Rumour: Sony’s upcoming 5-inch 1080p monster to be called Xperia Z


  • Dony

    Will wait and see for the SGS4 first!

  • M

    What is this new trend of 5 inch phones? The upcoming flagship phone from HTC is going to be a 5 inch as well. 4.3 hits the sweet spot for me.

    • js

      i’d do 5″ but i think they should have a 4″-ish model as well. 4.5″+ can be annoying if you don’t care for the big screen. i’m on xperia arc right now which is 4.2 or 4.3 and it feels right but i’d sacrifice it for bigger screen given my needs.

    • some guy

      And a 5″ screen hits the sweet spot for me.
      Everyone is different. It just so happens that gone are the days of tiny phones that I had to try and use. Now I can finally use my phone and not be mashing 4 buttons at a time! 😀

  • Eduardo

    Looking forward for the new generation of phones in 2013!!
    But, is the difference between a 720p & 1080p screen noticeable on a phone?
    Honest question.

  • Lukeiphone

    For some reason I am never really a fan of Sony when it comes to phones, no matter how great the specs are.

    • TP

      There has never been a time when a Sony phone’s specs were great for the last 5+ years.

  • Gman

    This is the yuga, which is for international market, if we do get it, it will be the Odin, which is meant for the NA market. Rumor says differences are yuga is bigger but water and dust resistance, Odin in about the same size as the S3 (very very small bezel) but also has built in IR can be used as universal remote.

  • bababooey

    should be called the sony crapola, BB10 is gonna CRUSH EVERYONE hahahahahaha

    • some guy

      you forgot to add “assuming they haven’t completely ruined their reputation.”

  • Cody

    4.7″ is my sweet spot, though I have yet to see a 5″, I think keeping bezel to a minimum 5″ will be great.

  • Down Like Pacquiao

    Make it a Nexus

  • Hannah B

    “Sony will title the 5-inch 1080p handset Xperia Z, knocking another letter off the dwindling alphabet of naming conventions.”


  • Deli

    Looks nice! Please cue the Dragonball jokes!!

  • Sweet

    What’s with marketing people and their apparent fixation on the letter ‘Z’ ?

    Meh, 5-inch screen for a phone is too big for me to use comfortably with one hand. So I’ll be passing on this one.