Bell launches new Trade-in program


  • Dalex

    Up to 210$ for the 64GB Iphone 4s? Ouch?……. I don’t like Iphones, but man if you bring one in to trade for just up to 210$ you are insane….


      But the 4S is worthless now that the iPhone 5 has been announced.

    • jon

      Sold my iPhone 4 16GB for $300 two weeks ago on Craigslist.

      This Trade-In program is a borderline scam…

    • BabySG3

      The business model goes something like this:
      People get an iphone or similar high end for T H R E E yrs on $50 per month. You paid around $150 for the phone.

      12-18 months later(average phone life/ time amount people keep their phones for) you want to keep the phone; you pay $ 150 -$200 for the Early Upgrade Fee EUF), and then they give you from $90-$150 ( So that you get another phone, “for Free”)
      It’s about perceptions: They will tell you you got the phone for Free; but that is after you paid the (EUF)

      Bottomline: Just go to, Vrgin, Koodo; get a phone outright and Shop PLANS, not phones!!

      It’s up to them to get as many people in three yr plans!

      Has anybody noticed Telus, has only Outright and 3yr plans on their website!!

    • BabySG3

      Another issue for the competition Bureau:
      Both Telus and BELL (Coincidence??)
      Removed the 1 and 2 yr contracts and only have “No Contract” and “3yr contract”

      Are we supposed to assume that its $50, less than the outright price on a one yr contract, $100 less on a 2yr and and $731 (Telus’s “Savings” for the Note 1 on 3yr contract??)
      -How is this legal??

      How is this not ILLEGAL!!

  • relevant84

    Sounds like Fido Trade. Wonder if the phone valuing is as disappointing, as well?

  • cybik

    Okay, SO, Bell is offering up to 91$ for a Galaxy Nexus but 155$ for a Galaxy S2 i9100m Exynos variant.

    I fail to see how this can be considered fair, seeing as the Galaxy Nexus is higher-spec’d and has moar things in it than the SGS2/exynos.

    What a bunch of senseless i****s.

    • Dalex

      I don’t think the Galaxy Nexus is better specced… SoC easily goes to the Exynos, both in CPU and GPU. Camera is much, much better on the S2. WVGA Super Amoled *PLUS* display vs pentile 720 p display… it’s a wash…

      Software is better on the Nexus out of the box, but the amount of Jellybean Roms for the GS2 is pretty huge so if you know what you are doing that advantage is also nullified.

      I can see them being equal, but the nexus is definately not better.

  • MIke

    Better off on Ebay…

  • MonsterCable

    $210 for an iPhone 4S 64GB? What a bunch of BS.

    You’re better off selling on eBay or Kijiji

  • Zoomus

    Typical Canadian ripoff companies. Well at least anyone who wants an old icrap can use this as a bargaining chip ,Bell says its only worth this much so I give you $10 bucks more ?

  • ih8reno

    Looks like Bell is branching out finding more ways to screw their customers

  • EmperumanV

    Better off selling privately!

  • R.Dot

    We all know you can get more value selling it privately. The purpose of this service from Bell is for stupid, lazy people who don’t want to go through the “trouble” of selling a device online or Craigslist etc.

  • RyanOver

    THIS PROGRAM IS BULLSHT.. my HTC Incredible S is 50$ but the SonyEricsson Xperia Arc is 100$ (exacly the SAME DAMN SPECS) DAFUQ !!!.. and a Desire HD and Desire S worth more than a HTC Incredible S (How come !!!)

  • Jeremy Donnelly

    do you only take trades if your phone is unlocked because my phone is a little over a year on a three year plan?

  • Omega

    If it’s Bell, don’t trust it. Plain and simple.

  • Josh L

    Kijiji or Craigslist is where it’s at! Bell probably sell the phones as “refurbished” and then make a couple hundred dollars of profit. Who knows…

  • Shenzen

    bring it to me and i will give u $240.

  • MattyMattMatt

    The Source has better trade in values and gives you an additional 75 on new activations!

  • Jerr

    WOW $75 for a blackberry bold 9900..ridiculous

    • daveloft

      Yeah, it’s worth way less than that!

  • OgtheDim

    Would be nice to have something like a book value they have in cars.

    • 45

      I’m surprised there isn’t; that’s a pretty good idea.

  • Brad F

    Looks like they’re taking a leaf out of GameStop/EB’s book:

    Offer a pitifully small amount of money for a high-value item, resell it at twice the price or higher.

  • dubs

    This is a great option for people that don’t know how to use kijiji or ebay…

  • Chuku

    How much for a palm pre??


  • TKG26

    if buying a phone outright ment i got a better plan from telus then i would buy a phone. but my 50$ plan is the same as the guy who paid full pop for his phone and i got mine for free… there needs to be incentive to buy a phone outright…. i cannot think of a reason not to get a subsidized phone

  • boojay

    Trade in your garbage for a NEWER piece of garbage! 😀

  • freestaterocker

    Even if they were offering fair trade value, they aren’t planning to carry my next device, the Lumia 920. Besides which, my HD7 went EOL about 2 months after I bought it, so I wouldn’t get anything anyways.

  • Matthew

    right so in other words strongarming me in to a sale. If I leave the store, I am out. Not much of an incentive. No worries though, waiting for lumia 920.