Sony rumoured to launch the Xperia Z on January 15th


  • iphoneee

    No Apple maps – No Thank you Sony!

  • screamer

    I think when the price is right worse trying it. But still need to be more PlayStation games on it.

  • Gsizzle

    I think it’s time all Android Devices need to ditch Capacitive for on screen buttons.

  • Dan

    I’ll wait for the phone with Z and a numbers next to it… BlackBerry Z10!


      See Rim, this is how it is done…announce and release a week later…not 2 years+ later

  • Ps4rh

    These must be hard for Sony. They have the Vita on one hand, and Android phones like these which are the Vita’s natural competition, only they don’t allow Sony to make up the margins on software, memory sticks and licensing.

  • WP74Life

    Another day, another shitty android device.

    • ThePeddle

      Another Day, Another ignorant 10 year old comment..I guess nothing better to do on xmas vacation than to spew moronic comments…go play on your soon to be non-existent rt tablet and leave the comments to the adults.

    • Dan

      Looks like u have already an unreleased phone. Wow.

  • Netguru

    “Sony will be announce this at CES”
    “Hopefully us Canadians will get first grabs at it.”
    Hopefully your New Year’s resolution is to learn to write correctly.

    • caribouroader

      …and a condescending Netguru shouldn’t be so patronizing

    • Netguru

      Condescending – hardly. Their poor grammatical skills have been brought to MobileSrup’s attention numerous times in the past.

  • tony

    Wow the grammar police…. You must want as cookie huh…gtfo.. but yea Sony it’s all about your price point

    • Netguru

      As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

  • The real 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • 2c.

      Did I mention I like to use my Android phone to wank-off.

  • gurnblansten

    Hopefully it lives up to specs. Sony has provided nothing but epic failures with Android phones. Ion was horrbile, T not much better and them trying to beat S3 alone will be a feat – Sony always finds a way to messup a phone. Under performance with battery, not enough RAM, inability to swap battery or fuzzy, poor camera images to name a few. They look good but always seem to disappoint – equally take glee in blaming customers for their products bad engineering. Sold Ion as abject failure getting more than a few hours battery life (3-4 hours), with them saying disable all the features and get more life (2 new units so was not isolated). Horrbily slow update cycles 3-4 months AFTER Samsung or HTC and Google releases. I managed to offload Ion and bought S3 and have not looked back. Hoping they deliver because I have always liked the look/feel and simplicity of their products but performance should be equal. Here’s hoping – hesitant as Samsung S4 and Google/Motorola products tout identifiable features like Gorilla Glass, possible flexible displays will make a rigid brick from Sony moot yet again no matter how “early” they release.

  • Ali

    Using Xperia S right now pretty decent mid range phone big fan of Sony Phones and it’s good to see they are catching up the specs of this phone looks very decent so far. If they come with 2100 mAh battery and at least 1.7 GHz of processor this might be my next Phone.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Great, that is the last thing we need. Another giant a$$ phone

    Sony, why don’t you make a 24″ phone? it can also double as a computer monitor