Don’t be a TOOL , FREE YOUR MIND.
    Buy a NEXUS !

  • screamer

    What I don’t like on the nexus 4 is there is no micro sd card slot and 16 is not so much. Some games and movies and that’s it. Well apple makes more money because they own the us market and that is huge. But the will come to a point where they sold all the phones and people will change not buy every year a new one.

  • Richard

    24% for margin for a company apples size is imposible to keep up over time. Even if they hit 15% eventually they’ll do good.