Confirmed: Bell to release the Samsung ATIV S on December 14th


  • Dave


  • Shann

    Agreed. It was the first announced Windows Phone 8 device and the last to reach market. I hope the benefits of the larger screen, removable battery, and SD slot outweigh some of the benefits of the Nokia. The Nokia is a slick phone and the GPS is awesome (from what I have read). Any idea of how good the GPS / navigation will be for the Ativ?

  • BBM

    One of the slickest looking devices on the market.

  • TrickyD

    Great! My girlfriend has been waiting to upgrade and wanted WP8. No Lumia 920 on Bell is really a shame as we both really Nokia, but what can you do.

    • ThxMAD

      In the UK, the Lumia 920 will no longer be exclusive to EE starting January 2013, so, I personally prefer to wait until after Christmas, hoping that the same thing happens in Canada and the Rogers exclusive ends.

  • Mark

    Awful idea, no nexus 4 but this crap

  • ToxicTaZ