Unknown BlackBerry 10 devices hits the FCC with LTE support in tow, likely the Z10


  • The real 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • The wife of the real 2c

      Wilton? Wilton is that you? I thought you said you were taking OUT the garbage?! But it seems like you’re simply talking garbage.

      Now Wilton, I don’t want to have to remind you, but you need to get to bed early so your prolapse will heal up properly. Don’t you think it is going to get better without alittle of that special ointment you like rubbed on there, do you?

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    • corn hole

      Is this bb10?

    • Wurt

      RIM is dead.


    • Bidulka

      Robin Bienfait is hot and has a nice chest

    • The real 2c

      Sorry Mom.
      I was touching myself again while fantasizing about my sister.

  • Money is everything

    But the elephant in the room is:
    How big is the battery?

    • RIghtcoast

      How big is the battery? really? Technical comments and questions, should be restricted to those over 10 years of age ;!)

    • Plazmic Flame

      1,800 mAh


    Looking good. I can’t wait until January 30th!

    • FunEE

      Yes, you can!
      Jan 30-ANNouncement of BB10
      Mid March 2013- BB10 phones avaialable in stores.
      If the phones were available in February RIM would have released a FIRM DATE. But RIM is incapable of doing so…for the last two yrs.

  • marion

    heh. who knew all this information was available


    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  • they block comments here

    Please RIM don’t sc.rew up this phone, or should I say, lets hope they didn’t sc.rew it up, cause I don’t know what else to use. Samsung makes cr.appy huge a$$ phones, LG makes cr.appy phones, Sony makes cr.appy phones, Google phones are outrageously du.mb with their glass usage, no way I want to use Windows phones or Apple phones. I dn’t like how Android is becoming bloated with each iteration, I dn’t like that Google forces the phones to have their applications instalaed always like google+ and movies and talk and other crap. I ha.te with passion windows tiles implementation in their phones and in their OS which I would never want to use. Looks like the future is f***d up. I am amazed how the phone processors are becoming so ridiculously fast, 1.5ghz quad processors and yet they are slow as heck, why?

    • pacalis

      I have a GS3 w Jelly Bean and so I have no idea what you’re talking about. The phone is gorgeous, fast and incredible. And the fact that so many of them have sold is the opposite of fragmentation – its’s a platform.

    • Joe public

      Baaaahahahahaha.. Platform????? Well let’s see just how many of those s3 dollar store phones are out in the world. Well let’s see ginger bread holds almost 60% of Android users ICS hold roughly 17% and jellybean 2-6% and to top it off android forgot to program in the month of December in jellybean.
      Guess they will added it to keylime pie next year but that means another purchase of a heavily Discounted and carrier subsidized crap phone as that’s the ONLY way to give them away and get a OS update in the land of android.

      Android = CHEAP welfare dollar store toy phones.

      RIP Android the stop gap os while waiting for something better in 2013..

  • Crank

    Oh BlackBerry, god bless your heart, you’ve been selling the same damn phone for longer than Apple has.

    Too bad people actually want iPhones, eh?

  • Tom

    Wish they would stop with separate versions for the incumbents and the new entrants.

    Lots of high-end phones these days support both.

  • The real 2c

    Phone looks good from the back

  • 2c

    The back doesnt look good. The front is alright tho.

  • aftab

    I am a hindi man, should I buy a BB10? Is this acceptable for my caste? Also, I want to be a CEO

  • 2c.

    Guys stop it, i do not like RIM. You’re wrecking my handle. I came on here with the specific purpose of trying to sabotage every RIM article and youre all up in my grill. STOP USING MY HANDLE!

  • 2c fo real

    This anonymous handle thing makes it difficult to have an identity online.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      What you talkin’ about Willis?

  • they block comments here

    “aftab” if you are from the “untouchable” cast then no it is not acceptable.

  • 50c

    If my name is 50c does that make my opinion 25x more powerful?

  • 2c or not 2c

    Im a shakespeare fan so this handle is perfect.

  • 2c

    I spend every minute of my day waiting for a rim article so I can have the first post. Well… That’s a lie, every moment of my day that I’m not getting bum f***** by strange older men.

  • 2c or not 2c

    That is only half true

  • 2c

    A little more than half true

  • 2c.

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    2c’s Privates.

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    I would pay a million bucks…

  • The real 2c

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  • 2c my own di-ck

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  • Kid.Canada

    Can you guys (MS) please ban that loser 2c for his own good? The kid needs a life and banning him would help a lot.

  • The real 2d

    RIP The real 2c!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  • corn holed

    Is this my brain . ?

  • Fart

    Wurt is dead.


  • skullan

    After reading this thread, it’s clear that MobileSyrup needs to link accounts to either forum accounts, Facebook or Twitter.

    • wp74life

      No it doesn’t because I find this to be entertaining.
      You can read the article and learn a few things THEN if you want to laugh and have a good time you read the comments. If they make the comment section like you said it’ll become another boring tech site with a boring comment section.
      Happy new year Mobile Syrup.

    • skullan

      Some of us read the comments sections (or did) for real comments, not for the tripe that is being served up as comments lately.

      Perhaps, we could ask Ian to put in a kiddy comments section for those whose Mom has looked away from the computer for a minute or two? We could probably make it accessible it with a giant clown icon, who is holding a jug of whiskey?

      Yeah. That will work.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      I agree with wp74life but the comments on this article are just rediculous.

      2c is actually trolling successfully to cause this much backlash. I’m ashamed of myself.

  • 2see

    RIP RIM!!!!

  • 2see

    RIP IT UP RIM!!!!

  • Dalex

    RIM will have the biggest comeback in tech history. BB10 will be an incredible success. Their stock will rise to 1000$ and split 5 times. They will become the most valuable company in history and their phones will be revered for time immemoriam.

  • Brian

    please someone give me some clarification. is this the bb10?

  • 2c

    If 2c wants credit for his posts, he’ll get them. We’ll just even out his negative posts with postitive or humourous ones. It’s not like 2c posts anything useful.

  • 2c

    Guys I’m sorry for being such a loser troll. You guys are right I need to grow up, I’m 42 and I’ve never had a girlfriend. I’ll try my best to respect these forums from now on.

  • Anonymous1

    First L series that will launch is the London (Z10). The device features above in the FCC diagram is the Lisbon (Same specs as the London but with LTE). What does this mean? The London will be launching with only HSPA(+) support.