Video: RIM pins down brand manager, shows how easy it is to use BlackBerry Flow


  • Munir

    I always wonder why iPhone doesn’t have punctuation buttons (.,?!) etc on the front keypad layout! Lame…

    • Simion

      IPhone tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator. People with lower IQs do not punctuate properly, or at all.

    • John

      @ Simion: Your a jerk dont you know iphone users are proven to have higher educations than Android users Yeah thats right you must use Android Ill use punctuation however I want


    • Dalex

      Well if you are any indication he’s not far off 😛 Way to prove his point.

    • dlo

      lol @John…no one got your sarcasm 🙁

  • Akorah

    You must ask yourself whether you want a toy, or a cellphone that increses your productivity.

    I know what I want.

    Patiently waiting until January 30th.

    • DoubleDipping


    • QC_Al

      Yes DD…that was all CGI, it does not exist and will never see the light of day…i***t

  • QC_Al

    Cheesy, but a good cheesy. I like the look and functionality I see here.

    I know I know trolls…it can’t compete with what iOS and Android has out already right?

    Oh! Other than all that was encrypted 128 bit for security, and any data that might have been used was half of what iOS or Android phones would have used…

    • prespective

      At half the speed of Android and iOS…

      It’s all a matter of prespective.

    • QC_Al

      hey perspective…watch it, then comment

    • jplunks

      You do understand that the bb10 will not have the same data compression as the berries before it. Look at the software it is using. Don’t get me wrong it will have some compression but at what cost? How can you brag about LTE when you don’t get the true speed? The 8300’s had the best compression the 9700’s wasn’t as good as the previous models and the 9900’s where worst, but still better then ios and android.
      Also, what plagued rim was there outages, are you going to tell me that will never happen again and people won’t get upset?

  • QC_Al

    Might have finished in under 20 if he wouold have used the talk to text function on it. 😉

  • Mellowie

    Definately excited and curious to see how this does.

  • Geoff

    Looking better and better all the time, Ditched my I5 for a nexus 4 now just waiting for BB10 lets hope its launching on carriers like fido,

    • bobfreeze

      “Ditched my I5 for a nexus 4 now just waiting for BB10 ”

      Sigh… wish I had that kind of coin!

    • Johentie

      ditched my SGS3 for the Nexus 4.. waiting for BB10..

      and it doesn’t take a lot of coin to switch phones.. it’s called selling your phone when it’s still has a high value… people that wait a year or two to sell their phones are always going to be paying $$ outta pocket..

      i haven’t paid $$ for a phone since i bought the iphone 1… Rogers is just too nice to me to give me hardware upgrades when i want.. and if i can’t.. i’ll sell phones at top dollar…

      i.e. SGS3 went for $450… picked up the nexus for $390 on craigslist.

  • Art

    The more I hear and read about BB10, the more I start feeling that I may actually end up picking up a BB when it comes out… I am liking this!

    • ASH

      So, why are the “RIM RIM”er’s no where to be seen? just wondering! oh yeah, go get them RIM!

    • phreezerburn

      I have $800 set aside for a Lumia 920 that is now going into a BB10. One of my clients has well past 100 iPhone 4s in the field and have themselves already committed to replacing the fleet with BB10 devices. People with money are looking into the BB10 devices. Corporate is going to eat them up like Smarties.


    Is this BB11?

    • Jack

      Go back to masterbating over your Steve Jobs doll

    • phreezerburn

      IPHONE DOMINATES! the world of largest share devaluation by a single device in the history of computing, mobile or otherwise. BB10 will achieve the inverse of that for RIM.

  • Graham

    Looking good, keep it up! I will likely not get one, but I want BB to be making good products to keep Waterloo pumping.

    • phreezerburn

      A lot of folks in corporate are talking about the device already and there’s really been very little in the way of schtick available for them to go on outside of a few white papers and grainy BB Jam videos. With a full demonstration to go from and if the device and OS ends up actually being up to snuff, getting a CFO to sign off on fleet wide adoption should be easy peasy.

  • jay

    maybe i’m misunderstanding… but if you watch the blue presses on the device video (which i’m assuming is thumbpress), it doesn’t line up with the video of the guy using it. i don’t really care how easy it is to use, but because they are highlighting time, one-handed use, and at the start showing the video of the person is in sync with the video of the screen, it does bother me that it seems misleading.

  • gogakhan

    Everything about BB10 looks sleek. I just hope it brings back the Canadian Giant from the ashes.

    Great work RIM… and nice ad. Though a lil bit too cheesy! 🙂

    • Daniel

      I think the real question will be price. They can make it with all the features they want, but the bottom line is that people are not going to switch from something they know and trust, to try something new and unfamiliar unless the price is attractive.

      Personally, I think they should sell them at the same price point as the Nexus 4 or cheaper .. get as many of their devices out there as they can .. that’s what they need.

  • jess

    64 days! 🙂

  • Rocurs

    0:46, browsers do not match.

    • Edge

      Yeah, it looks that way, probably because the hand video was shot early as the time looks like 10:06 and the time on the right is 10:45.

      I guess that was easier to shoot, then having an additionaly camera over his shoulder, which may not have allowed a clear shot.

  • JV

    Looks great. I am just wondering on the thing most people really do care about, and thats battery life. If this OS manages to keep cell phone life up above 1 day use with Very Heavy usage and multitasking, i can see this phone being very popular, and i would seriously consider buying one.

    Does anyone Know if i would need to get a whole new plan on bell if i”m currently running my android with my plan? (Very happy with my plan and don’t want to switch anything except maybe my GS3 for the upcoming BB10). If i do need to switch my plan up for this phone, then im going to opt out and wish them success.

  • fanberry10

    I’m so excited for BB10 I want to upgrade my BB7 Phone… very cool video!! I love BB’s OS, by the way I downloaded the Kindle app on my Playbook…sweet!!!

  • Herp Derperson

    > What your next meeting is

    Power on, swipe up to Google Now, shown as second card (3.0s)

    > Who it’s with

    Tap meeting, shown as info (4.0s)

    > How many Twitter followers they have

    User, Twitter icon (6.0s)

    > BBM this to me

    Swipe from Home to Google Now (7.0s)
    “Google.” (8.0s)
    “Message (name) ‘You have four hundred and six Twitter followers.'” (12.0s)
    Sending message timer expires (15.0s)

    • Derp Herperson

      Give me any phone, and I can do it under 30 seconds. I can easily beat your time on my WP8 phone by at least 3 seconds. That’s not the point of the video. They are just showing how you can flow through the process intuitively, and have it done, with one hand, in a short amount of time. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it definitely showcases a very much improved functionality, and one that a lot of people will gladly embarce.

      Nice work, BB. No over-sensationalizing (cough, Apple…), just pure functionality! That’s more like it 🙂

  • Mike

    They should not use BlackBerry 10 name for a brand new system. Those who want new things will says, nah, it’s just like Windows 8 from Windows 7, why bother? Those who want old things will be annoyed that none of their old apps run on the BB10…

    So either side will not be happy.

    They should create a new line, like BlueBerry. So BlueBerry is different from Blackberry but both are from RIM.

  • Jordan

    @Rocurs Even the clock analogue clock doesn’t match at 0:46. I think there was a wee bit of editing magic going on here. Looks cool and everything but if you’re going to try and show off your new technology, don’t cheat!

    • QC_Al

      @Jordan. Going to guess it wasn’t done in one take. (just a hunch) Probably took the best of each “take” and patched together the final cut…take another shot

  • Nothin But RIM

    I love the vapourware comments…they are so idiotic it’s amazing… when’s the last time a carrier tested vapourware?.. or the last time governments gave vapourware security certification? I’m amazed when people take no time to learn about something they’re bashing without warrant… like a company who has made missteps can’t make a recovery… because that’s never happened before…*Cough* Apple *Cough*

    • phreezerburn

      This time things are different. Companies are aware of patent law and the Braun catalog has been thoroughly resubbed as novel use.

  • oldschool

    Please don’t disappoint, I would love to have BBM together with a device that doesn’t suck, as well as push email that doesn’t suck the life out of your battery. Android and WP, you’re both guilty on that one.

    Everyone loves a comeback…

  • R.Dot

    Just wait till everyone sees how many apps are going to be developed for BB10. When the big name developers start pushing BB10 apps, everyone will seriously consider switching. And with RIM’s amazing developer tools/relationships, it will happen!

  • Jetr0

    Hopefully they aren’t a huge pain in the a*s to trouble shoot like the previous ones. Anyone familiar with them and technology in general would have been fine with all of the little things that would go wrong, but it’s kind of painful for people that are not as familiar.

    Deleting re-adding service books or issues with BIS services (either caused by something on the device or something on the carriers end).

    Most of this stuff should be fixed by having a more modern OS. Hopefully it will be about on par with Android/iOS for e/trouble shooting ease