Google promises quick fix for Android 4.2 “December” bug


  • yellow

    what about nexus 4 orders :'(

    • l forgot my meds

      You using it wrong!!
      Get a complete phone.
      Get a iPhone.

    • Android = Fail

      Another Android FAIL!

  • Mike

    how about android 4.2 for my yakju Gnex :'(

  • Bob

    What’s a “December”? If Google says there are 11 months in a year, then it must be the truth.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Google is never wrong.

      You friend’s birthday must be on Marchtember Oneteenth.

  • Alex

    LOL, and you thought iOS was bad!

  • etc

    Yeah how about the gnex 4 orders ? I ordered at 1150 on the 13th , it still days it will be delivered on the 15th. Hasn’t even been shipped yet.

  • Reolin

    How about the constant random restarting bug in 4.2? I think that’s a little more important than a missing month.

    • S2556

      there is none.
      I’m suprised such a tiny bug got so much attention. I dont even save peoples birthdays into my contacts so I never noticed lol

  • tommy

    Did google stop the OTA rollout of 4.2? Waiting for the OTA on a Gnex and I have already tried the google services trick with no luck.

  • Squint

    Has anybody tried to change or add December info in their contact info in Gmail? Since it syncs together it should work…?

  • oldschool

    If it happened on iOS, Tim Cook would go on the record and say “you’re using it wrong”

    • Tbone

      Thats so true… Nothing says we appreciate your loyalty better than by flat out insulting teir customers intelligence… Lol. Besides i would glady take a missing calder month bug like this over apples camera flare, wifi issue, gps issue and so on and so on lol

  • General Gustov

    How are we to mark Dec 21 , 2012 ( the end of the world ) or is that why it wouldnt input because it wouldnt matter anyway . hmmmmmm

    • some guy

      The calendar still works, it’s the contact birthday option that is missing December…

  • Gandu

    Daniel is 29 years of age.

  • tbv420

    And yet if the birthday was already input it still shows out correctly….. Just don’t try to edit….

  • John

    Nice to know that they have some pretty stringent testing…

  • Seriously

    Got the Yakju 4.2 update today, so it’s rolling out now (sorry Yakjux people)

  • jason

    hello i am having a problem of flashing my radio on my gnexus. long ago i was able to do it but my vol button is not working so i cant get to the recovery menu. I was wondering if anyone know another way around this.

  • nely

    Omgosh!! does that mean ppl are gonna miss my birthday!?

  • Joe

    shitty operating system is shitty

  • spanky

    Wow, got a real android following of sheep here lol

  • Craig

    i don’t have any friends with birthdays in Dec so i’m good!