RIM plans media event to officially launch BlackBerry 10 on January 30th, 2013


  • bb10

    is this bb10?

    • When? When? When?

      OK but when can we go to store and buy one? Let me guess, later in 2013.


      RIM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!




    • Painus in the Anns

      Rim is about to crush Apple and Android, whoa baby, nothing gonna stop us now!

    • freestaterocker

      Yes. Yes it is.

    • Dilbert

      So let me get this right…RIM announced bb10 like 2 years ago, showed an alpha device…and now they are hosting an event to *show* a device that isn’t even ready to ship? LMAO!!!

    • Yerp

      RIP RIM.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      NO dolbert, you dont have it ‘straight’. Youre not straight at all.

    • Morning Wood

      As of 8:50 AM Eastern Standard Time today, people have started lining up at the Blackberry store in Eaton’s Center to buy this phone…stay tuned.

    • BBMEr

      In RIM custom, They are “Launching” BB10 (NO specific dates on when you can go to a store and Get a phone in your HANDS)

      -If you know RIMM they are doing this, Just to avoid the hit on the Stock when The industry releases the sales-Numbers for December!!
      Coincidence? no sir!!

      -With RIM It’s all about the wording. I believe in BB10 when its IN STOCK at stores, meanwhile Zzzzzzzz!

    • BBMEr

      You have to be blind to see that Jan 31 PR is just to avoid the stock from dropping (Just wait and see the QReport on Dec 20th)

      Expect another:
      “Coming this Summer”

    • goneson

      I can finally “like” this goofballs comment

  • Is this Bb10?

    Two years too late. They must be priced the same as Nexus 4 to be successful.

  • Scarneck

    CANT WAITT!!!!!!

    • BBMEr

      Yes you can wait, yes you will wait!
      If you want a BB phone you should know about it.

      Expect a ” Limited release in South Africa and Nigeria (the BB biggest markets, Indonesia is not anymore, Android is taking over now)

  • Antoine


  • General Gustov

    Finally !! RIM is back , we missed you

  • marion

    I will delay my annual phone swap for this

  • Acco

    Late launch is late. They’ve already missed the crucial holiday season. Not sure that this is going to be enough…

    • jussayin

      Holiday season means nothing .

    • migo

      Actually, there were reports that carriers didn’t have a place for BB10 as a holiday launch, but that they could feature it prominently for a post-holiday launch.

      Exposure is a big deal, and being lost in a sea of promoted handsets during the big shopping season probably isn’t an advantage over being what everyone talks about shortly after.

    • StephenBB81

      I know right! They have missed 100’s of Holiday seasons how can they ever hope to survive right? because Holiday shopping 2012 is the definitive date in all of history for smartphone market share dominance, the company to control Holiday shopping in 2012 is destined for global mobile communication control!!

    • bb

      Business don’t care for holiday seasons…only consumers…and in todays world most consumers don’t buy anything expensive before christmas because they are looking for bargains. Think your point is invalid. Plus they have 2013 to gain traction for the next holiday, they wouldn’t have sold this holiday because no reviews would have been out yet.

    • bb

      also….samsung didn’t become number one because of the holiday seasons…did they??? so it just goes to show you how silly your comment is.

    • Johentie

      i’m sure u know all the business reasons why.. but i’ll tell you anyway… the holiday is a crucial time for people, but not when ur not going to get any ad space or marketing help from the carriers.. microsoft just launched their phones and although pretty good.. they are going to get out shadowed by a 1.5 month old launch.. and by the Nexus 4 and the ipad mini’s, ipad4’s…

      in Jan/Feb RIM will have all hands on deck from the carriers and they will have a fresh new launch where no one is launching..

      the only thing i can see hurting them is an GS4 rumor or the other nexus devices from HTC, Samsung etc etc..

  • JBR

    I’ve never been a BB person, but I’m interested. The January release is great as it gives me time before my contract expires to give it a good look. Likely I’ll stick with Android, however, if this delivers, I may just support the Canadian product.

  • John_Carlos

    Many are saying this will be the best/most capable phone out of the box of all time. Skype and Netflix should follow suit and announce apps for this very capable platform. iOS7? IN THE DUST.

    • 99semaj

      Who is “many”? And how can you whether or not this is a very capable platform?

      I wonder why this story starts off with “Simply amazing”, is that sarcasm or praise?

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      bla bla bla skype and netflix bla bla. Who the f uses skype anymore? aside from geriatrics who just got into using “the pc computer”. Netflix? You better not be Canadian because the selection is abysmal. You might as well be flushing 7 bucks down the toilet each month. Funny how people always blast BB for not having these apps, but nobody on the other platforms uses them aside from the initial install

  • migo

    Damn. I was expecting March. Makes the Nexus 4 a harder choice. I think the price still does it though, no way the London launches at $300.

    • StephenBB81

      @migo speculations are that we’ll see a HSPA+ only BB10 all touchscreen device which incidentally is the “London” that has been adopted as the universal code name for all the full touch BB10 devices.

      if we See a HSPA+ only BB10 device it will be running the cheaper TI processors, which could see a BlackBerry 10 device much closer to the Nexus 4 price point, maybe $50 more.

      The LTE devices I expect to see in the $600 range

  • Alex

    Yeah imagine if i had Netflix and Skype on my Playbook.

    When were the Major mobile apps last updated by their by their makers?

    I predict success for RIM only if they equal or best the marketing budget of Apple and Samsung.

  • hmmmm

    Was going to get the Note 2 in 3 hours…grrrrrr…too bad

  • Max

    In other news, Blackberry delays the Blackberry 10 to May 14th 2012.

  • Sam

    RIP. You can’t beat Samsung galaxy s3.
    Ohhh you know what at that time we will have the galaxy s4

    • StephenBB81

      I greatly disagree about “can’t beat the SG3” as I couldn’t stand the SG3, I’m a bit excited for the Note 2, and maybe Samsung can make a SG4 that has build quality, comfort and software all in a nicely unified package but I’m not holding my breath for that one.

    • bb

      I think the answer is in the users hands. My mom bought Sg3 and to be honest it is quick, but not that impressed. Seems like a lot of gadgets that are really fun for 2 seconds…when it comes to making phone calls, sending emails and business related things…i don’t see the use of it.Note pad is cool, but you won’t take any real notes with it. More oooh and aww factor. BB10 works for work.

  • Mark


    • Johentie

      you won’t be yawning after u use the device..

      what’s yawn is the Apple products… shares are taking a hit aren’t they??

  • new_tradition

    I wonder how much the devices will cost…Is a full touch screen pricier than a qwerty device?

  • Jack

    Lots of legends of business taking a break from flipping burgers and stocking shelves to comment on RIM’s success chances, I see!

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      I think you mean big three sales reps waiting for grannies to waddle towards their mall kiosk to sucker them into three year contracts. ethered.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    blackberry is back! CEO Heins is just now slowly sliding his panties off just about to take a huge dump on the competition!

  • Rich

    January 30th? I was hoping for early January… sigh RIM

    • Art Vandelay

      and that’s only unveiling date, no actual release date yet.

  • fanberry10

    YES! BB10 is lauching in a few months, I have patience I’ll wait the BB10 to upgrade my phone.

  • Surveillance

    After the next earnings call you can expect another 10% pullback of their share price. It is then that I will load up. RIM is going to make me rich.

  • G

    They are full of BS. They release this information just to make us wait for 3 more months as the Nexus 4 is out today.

  • Kevin

    Better late than never – my Torch is almost pooched. Hurry up RIM!

  • sp

    darn it!! too soon….i was supposed to go to Cali and then snowboarding in January…

    oh wait..they are just debuting it to the world right?

    RIM..give me the mailing address so I can send you my credit card and wallet..


  • Gabriel

    Will people, one day, réalise that BB are devices mainly aimed at business man and that it’s probably the most productive devices for a business on the market? Add QNX to the equation and we will also say most realile device too? I believe RIM is back for real, but don’t believe they will kill android or iOs its just for another kind of needs…

    • Jack

      While I agree that it’s a good business device, it’s a common misconception that ‘most BlackBerry users are business users’. The majority of their sales are to consumers outside of big corporations. Has been that way for years.

    • Go RiM!!!!!

      The new BB10 will provide the best of both worlds…
      FIPS security, push email, etc for business, and powerful hardware, games, etc for consumers. To add to this, BB10 will offer “BlackBerry Balance” which will allow the use of one phone for both business and personal needs without the worry of cross contamination.

      BB10 is the OS of the future. Can’t wait for Jan. 30th!

  • 5Gs

    What is blackberry ?? LOL!!

    • Johentie

      what is a 5Gs? is it the new iphone that’ll look just like the iphone 5? with same UI, Same OS?

      maybe you’ll get NFC!?!?!

    • sp

      @Johentie no you are wrong…the 5GS is gonna be the same as the 4GS.. exactly the same.. back to 3.5″ screen.


  • Tariq

    the people that are saying rim is just showing the devices on jan 30th don;t seem to see the trend in mobile device launches, they usually are sent to the carriers within a wee kfo the press conference, well that’s what ive seen, for sale so don’t make dumb assumptions

  • bb

    This is great news for Blackberry. All people saying the platform is dead, but I think the old RIM is dead and the new RIM is here to stay.

  • aryana

    Business people dont have a holiday season…plus there are holiday seasons few times every year not every century.
    Rim didnt miss a thing. In order to come up with a masterpiece you need some time to build it. I have an absolute confidence in RIM and whatever its doing. I am pretty sure bb10 will be one of the best phones out there.

    Go RIM 😀

  • Jaffna Guy

    Being late is not important but being latest is important 🙂

  • jess

    I want one so bad! Tired of my now slow iphone.. stupid update.

  • john cena

    can the bb10 play android apk files like the playbook?
    if so then no need to worry about bb developers to add
    netflix or other android ready apps

  • tech

    About time Blackberry, just dont disappoint us on 31st jan… PLease.

  • guy

    as much as i want to see this phone in action…this announcement is over a year too late. Fail RIM.

  • aregularonhofo

    Just an obvious question…do any of you r*****s have a girlfriend (or boyfriend if you’re bluenote73 or Rocco)? It’s only a bloody phone…and I love the way some of you tools are making predictions with no basis for your opinions. Hell…get out of your basements and have some fun…don’t spend your whole life worshipping an object that controls you as if you have no brain. Too funny…let’s all gather around the campfire by chanting and wait patiently for the release.

  • Tim3tripp3r

    Nothing like a bit of good news from RIM to bring out the wankers. I guess they have nothing better to do on a holiday monday. I wish BB10 nothing but the best of luck with their upcoming intro and hope they make out better than Apple did on their launch re: software, camera lense, etc.
    I am a android user but would seriously consider BB10 if everything works, lots of apps, good reviews.

  • Sweet

    What I’m really interested in seeing is whether or not the new BB phones will work on HSPA(+) networks in the AWS band and whether or not the phones will require BIS service or not.

    My understanding is that you cannot connect to the Internet from your BB phone unless you have BIS service. If that’s true, then I think that might be a barrier to getting into the consumer market with carriers that charge extra for BIS service. Though, now that I think about it, there’s probably not that many consumers in such a situation, so it might not be a big loss.

  • JustMeAndMe

    I’ve heard that BB10 system will have name as Android versions do. From a very good source I’ve learnt that this one will be nicknamed “Half-baked” and it will be so good that it will be the last one that RIM will release.

  • caha

    I’m so pumped!! Can’t wait to renew my contract once Bell gets BB10 Devices!! Launch Party is gonna be awesome!

  • Torcher

    gunna do the unthinkable and jump from SG3 to BB10….come on folks…who’s with me?

  • Tommy d

    I will be switch from iOS to bb10, and glad to hear the good news

  • Jon

    Too little too late. That sound heard after it’s launched will be crickets.

  • Joseph

    What an interesting series of comments. I bought by wife a Sg3, and it seems kind of cool, she really likes it. More importantly she did not want to wait for the release of the new BB. From my perspective, I have been a die hard fan of BB for many years. I am very much holding on to the hope that BB 10 will break through the criticisms and more importantly, the competition, and we can see BB on top again, or there might be a good chance I will be hitting the stores looking for another brand. (Iphone….NEVER).
    I would wish BB good luck, but I think it goes further than that, it is time they show if they are going to be a player, or simply release a product rehashing the same old apps and services. My opinion, it is no longer about luck, it is about making a product which surpasses anything else on the market. In the end, although price does play somewhat into the game, most people who go out looking for the best products, tend to overlook price. Build it….and they will come. Loyal Blackberry fan, hoping not to be let down.

  • Matt Kim

    13:37 on BBM seems legit.

  • random72

    All of this breathless commentary is interesting. Not sure what it’s based on, seeing as we don’t have any information on final specs, availability and pricing, but seeing so many hyped up about these devices must warm the hearts of RIM execs. All we have is a date for an official announcement, but what we’ll learn at that time is anyone’s guess. There’s still a long way to go before these devices will be in the hands of consumers. The hype should be reigned in accordingly.

  • coop3422

    I hope RIM succeeds with BB10. Not because I’m a BB fan, I’ve never liked their previous models, the OS simply was boring. I’m an android use and doubt I’ll make the switch, but if it’s good, that creates competition, and the more competition that’s out there, the better it is for us, the concumers 🙂