Cyber Monday deal: Koodo HTC One V for $125 outright plus $100 gift card


  • tommy

    Not bad Koodo. Not Bad

    • DoubleDipping

      The HTC One V had been the best Value in Canada at $175-$200 for the last six months or so.
      This phone is a fantastic entry-level Android phone for around $100

      The next segment is the Virgin “International”-S2 at $200
      And the Koodo S2x around $200 too.
      Then it jumps to the N4 at $330-380 (shipping included and With working LTE if you are on Bell Telus)

      Can’t wait to see the pricing of the Koodo S3 coming up at end of next week..

      And finally you have the $600 phones.

  • PhoneScience

    Dang, I snagged the One V as a running buddy when it was $150 with a $50 card. The thing is actually really quite great!

  • Word

    One V’s are sh*t, get the Ace, much more reliable phone even if it’s not as visually appealing. V’s are known to have faulty mobo’s. HTC f*cked the One series up hard.

  • No Word

    Hey Word, your momma did not teach you etiquette or feed you soap when you spill profanities? #$!@#$%#@%! verbal diarrhea?!

  • BBM

    Our generation pretty much threw out “If you don’t got nothing good to say, then don’t say nothing” with trolls…. SCARY TROLLS UNDER THE BRIDGE !

  • Smatch

    If you cancel after a month can you still use the rest of the phone features on wi-fi, like mp3 playing and videos playing?

    • 45

      Yep! Those features are not dependent on the SIM card and can be used no problem.

  • Phox

    I sell the 2 phones, the ace had less problems and less returns than the 1 v. The down side is unfortunately the look of the ace 🙁

    • Word

      i love how you say the same as me and get no negative votes. apparently the rest of the people around here can’t handle swearing like they’re in preschool or something. glad to see that a fellow sales rep knows what i’m talking about. my whole store dislikes the one lineup. pity, i was hoping they’d be great as the original Desire was my favourite smartphone of all time.

    • Bean

      I sell both as well, and I would go Ace before OneV as well. The OneV seems to have a lot of problems, and definitely a lot of returns. Granted, we mostly sell the Ace to “talk and texters”, but I haven’t had any complaints. Plus, it comes with two coloured backings which is always fun 🙂

  • everythingsablur

    Gift card for…? Other purchases at Koodo?

    • ToniCipriani

      They give VISA gift cards.

  • alex

    is rim dead??

  • ToniCipriani

    Or just go to the stores. A lot of times the online gift card deals are matched at the kiosks. I got both the SIIx and Nexus S gift card deals where on the site says online only, they actually give you the card(s) on the spot.

    • cheenachatze

      Very true. I went to Walmart and bought the GS2X. Walmart gave $100 Walmart gift card on the spot. BTW, it works on AWS and came unlocked.

  • Thrasher

    Can you use the gift card to pay off your tab balance?

  • Briggs

    Anyone know if this can be SIM unlocked?

    • kenypowa

      Yes it’s very easy to buy unlock codes on ebay. Should cost no more than $10.

    • Aaron

      Yes. My wife bought this phone a few months back, and I paid about $20 for an unlock code. It was emailed within an hour or so, and I had the phone unlocked by the time we got home.

  • mike

    The Htc one V is a piece of garbage. Not worth buying. Do yourselves a favor and get the S2X or even hold on until friday and get the s3 for probably $300 bucks and $150 on tab plus they’ll probably give a $100 gift card as well.

    • DJ


      I would imagine that the S3 will be at least $450 – $500. The S2X is at $300 (on sale for $250) on Koodo, so it’s highly unlikely the S3 will come at the same price. Virgin has the S2 for $399 and the 16GB S3 for $599. If the S3 comes in cheaper than a Nexus 4, well, Koodo would certainly do some brisk sales.

    • DJ


      Ignore my previous response. I missed the point about the Tab. Sorry.

  • Greg

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  • Brian J

    these are great phones, my kids have two of them , soon a third when my fido expires in januray . I personaly use a nexus s .These v’s do everything my nexus does and the price is right .

  • Mike

    @DJ No its 100% that Koodo is gonna be releasing the S3 for under $400 outright without a tab. but with the tab it will be much cheaper between $150-$250 on the tab price. This is Guaranteed to happen on November 30th, its already been announcement on Koodo Mobile’s Blog page. And the reason its gonna be prices under $400 is because the S3 is reaching end of life. and Samsung wants to sell as many leftover stock as possible, because Samsung is about to announce the new Samsung Galaxy S4 in February. So this is why its coming to Koood. Koodo is the discount brand, thats known for selling discounted phones. Just like what Koodo did with the Nexus S, everyone were selling them for $600 and Koodo released it for $400 for oly new and existing customers. same with the S2X Telus was selling it for $600, koodo released it for $300. Koodo is gonna release the S3 for anywhere from $300 to $400 and for only new and existing customers. And the S2X is gonna be permanently priced at $250 for a while to sell out existing stock to make room for the S3. Then the S2X will be discontinued like what Telus did. The S2X is off Telus’ Website now cause Telus has already discontinued it.

  • Briggs

    Got one for my sister. She’s more of a talk and texter, hopefully it works out well for her.