Virgin to launch their Trade-In Program January 29th


  • Dave

    Your better off selling your phone on kijiji or eBay

    • Dan

      Agreed. I imagine the prices will be the same as Bell’s,(being their parent company and all) which are way below market.

  • big t i t s n hoo ker lips

    Anyone who uses this service should give up on life.

  • Rio

    First of, this was originally at the Source and when Bell bought them they simply launched it on their platform as well. Secondly the Awesome thing about this is…

    When you sign up for a new contract, you can give in any phone (Even it be a flip phone from the 90s) as long as it turns on they will give you a 50$(used to be 75) credit towards your phone either way. Or if you go and sign up at the source you get in store credit

  • Dan S

    I might switch to Virgin Mobile since Fido will not be carrying BlackBerry 10 phone at launch.

  • DS

    Best Buy was willing to give me $54 for my galaxy ace (besy buy gift card) which is more than koodo would give

  • Shaggyskunk

    No such thing as a used virgin 😀