LG Optimus 7 unlikely to receive Windows Phone 7.8 update according to representative


  • Sean

    Seriously WP 7.8 is likely the last upgrade that these devices will ever get. They frankly need to upgrade them give it one last hurrah

  • Braumin

    Hmm I wasn’t aware LG needed to approve this one.

    Oh well, this will be my first and last LG phone. It’s a piece of crap and they haven’t supported it at all.

  • Maxime Tremblay

    That’s a pretty bad news. I had this phone and use to love it as a first gen Windows Phone, but this is getting ridiculous that thoses old phones won’t get 7.8.

    Hope this is not the same for HTC and Samsung.

  • oldschool

    To anyone who still has this phone, I pity the foo

  • Blair

    MS stated when they revealed 7.8 that EVERYONE will be able to update their phones.

  • Bob

    Is this the Nexus 4 LTE ?

  • ile2010

    LG won’t update something? I’m shocked!

  • Derrick

    And this is why I will never buy another windows phone. Just another buggy paperweight on my desk.

    • Merrick

      All I can say is “Lol”, and that you clearly haven’t even held a WP8 phone in your hands.

      Also, I haven’t met a Derrick yet who wasn’t a complete douche… What is up with that?

    • RealDeal

      Derrick Merrick, play nice!

  • RealDeal

    It’s a great way to alienate your customer base. Release a phone then provide zero major upgrades to it. It worked well for BlackBerry.

    • blah

      “The LG Optimus 7 was one of the first Windows Phones released in Canada, all the way back in October, 2010. Since then it’s been one of the first to receive updates from Microsoft, achieving NoDo, Mango and then Tango before many Rogers or Bell devices got them.”

  • Keith

    That is an unbelievable callous attitude towards their customers and speaks about LG philosophy as a whole. I never did think a whole lot of the company and obviously my feelings were right.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I guess this means Nokia is the Nexus of the Windows ecosystem.

  • DonSod

    LG sucks

    • It’s all about the Nexus!

      I used to think the same thing before the Nexus 4 came around…

  • HyperB

    Just upgraded to a Galaxy Nexus on Fido from this exact phone on Telus today….couldnt be happier to be back on android, although Windows Phone is really nice, just LG is a piece of crap.

  • Greg

    I’m typing this on an Optimus 7. I actually don’t blame LG for this, Microsoft has to step up to the plate or else all this talk about having a nice, standard platform is a crock. I mean, saying your advantage over Android is a lack of fragmentation, but not making updates available to all WinPhone owners is hypocritical.

    As it is, I’m not going to buy another MS device because of the forced Bing integration, but this is just as bad.

  • Derrick


    Ah yes. The classic buy a phone every year to get your software update excuse. I have held one. Doesn’t come close. Don’t get upset because I clearly think LG and the WP OS went the wrong way. Your the reason we get this treatment. “Oh it’s ok LG. I’ll just buy another phone when I need to update.” Pathetic.

    • Merrick


      I wouldn’t buy an LG either, ever. I never though they were any good at making and updating their phones, so I agree with you on that one.

      However, saying that WP8 is “buggy”, or however else you want to describe it, is, well, an outright lie.

      I can’t tell you what to do, but stay away from LG, and pick up a Nokia instead, or even an HTC.

  • TP

    What did you expect? LG and Microsoft.
    The only LG phone that is worth the risk is Nexus 4.



  • Dave

    I think the Optimus 7 is one of the best hardware devices I’ve owned. I’m a little on again off again with Windows Phone, but I was impressed with the phone anytime I used it. As for it not getting an update, I’m not surprised, it is after all a two year old phone that had limited availability.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if this is only the first of several first generation phones that won’t be supported with WP7.8. It was nothing but a dream to think there would be NO fragmentation in Windows Phone.

  • astudent

    bitter sweet, sure my lg optimus 7 was stolen but he won’t be getting updates hehe

  • yes

    LG = low grade

  • IanB

    I seem to remember being able to force my phone into doing the Mango firmware update before being notified through a post on Windows Phone Central. It wasn’t a LG Optimus 7 specific trick either which leads me to believe LG has only been tangently involved in updates over the last 12 months anyways.
    I also recall a similiar trick being made public for the Tango update although I didn’t take advantage that second time.

    As for the 7.8 update…a Microsoft representative said it would be made available to all, bypassing OEMs…and even if that doesn’t hold true, there have been easy ways to force updates in the past…so I’m gonna hold onto the belief that there will be again.

  • Lisa

    “according to a Polish LG representative”? what is the relevance if the representative was polish or some other cultural background?

    • blah

      A representative from LG’s POLISH BRANCH. Who likely happens to be Polish.

  • stan

    I got rid of that LG a few months before wp8 came out knowing that it won’t get any updates. Good thing the phone was free on 1yr contract.

  • roach_779

    LG! Out of all the companies out there, you’re one of the companies that needs to lick your customers a*s. I couldn’t possible though of buying LG, but held my breath and bought an Optimus 7. I actually liked the product and highly recommened it to others. But this action reversed all my trust I had with LG and I wouldn’t buy ANYTHING LG. I can see LG being purchased by Samsung in the next within 5 years.

  • MC Gin

    The question is whether this Polish rep’s information is trustworthy. At the very least, I would question the information that he provides applies only to Poland, EU, or worldwide.

    I would be very skeptical of a local representative providing information that has a worldwide impact.

  • Big Daddy

    I have an Optimus 7, and while it is likely the last LG product I will ever willingly purchase, once I got one that worked without randomly powering down, I have found it to be the best smartphone/PDA I’ve ever owned.

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the new handsets, and therefore didn’t give much mind to the 7.8 release, but it looks like Telus isn’t going to carry anything other than the (way overpriced) Samsung ATIV.

    Gotta say, I’m disappointed with LG. Based on my experiences, I’d be hesitant to even consider the Nexus!

  • mandrake

    There hasn’t been a worthwhile Windows phone after the Tytn with 6.5
    or an Android
    or a BB for that matter

    now my wife’s Iphone impresses me ………………….