Sony Music Unlimited discounted to $12/year for PlayStation Plus members


  • drone

    Ah man.. got me excited there for a sec—thought I read $12/year for Playstation Plus….

  • Brad F(anboy)

    That’s great! Except I haven’t turned on my PS3 since last year.

  • Squint

    This sounds like a decent deal. Already a PS+er so might give it a shot and see how I likes it.

  • David Lebel

    Hopefully, it will also stream on Android too. At 12$/yr, it’s a bargain, being already a PSN member.

  • DonDod

    Looks like they’re having trouble competing with the Xbox unlimited streaming/downloads for $9.99. Sony is gonna have to do better than this!

    • Squint

      10 bucks a month or 12 a year… seems like a no brainer to me. Granted you need to have the PS+ membership but you need Xbox Live with anything on the Xbox anyways.

    • DonSod

      Yeah you’re right sorry. Read that to quick. thought it was $12 per month for a year.

  • StEC

    I love my PS+ subscription had it for 5 months now and already downloaded and saved over $700 in content for my $50 investment!!! I’m for sure going to get Music Unlimited as I have done the trial before and loved it! 🙂

  • SZ

    Do you lose the membership if your PS+ expires?

    • skippypaccino

      Its automatic renewal. You have to actually cancel your subscription to PS plus for it to expire. I personally think PS plus is the best deal on the market. Just remember to check every Tuesday to see if anything new pops up.

  • skippypaccino

    Where is this 12$ PS plus music unlimited discount??? I’m not able to find it on the website, PS store or PS music unlimited app from the cross media bar.

  • StEC

    @skippypaccino the PSN Store hasn’t updated yet it should be updated within the next couple hours! 😉

  • swizzlerz

    competition is good. I never purchased an ipod or itracks for the reason I wanted zune 😀 aka now xbox music. I think its good that more companies are coming as the crtc is not being such pig headed and not letting anyone in… bring them all.. Better for consumers.

  • outcastrc

    Picked up the $12 deal. So far from what I see on the PS3 the family likes it.

    Only issues so far is the android app isn’t compatible with our Nexus 7’s or Galaxy Nexus phones. I then tried to log in to the app on our GoogleTV’s but it’s refusing. Not sure what it wants for email and password. I used the same ones I used on the PS3 and nothing.