Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 update expected “early 2013”


  • Ron Mexico

    Wow! Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars, now that is an upgrade!!! Android and iOS take note. LMAO

  • Vengefulspirit99

    nice going Microsoft. look at then basically shafting their early adopters base. They can’t even give you 7.8 before 8.tells you what they really care about.

  • Mark

    Q1 2013 is approaching fast so I’m really happy to hear about this update.

  • Anonymous

    All the more reason to switch to BlackBerry 10

  • OnWard

    Will the Microsoft branded phone being made by Foxconn have WP7.8, WP8, or WP9 when it is released for sale in miss 2013? (see WPCentral, Digitimes)

    Will current WP8 users be able to upgrade to WP9, or will it be another WP8.9 situation?

  • Mike

    Hopefully the new update will give more APN Features for an unlocked Samsung Focus. So I can use MMS APN settings, so I can finally be able to send picture messages.

  • Anthony

    I’ll take a second look at WP when WP9 comes out, or, even sooner, once Microsoft releases a Surface phone. Until then, I am interested, but will not make the switch. WP8 is not quite there yet, but it’s the most refreshing and exciting platform right now, at least to me.

  • sak500

    Wow this gives the 10 people who own the windows 7 phones hope.

  • S2556

    sucks for the people that jumped on board early.

  • Jesse

    This long of a wait…..for a start screen?

  • Opti

    Regardless, anyone with an LG Optimus 7, like me, is out of luck period. No update for you! And from me, ‘no future purchase of your overhyped hardware will occur from me!’.