Sony Music Unlimited discounted to $12/year for PlayStation Plus members

We’ve talked before of Sony’s streaming music service, Music Unlimited, which is available for Android, iOS, PS Vita and PlayStation 3, as well as the browser. It’s a great platform, with a selection of artists and tracks comparable to Rdio and Slacker Radio.

With the launch of firmware version 2.0 for the PS Vita, Sony has announced that it is discounting the service to $12/year for PlayStation Plus members (itself a $50 purchase), or $59.99 without one. It used to cost $9.99/month, so this is quite a deal.

Music Unlimited doesn’t have the prettiest interface, but it supports offline playback and has curated channels based on listening preference. For anyone who hasn’t yet jumped onto the streaming music bandwagon, this could be a good first opportunity.

Via: TNW

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