Rogers creates a $50/month plan that includes 1,000 minutes, unlimited messaging and a tiny bit of data


  • Charles in Vancouver

    No caller ID, no voicemail, blah blah blah blah…

    • wes

      Honestly, I don’t understand why we Canadians love being screwed from behind!

      I find the saddest thing is that there are actually some people who will sign these ridiculous “deals”.

      Here’s a few pointers on how to get a great “cheap” deal:

      1st: When you first sign with a company don’t go on a 2-3 year contract, rather, go on a monthly. You have to give the company a test trial!

      2nd: After 6 months, call them back and tell the you want to cancel, or port your line to another company. DO THIS RESPECTFULLY. Tell them you liked the service and want to stay with them, but it didn’t include what you wanted and not at the price point that you were looking to pay. YES!!! YOU HAVE TO GO INTO A MONTHLY KNOWING HOW MUCH YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY!!! They might make you an offer here. If they tell you offers straight from their website, tell them politely, that it’s not good enough. Also know your competition’s prices.

      3rd: At this point they usually send you to retention. At retention, tell them what you want (unlimited incoming, data, etc., or listen for their offers). TAKE DOWN ALL INFO W/NAME, TIME AND CONFIRMATION NUMBER! (being specific and adding a phone or having 2 lines on the same account does change what they can offer you)

      4th: Tell them that you need to think about it. If you don’t get close to something you like, politely tell them that you need time to think about it. Then call them back again and tell the person that you had spoken to retention earlier and that you would like to speak to them again, they’ll forward you the retention department.

      5th: If you don’t get a great offer, try step 4 again.

      6th: Try step 4 again if you’re not happy. Ask them if they can give you credits for certain things, such as CID, VM, or when you add expensive add-ons.

      I was able to get decent plans that way:
      Plan for GF:
      – 250 mins
      – Fido-2-Fido
      – Unlimited after 7pm
      – Unlimited incoming
      – 2500 texts
      – CID & VM
      Flex data:
      – 100mbs @ 10$ (100-150mbs add 5$, 500-1gb add another 5$)
      Totals: 35$ (which was the max I was willing to pay, I did get better offers like 2gb/25$ total = 50$/mo, or 6gb/30$ total = 55$/mo, but I didn’t want to pay that much)

      Was also offered this:
      – 150 min
      – Canadian wide long distance
      – 250 mb
      – unlimited after 5 pm
      – CID VM
      – Unlimited text/video/picture world wide
      (lose fido-2-fido and unlimited incoming)

      My plan:
      – 250 mins
      – Fido-2-Fido
      – Unlimited after 5pm
      – 2500 texts
      – Canada wide calling
      – CID & VM
      28$ (my ideal was 25$ a month)

      G’luck all!

    • AnoniMoose

      Good suggestions, Wes, but I got tired of constant begging, like I am a second-rate citizen of some sort, so I switched to WIND, and now I feel like I am getting an excellent deal for the price that I am gladly willing to pay.

      No more crawling on my knees, asking the “Gods” to do me favors, if they so desire. Those days are now behind me. Thankfully.

    • Nexei

      I thought this was a serious article until I read:
      $50 plan with 150MB included (Two gangman style in youtube?)
      and TWENTY bucks extra per GB!
      -What a joke!

      They are really going for that $73 ARPU eh??
      -Does Rogers seriously think we don’t know how to add?

    • wes

      @ AnoniMoose
      Totally agreed. But I live in Quebec, there is no Windmobile!!! We do have Public Mobile, but the phones reek!! U should check out their selection. Also, because I travel to and from Montreal, I need long distance without breaking the bank. I hope one day that Wind comes to Quebec, but Videotron seems to be doing quite well even though they are fleecing everyone.

      Videotron operates in a way that you get special pricing if you subscribe to multiple services (cable tv, home phone, cellphone, etc). Their prices are along the lines of the Big 3.

    • Crocography

      I agree with you, on the 6th of December I will also be switching to Wind. I am also tired of the groveling I have to do with Rogers. Every time I talk with them I feel like I am buying a used car. I just want a no-nonsense plan that I do not need a PHD to figure out. For me it is simple but Rogers make it very difficult to understand. I have a saying that “BBB – bullshit baffles brains” and Rogers adheres to my saying very well. But after 2 years on my 3 year plan I will cancel the service and take the hit.

      Listen Rogers it is about “VALUE”, and yes Wind may not have as complete as a system as you, and I may be roaming for the few times I have to leave their coverage area, and I may even have a tougher time with reception (although I have tried this out with a friends Wind phone already and it is fine) but I will get much more “VALUE” at wind.

      I essentially agree with everyone stating that if more people move to Wind the service will only get better.

      As for myself I will be showing Rogers my displeasure with their service by leaving to Wind.

  • Gus

    How generous, not only do they give you a whopping 150MB of data, but they’re kind enough to keep the overage rate a very low $20/GB.

    Thanks Rogers!

    • Matty

      I’ll keep my 10 GB for $10 thank you very much. 😛

    • Porilaisten

      And with 10GB it would be $200 plus $50 – $250!!! A super value! How can anyone else compete??

      I’m running down to the bank right now to re-mortgage my house so I can take advantage of this incredible offer!!!

  • Joseph Z

    The Big3 Jokes are continuing, everyday something new to laugh at!! 🙂

    • smidge24

      Hahaha, honestly, I read Mobile Syrup Robelus News just to have a good laugh.

      The last decent plan was $60 for 6GB. Ever since then, it is one sh*t bucket after another dumped all over us. The Big 3 are laughing at us. They have been humiliating us for years and years. They think we are i****s.

      The state of cellphone industry in Canada is pure comedy. It’s backwards. We get limited plans for unlimited prices, when it should be the opposite.

      In before someone says: “At least they’re doing something…”, or “If you don’t like it, move to another country”, or “All you do is complain”. Hey, genius, look at your cellphone bill, and then tell us why you are defending such a such behaviour…

  • Bob


  • Delphino

    You can get an unlimited plan for Public Mobile for $19/month, and a MUCH better plan for $25/month from both Wind and Mobilicity.

    Once the “Small Three” came into Canada, it became embarrassingly obvious how badly we have been ripped off for 2 decades…

    Highest cellphone bills in the WORLD! That says it all.

    Thank you, Rogers, et al.

  • Paulo

    Wow what another crappy plan. Why not bring it in line with the koodoo $50 plan. Lol…

  • iJellyBerryOS8

    Nobody wants this.
    I want a plan with lots of data, and limited voice/text.

    • smidge24

      I want a plan with decent data, and enough minutes to not keep looking at the clock every time I pick up my phone. Also I want this for a fair price.

      Do no short-change yourself. Rogers can offer these kinds of plans, but they are warm and cozy under the protection here in Canada, so why should they?

      Just think about it. Why does Rogers operate in Canada only? Because they would be slaughtered everywhere else. They do not know how to comptete at all.

      A sad, sad state we live in.

    • Gene

      @smidge24 well said. Its so infuriating these companies are allowed to do this to us. I hope one day we get a true 4th national carrier and so many trapped consumers can unleash holy hell on Robelus. Their Greed has no bounds.

  • John

    If it had 6GB of data, that would’ve been decent.

  • Steven

    If there plans are so bad, why are they still the #1 provider in the country?

    • gjeff12

      It’s like if three guys with no legs enter the 100m sprint in the Olympics. None of them are fast, and they all really suck. But one of them has to win.

    • Retina

      It’s called oligopoly, meaning little to no choice. When all 3 major players have exactly the same plans, where else are you going to do?

      Plus, let’s face it, many Canadian are dumb. Yup, I’ve said it – dumb. Why would you ever sign up with Rogers itself, when you can go to it’s baby brand Fido for cheaper plans? Or, if you live in a big city, why not Wind Mobile? People simply do not do any research, and end up paying the big bucks for restricted/limited plans.

      Canadians have been waking up little by little, so that’s a good sign.

  • 2c

    Rogers again gone mental.

  • NienorGT

    I’m pretty sure an average user that don’t manage background data will waste 1/3 of his plan without even know it. I don’t see why they still do plans with under 500MB of data…

  • deanomac25

    From what I’ve heard the “unlimited” data plans from the other carriers really isn’t “unlimited” can someone let me know if this is true? I wish i had gotten a cell phone back in the day when they actually offer unlimited data I would have never given that plan up. For someone like me I’m a heavy user I work night shift and I would be willing to pay to have unlimited data. Its stupid that they don’t offer that oh sure the majority of most people may not use more then say a gig of data but what about the others that do. Give us options not restrictions. I have rogers 6gb plan and won’t give it up even though they try to change my plan last time I phoned in.

    • some guy

      Most “unlimited” plans include a clause that the carrier reserves the right to limit “excessive” usage.

      Depending which carrier, excessive could be 10GB or 30GB. Either way, it’s still better than the offerings from the big 3.

    • Ramona

      On Wind and Mobilicity you get 5GB and 6GB before your speed is reduced. Don’t even bother with Public Mobile – their speeds are good for browsing, but streaming is a hit or miss.

      No one offers a truly unlimited data over a cellular network.

  • 2c

    rogers again gone mental

  • some guy

    Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny data…

  • Dan

    150mb a month. Do the i****s who put together these plans even own a modern phone? The data used when the phone is on idle will exceed 150mb, let alone actually using the data for email, browsing, etc.

    Shove this plan up your a*s Rogers.

  • TP

    Tomorrow or Monday we will see a $50 plan from Bell.

  • rogers this is 2012

    When will these big 3s realize that this is 2012. ppl are smart now and know which carriers offer value for their hard earned money. wake up robbers. this non-sense plan should only cost $15/month including vm, cd, cw, and cf.

  • conseula

    Rogers sucks. Straight up.

  • gjeff12

    150Mb is acceptable for one of those senior phones. But I wouldn’t pay over $20 a month for one of those.

  • billc20

    This offer can’t be over soon enough! What garbage.

  • real deal

    so the plan is 70$ with 1 gig and 150 mb.

  • Adam

    WHO USES VOICE!?!?! It should be the other way around. $150 minutes and 1000MB!

  • Bob

    150 Min,E/W, CD, VM,Unlm Msg, 4-6 Gb data – $45.00 This is an ideal plan…

  • Justin

    That’s really a great plan for 1990s!!

  • Mark D.

    I signed up with Wind today with a $100 towards your monthly bills promo, and immediately stopped caring about what Rogers, Bell, or Telus have to offer. For $40 a month I get, well, everything.

    Please, please, everyone, look into Wind or other new start-ups, if they are available in your area. If you don’t vote with your wallet, we will keep seeing these ridiculous, humiliating plans from Rogers and the rest.

    Make your voice heard by switching!

    P.S. I’ve ported 3 lines from Rogers (me, wife, daughter), and am never coming back. Enough is enough!

    • trueteller

      Hopefully you will never have any problems with your service, because…..if you ever need to use Wind’s Customer(Non) Service you will truly regret it.

    • Mark D.

      I am aware of it. I have done my homework.

      Lately, from what I read, the customer service has significantly improved. Several of my relatives and close friends have already made the switch (some over a year ago!), and have reported no issues, so I feel rather confident in the choice that I have made.

      Thank you for the warning, though! I have read horror stories before, but then again, Rogers isn’t short of those kind of stories either.

  • Is this Bb10?


    We want more data!

  • vn33

    Really Rogers ??? Why bother !!
    How many people do you really think will sign up with this ?

  • Rick

    this is a cruel, bad joke.

  • Pawn

    Robbers at it yet again!

  • TestMe

    Unsure if this is a holiday plan or just the nightmare before christmas.

  • TKG26

    Can a smart phone even function for u see 150meg a month? Like if you never set up any email or apps just used as a phone is it possible? LoL. This is more like a feature phone plan…. Come the f on! 1gig needs to be the minimum on the 50$ rate

  • Rick James

    I’d way rather go with Koodo

    • Eric V.

      I agree. Koodo’s $60 plan rocks.

    • HyperB.

      Check out Fido’s promo $57 plan….exact same features and everything, and $3 cheaper/month = $36/year

  • Porilaisten

    This is a new low for Robbers. The minutes could have been unlimited at the very least.

    Some phones would reach 150MB in a month with just idle traffic!!!

    Soon it will be 5MB – open up a webpage and you’re F’d.

  • David

    Smart move on Rogers part to capitalize on the less informed consumers. Unfortunately, many will jump on this simply because it’s five dollars cheaper then their regular plans and get the most expensive smartphone they probably can’t afford and run up tons of debt with Rogers.

  • Marco

    Jokes like these are the reason why I will never give a penny to Rogers. Unless you can get a good retention plan, these plans are for i*****.

  • guy

    -10GB data
    -10 minutes local for emergency (pay as you go for any more)
    -my10 unlimited
    -unlimited text
    -Caller id/voicmail etc

    ^^This is what I see most ppl want when I talk to them (university students mind you). Voice isnt used any more. Texting and data are essential and why charging for caller ID was ever even allowed blows my mind

  • Lol

    Just one word ” LOL ” ..or is that 3 words ..ha ha ha

  • Andrew PK

    If you live and spend vast majority of your time in one of the bigger cities in Canada, you owe it to yourself to at least give Wind Mobile a try, and see if it works for you. If not, fine, no harm done. If if does – welcome to the future!

    The more people switch, the faster this company will grow, and the sooner we will stop being abused by our belowed, proudly-Canadian RoBeLus.

    By switching over, not only will you be sending a message to Rogers, Bell, and Telus thay you find their pricing unacceptable, but you will be nurturing competition in Canada, which benefits everyone!

    Really think about this one. The Holiday season is the best time to switch. Do your research, and I hope that you will join me, and 550,000+ other Canadians, who have had enough, and stopped supporting our greedy overlords.

    Thumb me up, or thumb me down, it does not matter. If I can convince even a handful of people to switch this holiday season, I would be happy 🙂

    Peace and Love,
    Your fellow brother, your fellow Canadian.

  • hmmmmm

    lol videotron gave me 6gb and caller ID for 44.99 for 24 months , then 55 for the last 12 , plus a free 500gb HD pvr for 24 months , 480 $ value

  • Love Wind.

    Rogers is promoting Wind accidentally. HaaaHAaaaa

  • Cyrano

    how many mobilesyrup page can be open with 150mb…?

  • NS49

    I don’t get it. How much would it acutally cost Rogers to offer more data? They won’t lose too much and can attract a lot more potential customers. They are reliable but greedy as ****.

  • abc123

    it’s plans like this that make the Rogers family one of the richest billionaires in Canada.

  • General Gustov

    Can they get anymore pathetic , what a joke .

  • lukeiphone

    WTF is this

  • Airbus

    Why does canadian mobility industry go backward?

    4 months ago, the big three were doing $60-$65 for 6GB data and 200 mins voce.

    Now, they are doing 5GB + voice plan for around $100

    I know the 5GB plan has unlimited mins anytime, but who cares?! My10 is already enough!

  • BreathLess

    Truly crap. At least start adding basic features like caller Id and voicemail and people will start thinking about these plans.

  • Mohamed

    Wow anyone who signs up for this plan is a moron of epic proportion. When will people learn to never sign contracts , and always buy your phone not on contract jeez.

  • Deli

    As nice as the small 3’s plans are, their coverage simply enrages me. Poor signal, poor speeds, even in major malls. It is laughable. However, it is a right step for the industry to include them to compete. They also need LTE bands fast and the gov’t should give them a leg-up in the bidding.

    I am the go-to guy for phones for a large circle of people but I cannot recommend a non-LTE phone in this day and age.

    There is a reason why it costs less on the small 3, lower speeds, bad coverage and throttling of data is the cherry on the cake.

  • Mike

    Data should never be less than 6gb, that should be the norm by now. everyone wants data and text messaging, not to many people make voice calls anymore. Its all about textting and using lots of data.

  • ron

    this plan should include bum lube for the first 6 months

  • captain67

    That 57 dollar fido plan HyperB mentions is a damn good deal if you live in an area without Wind. I have a line with the same plan from fido, but not a promo. It has half the data, the other features the same. Costs 80 a month, not 57 normally.