HTC announces 5-inch 1080p Butterfly J for Japanese market, promises it will bring screen here soon


  • Hinds2009

    Now that’s one sick phone, my wallet weeps! Kudos htc:-)

  • Vin

    Looks pretty awesome, HTC + BeatsAudio + Google = Super Hit

  • Good Deal Guy

    I don’t care if theres no point of 1080p on a phone, its just badass, f**king right on! HTC ;).

  • monsterduc1000

    Make this into the next Nexus device and I’m SOLD!!!

  • Dalex

    It’s quite nice, but 2020 Mah battery? on a 5″ 1080p screen? Why does HTC continuously find a way to fit the smallest battery possible in their handsets?

    • jellmoo

      Very inclined to agree. It must take quite a bit of juice to power a 5 inch 1080p screen. I think it can survive a little extra thickness to add a battery that can last the day.

    • Shensmobile

      Remember when HTC released the One S with a tiny battery? Remember how it also subsequently had the best battery life of any Android phone? 1080p is awesome, and it makes me cream my pants, but imagine if the manufacturers took a break from producing phones to push out optimized software to all their phones, lower the prices of their phones, and outsell Apple by sheer numbers? If Google could sell the Galaxy Nexus for $200-$300 (8gb to 32gb models, made possible by the technology being cheaper to make) outright AND have software that can do 60fps (project butter) and have 2-3 day battery life under heavier usage (project roadrunner) then I think Apple would have a tough time.

      You only pay for the premium if it’s worth it. Look at Sony.

    • Dalex

      The One S has ok battery, and nowhere near the best on the market. I have the One X, and the battery life is crud, because the fit a 1800 Mah in a 4.7″ 720p display with LTE. Extrapolate that to 5″ 1080p display and you have a recipe for another craptastic battery life with a tiny battery. What is the excuse exactly, the One X is not the thinnest phone at 9.2 mm? The RAZR MAXX has a 8.4mm thin frame with a 3300 Mah Battery.

    • Tomatoes

      I disagree. Not a chance I would make a 5 inch phone thicker than it has to be.

      Mobility and pocketability is a much higher priority than battery life.

      HTC made the right move, make a 5 inch phone attractive enough to get the GS3, HTC One X, LG optimus, crowd.

      Add a big fat battery and then this phone gets regulated to beating up the Note and Vu. Why would they do that?

      Besides, the igzo tech supposedly doubles battery life.

    • Tomatoes

      Razr Maxx and GS3 use AMOLED and engineering to fit the big fat batteries in the design. HTC has neither.

  • FormerAndroidUser

    Loved the Nexus One, I hope they take this LCD technology and apply it to a non-phablet 4-4.3″ phone. That + stock Android and I would be ready to go back.

  • Nomo4me

    pfft … company releases a tablet build like a brick ****house, best in class build quality (jetstream) but won’t support upgraded software on it? sorry HTC.. never again buying your products

  • andy c

    Looks like a nice phone, It just has to pass the jeans pocket test. Man purse is reserved for vacations

  • Allan

    That looks way better than the One X. I still don’t like the fact that HTC has moved to unibody designs and doesn’t offer removable battery and expandable memory.

  • D

    I hate huge phones but I must say this phone looks beautiful. I would love a 4.5″ version.

  • Drew Moreberry

    Oh man, I really enjoy my HTC one X(once cyanogen mod was on it). Once this new phone hits the market, I’m going to import it and sell my one X one craigslist.

    This phone screams “hold me”.

  • Cody

    When it comes to NA, RELEASE IT ON ALL CARRIERS… It blows my mind how htc makes the same mistake every single time. We don’t want variants, give all carriers the same device.

  • vn33

    waterproof ? Count me in !

  • John

    Non removable battery is a no-dice move for me.

  • selfdestruct

    Priming wallet…

  • Q

    Nah, I can’t wait any longer, bring on the One X+!

    • andy c

      i would wait. LG has already released a Quadcore S4 LTE phone… others (like this HTC) are on there way

  • Jaymerman79

    yay! micro sd expansion
    NO LTE and non-removable battery still make it a no go for me.
    The waterproofing could make the non-removable battery sensible BUT they somehow still allow a micro-sd card slot so that means having the full case sealed is not neccessary

  • Miknitro

    I am thinking about selling a spare kidney for this one..

  • Ron Mexico

    That battery would equal about 2-2.5 hours screen on time. Fail.

  • Ben Bernakne

    I don’t care if it has a 2600p screen no lte=no buy. And I bet the battery on that lasts a max of 24 minutes

  • coop3422

    Gorgeous looking phone. Too big for me to buy one, but I can appreciate the tech. NOW MAKE THIS IN A 4-4.3′ SCREEN SIZE DAMMIT


    I would be all over it if it had at least 3000mAh Battery.
    This way i will pass!

  • mjolnir

    This just might be the perfect 5″ phone if it weren’t for the susceptible battery… Gorgeous 1080p LCD3 display, MICROSD expansion, quad S4 Krait with Adreno 320 (that’s top of the line from Qualcomm) LTE capable (in the Japanese market currently, probably will have different LTE bands if sold in N.A.) HTC why do you choose small batteries?? At least make them removable if you wanna cut costs… I wouldn’t mind paying for a bigger battery myself just for this awesome phone.

  • MapleHamwich

    I would snap that phone up so fast! Amazing stats all around. Except the non-removable battery.

  • boojay

    If this were actually a phone, it’d be perfect, but no, HTC screwed up again.

    • Bri

      I think this is a phone… lol

  • Silence.Alert

    Hurry up and release your new tablet, HTC! My.Sammy sucks!

  • Bri

    Waterproof??? You’ve got to be kidding me…

  • chlw88

    Looks nice, but 5 inches?? Really? Is this a tablet or a phone. Come on people. Phone sizes are getting out of control.

    • Craig

      if you want a smaller phone, get a smaller phone. the rest of the world wants bigger. I have a GNexus and it’s perfect and I wouldn’t mind an SIII. Just because you have little woman hands ….

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Great! A new phone noone will buy


    • Craig

      better than Apple crap

  • Marorun

    My htc one S go all day whitout any problems.
    I play game for about 3-4 hours and use it to make calls all day long (working as salesman and using it as my work phone) thats also with push sync on exchange server , gmail and hotmail at same time.

    So if they optimised the phone battery usage even more and if what i saw about Super LCD3 battery usage is right this will be more than enuf battery.

  • iphoneuser

    Why does HTC keep fudging up potential great phones. There’s always at least 1 or 2 things from the specs that ruins it. Low storage capacity, small battery capacity.

  • iphoneuser

    It’s like they keep preventing themselves from reaching any higher. We have a great phone, but wait, lets put in a small battery.

  • Saad

    This has to be the rumoured Nexus 5… notice the “with Google” branding on the bottom near the beats logo… instant giveaway THIS IS IT!!!!!! SAMSUNG DUCK FOR COVER

  • Saad

    They said the One X had inadequate battery… I go two days without a charge HTC has optimized their devices to save battery life when it matters – in standby mode. Sure the screen will the suck battery when its ON, but thats expected. As long as my battery meter stays COMPLETELY STILL as it does on my One X when I am in standby… then I will have amazing batter life.

    HTC is doing a phenomenal job and making without a doubt the best screens on a handset.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Battery size is reflective of the market they are selling it in. Slimness of a phone is very important in the Japanese market, and the user use case of the phone also differs as well. This is why it is targeted to that market as they worked with KDDI in creating this phone. Hopefully the NA/Global version will still be waterproof, and look as good, and have a 2500+ MAH battery

  • Michael

    Can anyone explain to me why the LTE for this phone won’t work in Canada? I am thinking of importing the phone over.

  • Kroms

    No LTE and No Removable Battery ?

    HTC what were you thinking? Give us this phone with the REMOVABLE Battery !!!!! at the very least.
    I don’t care for LTE right now , but removable battery AND Stick Android ! and I will buy $ 2.