Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gains upgrade to Android 4.2 via CyanogenMOD nightly build


  • The real 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • The real 2c.

      Btw, my peepee hurts from spanking it so much.

  • Justin

    in the process of flashing now 🙂 heck ya!

  • Josh

    I put cyanogenmod 10.1 on last night. Works great multi user is great and so is lockscreen widgets. It runs really smooth.

  • JT

    I have this tablet and the only complaints I can say are that the FB app doesn’t work (pictures are shown full size and can’t be scaled in feeds so you can never see the picture in full) and a few widgets don’t work properly (can’t be updated).

    • 45

      I have that same issue with Facebook on my Nexus 7. It’s unrooted and running everything stock. I figure it’s an issue with the Facebook app more than anything else.

  • Craig

    does the camera work?