Android 4.2.1 being pushed to “yakju” Galaxy Nexus devices


  • haxor99


  • haxor99

    Just in time for December!

  • Evan

    still on 4.2 as or right now!

  • Jeff

    Got it. Hopefully it fixes random reboots I have been having with 4.2

  • Ben

    And I am still waiting for my 4.1…. sighhhh

  • Comrade Yeti

    Just got my takju update!

  • JLP

    Even after doing the clear framework trick, still no 4.2.1

  • aviking

    As a SGIII owner I really want to try the photo spere app and will have to wait for a ROM with it to come out over the next month or so or wait for an official update to come out in the next six months.

  • Graham

    Got my Nexus 7 update OTA this afternoon. running 4.2.1. No apparent changes so far… let’s hope it fixes the scary constant rebooting that was happening last night when it went from ~ 25% batter to 0% and started fuzzing out and rebooting after 5-15 seconds uptime even while plugged in, until it was on long enough for me to actually turn it off and let it charge. scary.

  • Steven

    I updated mine to takju to get faster ota updates than the yakju build, but I still haven’t received anything. What’s going on?

    Is there a block on ota updates for takju outside of the United States?

  • Ken

    Just got 4.2.1 pushed to my GNexus!

  • James Skevis

    Just received ota update on Galaxy Nexus Yakju to 4.2.1

  • andy c

    just got the update notification on my phone.

  • Eric

    Just got 4.2.1 on my Yakju GNex (Telus)

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Would be nice to have a NEXUS 4 !! first of all

  • JLP

    After clearing google framework services three times, the update popped-up ! (Virgin Mobile)

    • saone

      what do you mean by clear the framework?

  • Sean

    Got it on my Nexus 7 last night

  • XXRider

    I got the update a few hours ago on my Nexus 7

  • Hilman

    Just got my 4.2.1 update on my Yakjuu GNex 🙂

  • haxor99

    Guys root your devices! It’s very easy now with the toolkits provided by the awsome community at xdadevelopers!

  • longo

    Just got it pushed to my Takjuu device

  • Lee

    I’m looking to sell my Galaxy Nexus so this is perfect. Just waiting for the Foxconn made (same as iPhone 5) Windows Surface Phone come out in mid-2013. It’s got to be awesome

    • scrooge

      Cool story bro.

  • danada

    I have a Canadian Nexus which I installed the takju image. Just got the 4.2.1 update now. I was surprised since 4.2 didn’t roll out in a timely manner and ended up installing that update manually. It was nice to see 4.2.1 come OTA 😀

  • jello

    got it right after i saw this 🙂

  • ringer

    received my update, however with a custom recovery installed, the automatic update failed… Don’t know how to go about this now lol

  • Lugnuts McGruff

    Boggles my mind that Cdn’s haven’t updated to yakju/takju…

    Just do it and save yourself the continued grief and heartache..

  • alex

    just got 4.2.1 and seems smother than before too

  • John

    Just got it on my takju Galaxy Nexus

  • john cena

    havent gotten my update yet on my gnexus.
    does it matter that i have a wind sim card in a mobilicity store purchased gnexus?

    • john cena

      cleared frameworks bunch of times. reformat my gnexus still

  • Kristian

    I recieved 4.2 last night on my GNexus (Koodo) and 4.2.1 around 1pm. I noticed that the first digit on the digital clock when you load the phone is bolded which is kind’ve irritating. Also 2 weird side bars when you’re just checking the time.

    • dbott67

      The “blue bars” in 4.2 allows you to swipe from the lock screen. Swipe right to access camera and left to add your own widgets (calendar, Gmail, etc).

  • groaner

    What the heck is a yakju?
    My Nexus 10 just got its 4.2.1

    • groaner

      Oh I see..nevermind, carry on.
      I was a confusered

  • Jeff


    Go to setting < apps < all < Google service framework < clear cache < settings < check updates.

  • Jason

    Got the notification last night around 8PM installed it today on my Nexus 7

  • MrMarvelous

    @Kristian, the bold is intentional, so that when you just glance at the phone you can know what hour it is really quick. It jumps out at you. The two bars on theside are there to remind you that there are widgets that could be or are there.


  • MrMarvelous

    Also my nexus 7 got the update GalaxyNexus typically receives OTA updates a eek later.

  • max

    Just got it on my takju Galaxy Nexus!

  • Rogers Sucks

    I got my Galaxy Nexus updated to 4.2.1 about two hours ago. I am on Mobilicity. Loving the new digital clock widget and sphere camera.

  • poop

    I got it on my N7, now I can’t re-root… WTF Google…

    • max

      I re-rooted my GN using Nexus Root Toolkit 1.6. Good luck!

  • XS

    Just got my update on yakju GN.

  • freddytireguy

    Got mine but battery too low to install right now.

  • dbott67

    Just got 4.2.1 on Gnex (takju) on Virgin Mobile. Cleared the framework a few times with no success. Tried clearing framework & then rebooted and I got the update.

  • Roymathieu19

    Got the update today!

  • John

    Just got my upgrade to 4.2 and then 4.2.1 right away. On the GNex on Fido.

  • mrtnld

    Just got my 4.2.1 on my GNex in denmark

  • freddytireguy

    Update fixed the issue with localization in the News & Weather app.

  • Dennis

    Just got 4.2.1 on my Yakju GNex (Telus)

  • Justin

    Received my update just now!

  • fboivin

    Just receive MY OTA update notification for 4.2.1 on my Galaxy Nexus Yakju

  • Bas

    If you haven’t ever got an update from an earlier released Gnex just manually get it updated cause Samsung Canada says is upto Google and Google says it’s upto Samsung to release it.

    I guess it’s both parties fault but it did be getting sent out in a timely matter. My phone prob would’ve still been on 4.0.2 otherwise.

  • 8balldown

    Got 4.2.1 today on my new (and sweet) Nexus 10. Display is even better than expected. Now let’s have some accessories like chargers and covers pls.

  • r2kay

    Updated to 4.2.1 on GN….I still experience lags,Bluetooth problems and figitty lock screen, so far…anyone else finding issues?

  • ncrand

    Got 4.2 late on Tuesday. Quite literally 24 hours later I received the notification for 4.2.1. I’m noticing a few problems with performance since the update, but I’ll give it a few days to see if improves.

  • jason

    I just got a new phone from Fido and it is still on 4.1.1. I haven’t received and update notification. Tried clearing the Google services framework a bunch of times and still nothing. Something I’m doing wrong. Lol

  • Andy

    Has anyone their GN update for Wind Mobile yet?

  • FMOTL_Chris

    Just purchased a Fido GNexus and it didn’t received any update from Fido, only had it on there for 2 days, ported my number to WIND and still no update. I’ll try my friends Virgin SIM card to see if that works.