LG Optimus G2 specs leak, rumoured to sport a 5-inch display, quad-core and run Android Key Lime Pie


  • Is this Bb10?

    5″ without a stylus is unacceptable.

    • LG + Android

      Equals = Optimus Pie!
      Look out Vegetron!!

  • hmmmm

    I’ll still prefer my Note 2 with the awesome Titanium finish…rather than this LG ugly design…

    • uhhdoug

      I can’t stand samsung devices.. they feel so cheap, I am not an apple fanboy (I have a galaxy s2) but my roomates iphone 5 feels better in the hands.. the new nexus, lg and htc phones are the only ones I find comparable in build quality

    • Brad F

      your mom is cheap

    • hmmmm

      uhhdog, you can’t compare the S2 with the Note 2…it really does look better in person and feels way much better than my 7″ tablet. iPhone is way too small and you can’t even do half of the things the Note 2 does…hope I won’t need to say this again…it’s great to read web pages on a 5.5″

  • CeezTheTeez

    These android dependant companies are a joke, they give their brand zero dependability for consumers. Rumours on the “next” phone constantly leaking while current model is only out for less than a week, and sometimes not out yet.

  • Frank

    I hope 5″ isn’t the standard, I like having the ‘phablet’ options, but I’d like to continue to see high-end phones in the 4.5-4.8″ range.

    • Cody

      The way the trend is going they can get the 5″ display in the body of a 4.5-4.8″ body, so I’m down with that!

  • JR

    But the models vary and appeal to different consumers. Some would likely not want or need the 5″ and are fine staying with the phone that they have. There are a variety of phones available for Android which means that you have.. ahem, dare I say?…. a choice. Yes, choice. Whcih means that you get to evaluate the phones on their own merit versus your actual needs and come up with one that suits both your budget and your hardware requirements.

    • boojay

      Actually, you DON’T have a choice anymore. For the past year (or more), the flagship, top end phones have all been phablets. The rest of us who want a regular sized phone with top of the line specs have been left in the dust.

  • Tom

    I just hope one of these guys will come out with a 4″ flagship. There are lots of great Android phones out at the moment, but they are all huge. The smallest are the One S, but I don’t like sense, and the Motorola I or M or something, and I don’t trust moto to provide updates.

  • boojay

    Yay to the specs, boo to the screen size. Not interested in phablets.

  • Rolonoa

    Specs look amazing but… it’s LG 🙁

    • Brad F

      agreed, its still a LG phone. no thanks

  • arid

    I hope the Galaxy S line doesn’t get any bigger than it currently is (screen size I mean)

  • Henaway

    Can’t see the point of a 1080p screen that small. The ppi is an interesting number, but in reality, useless. And to go to that resolution and size, you WILL need something much smaller than your finger to work it. The higher the resolution, the more blunt an instrument your finger becomes. It’d be like poking at a first gen iPhone screen with a 2×4.

    It’s time to turn the focus from hardware specs to battery technology. Phones now are plenty powerful enough. Often too powerful for the woeful little batteries they get paired with.

  • hmmmm

    it seems I can’t reply to my own comment…clearly some people never had that Note 2 in their hands.

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    The names resembles the LG Optimus G2X too much, i’ll have to pass…

  • tomatoes

    People need to stop judging phone size by the screen size. These are not televisions where the bezels are gone. Still plenty of bezel left on smart phones and the 4.7 inch Optimus G international is actually quite small in dimensions. In fact, the dimensions are smaller overall than some 4.3 inch phones, the HTC 8x for example.

  • Mark

    If Android 5.0 (most likely Kandy Kane) exists then it is locked away tightly in Mountain View at Google’s HQ. It would not be kicking around on LG branded devices. A dead giveaway that this is bogus info.

  • peter

    I had a chance to use optimus g in weekend and very impressed it’s performance and design. Screen is amazing, i think that most highend in this class and phone is very thin and battery seems like strong even i played hard during 15 minutes. It rid away for past my expierence of lg smart phone and i noticed that it ranked top place in us by consumer report. I will change my(gs3) to it in upcoming weekend.

  • RyanOver

    in 2004-07.. cellphones were getting smaller I remember my Motorola Krz K1.. 2007 my sister taught the iPhone(3.5″) was too big(now she have a HTC One S(4.3″)). now they’re getting bigger

    • NienorGT

      I agree that they are getting stupid with phone size now but remember that they aren’t phones. Smartphone are web, multimedia and productivity devices. Smaller smartphones the size of a dumbphones would be quite useless actually.

  • NienorGT

    People are already complaining that Apple and Samsung release a new flagship phone every year (Talking about the Galaxy S series here)and now LG expect to get one each 8 months or so?

  • NeverSeenAny1UseWP7or8inPublicNeverEver

    Looks pretty sweet. I know it’s silly to go up to 440ppi just to fit 1080p HD, but it is just comforting. MaybeI can justify it by minimizing processor load when outputting over HDMI to a 1080p big screen.

    I must say though, it looks like the leaps in hardware made within a year’s time are slowing or becoming less beneficial. OS advances have slowed too (copy&paste was a big upgrade not long ago, now the new features are sometimes downgrades)

    I’d really like to see what will be done about multi-device integration: cell phone to cell phone, cell phone to tv via wireless, indoor location, payment or keycard replacement, etc… That is what will be the pioneering area that people drool over when anticipating an upgrade, the phones and OSes really are down to cutting prices or improving battery life.

  • Dalex

    I’m pretty sure A15 SoCs will be able to handle 1080p screens easily. They should also sip battery a bit more efficently.

  • JC

    I’m already wondering about the new nexus device. If KLP is coming out in May, that might be too early for a phone or a tablet since the nexus 4 and nexus 10 will only be 6 months old. perhaps it’ll be a phablet. makes sense with all the 5″ 1080 devices coming out.

  • Greg

    Key lime pie update really Google? Google is ridiculous, there’s still tons of people without Ice cream sandwich, and still lots of people waiting for Jelly Bean, and Google will be releasing a phone with Key Lie Pie already, lol Google needs to concentrate on releasing updates to everyone and all phones before quickly moving onto the next update so quickly lol. Google needs to get their act together. The one and only thing I like about IOS is that they release one good update and everyone gets it promptly. What google needs to do, is when they release an update all phones get it right away, not here and there so slowly, and not only pick and choose which phones.

  • Rolonoa

    One good update including the state of the art “Apple Maps” right?

  • Brad F(anboy)

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