YouTube for Android updated with improved interface for 10-inch tablets

Google has had a busy few weeks, updating or overhauling many of its mobile apps. Not only did Gmail for Android and iOS get major releases in the month of December, but Google+ received a long-awaited Community feature (which has yet to roll out to the mobile apps) and Google Search for Android was updated with better Now support.

Today Google is focusing its sights on improving the mobile YouTube experience, specifically on 10-inch tablets like the Nexus 10. The interface has been retooled to align with recent changes made to the desktop version of the sight, bringing a permanent (albeit shrinking) left-side navigation bar. This Guide is a great way to see your saved channels and categories.

When viewing videos, there’s now a vertical bar to the right of the windowed video showing off the description and related videos. Comments seem to have been lowered in importance and prominence, buried under the Related Videos.

You can also easily pair your account with Google’s new YouTube TV application, which lets you control your TV viewing experience from your phone or tablet. This is a relatively new feature, but one that will become more important as Google adds more “lean back” content to the service.

These changes are viewable on the iPad, too, but only through the browser at m.youtube.com. This is a huge update and will make your 10-inch Android tablet much more useful.

Download YouTube for Android.

Via: Google+