BlackBerry 10 now in carrier lab testing, still on track to “flawlessly” launch in Q1 2013


  • kenypowa

    Yes but how does it stack up against Nexus 4, iPhone 5 and Windows 8?

    • Googler

      Wake me up in five months when I can go to a store and HAVE the phones in my hands..

      -They moved the phone from Alpha DEV pre -prototype into
      “Lab -Mode”?? LOL!

    • Googler

      My interest for a BB phone five motnhs from now is “Flawlessly” ZERO.

      Good luck developing a Flagship phone that will come out at less than $360.

      They still have the BB 9900 at $600 LOL!

    • 1234APPLE


    • Babu

      Blackberry 10 = DOA

    • Johentie

      hmmm do you even know how the nexus 4 and WP8 function in the real world??? no? then u can’t ask that quesiton..

      i’m not saying they are bad phones.. just saying ur question is invalid as u or anyone knows how WP8 and the NExus 4 function..

      and what u basing ur question on? performance? looks? UI? resolution? camera? browser? call quality? bluetooh abilites? hardware?

      ur question is also unclear! as All those phones have pros and cons against eachother


    Brace Yourself

    RIM’s bankruptcy is comming…

    • ak

      Your name should be “General WRONG”..

    • Jack

      Such comments are really stupid. Sorry.

      – Is RIM up to their ears in debt? No.
      – Have you seen them say “our ability to continue is a growing concern? No.
      – Have they reported being in arears on debt? No … because they don’t have any.
      – Has their cash balance fallen to zero? No … it rose to $2.3 billion.
      – Has their user base fallen to under 1 million? No … it rose to 80 million.

      Call them in transition, fine. Heck, call them struggling. fine. But to suggest their nearing bankruptcy. That’s ignorant and uninformed.

  • Benz

    Get er done!! Can’t wait!!


    Gonna be hard to find in the wild bugs with only 5 users 😉

  • Hank

    Go RIM! Chances dont look good though as there is already 3 better ecosystems out there

    • Jack

      1. How do you know it’s not as good as they are? Used an unreleased product have you?

      2. How do you know there can only be three ecosystems? As it is right now, their current ecosystem has a user base several times the size of the ‘third ecosystem’.

  • some guy

    After all the failed launches, *cough* Storm *cough*, they better hope this launch is perfect, else their reputation with average consumers will be completely destroyed.

  • Yan Bogov

    I have never been a BB user, and never will be, but I am excited to see what they come up with. And, obviously, whoever posts under this article (positive or negative) is checking things out as well, otherwise they’d simply ignore it 😉

  • Shushwap

    I hope they can pull it off… I miss my old BB

  • HikerCA Bwah hah hah hah hahahahahahahahahahahaha ha!!! Go figure RIM would be handing out Halloween ExLax and passing it off as candy. 😉

  • Sean

    I don’t get how everyone bashes RIM and yet Apples launch of iOS 6 went through great didn’t it. Last time I checked, we don’t live in a perfect world.

    I can’t wait to see BB10

  • kad

    windows phone is dead

  • Jamma

    Good luck the phone will be delayed again…what a joke RIM

    • Johentie

      i don’t think u know what carrier testing means…. there is very little chance that the phone will be delayed after it goes into carrier tsting..

      there are a whack of things that need to be PASSED even before carriers accept it..

      so therefore you comment is STUPID

  • Rich

    No trolling intended, but I honestly forgot about BB10 with all the Google / iPhone / WP8 announcements as of late.

    • bb

      i think about them more everytime i see one of these new phones. they are just shoving crap down consumers throats and making it better every few months now. I hear so much about samsung and apple i am starting to loathe them.

    • Johentie

      that’s the point… who will be launching when bb10 comes?

      NO ONE..

      why get caught up with everyone else when u can have everyones attention all at once?

      oh wait but the holidays and everyone will beon a WP8, iphone5 or samsung, google device right?

      well you see not everyone;s contract is up at the same time around the world!

      people’s contracts are up everyday! therefore in Q1 2013 a lot of people’s contracts will be up who werent able to get a new phone during christmas!

  • Troll

    Does it run webos?

  • haxor99

    It better be flawless after such a long wait!
    Good luck RIM! Who knows maybe I’ll own a blackberry again one day.

    • kad

      it won’t be flawless

      but updates are key !

      I am on videotron and still NO os 7.1 here on my bold 9900!!!


  • Danny

    If Google pushes out a LTE Nexus 4 around the time of BB 10’s launch…and if Samsung announce the Galaxy S4 around that time. RIM is for sure dead.

  • vn33

    Best wishes to RIM, afterall, you’re Canadian just like many of us here. However, I don’t think I will buy a BB10 though … I don’t see how BB10 can woo the average consumer who already have choices from iOS, Android, and WP

    • bb

      As a business user you don’t need to be wooowed to want a blackberry. To be honest I played with my moms samsung galaxy 3 the other day and it is really a bunch of widgets and apps and everything wants access to your gps and signing up of accounts. Its huge, great screen quality, but doesn’t make me woo. ps she not that user friendly…she can’t figure anything out on her own.

  • jPhoneUser

    ok ? this is weird so they are going to “lab” test this for months ? i dont remember hearing about any other phone being lab tested by carrier for months.

    • phreezerburn

      Well the iPhone 5 sure could have used it.

  • Sparro

    Some of you guys are funny. Little geeks on their computers talking about how Billion Dollar Corporations is gonna die if LG or Samsung releases another phone. Give me a break. Go back to your McDonalds counter job and serve me up a Big Mac and don’t talk about something you know nothing about!

    • jack

      you could be just talking about yourself with that statement.

    • Johnny


    • phreezerburn

      They bring a good product to the market and they’ll do fine. They still eat everyone else’s lunch regarding security and with the low bar set by the iPhone 5, enterprise will certainly give them a chance once again. Hell a year ago most here and everywhere else were buying into “liquid metal” chassis, screens with nearly 3D presence and all the other Blade Runner/Minority Report tech Apple was flogging as The Gospel According To Steve. So wtf do any of us know?

  • Sparro

    All new phones with new OS’s go into lab testing. You just don’t hear about it because people on bash RIM and nobody else. Who invented the smart phone we all enjoy today??? RIM did, thats who.

  • jack

    flawless? its already flawed by being 6 months too late

    • Jack

      According to what criteria? You? You stop flipping burgers long enough to post that?

  • Johnny


  • Mike

    As long as RIM is producing a phone that will be on par with the the GS4 or the Iphone5S then they’ll do alright. However, if they’re gunna push out something that’s gunna compete against the GS3 or iP5 5 months from now then I’m sorry to say that it will be DOA and RIP RIM…

    • Lewis

      Because the iphone 5 was such a revolutionary improvement over the iphone 4? And the same thing about the S4 over the S3? If you believe screen size and processor increases make a device great then you have not been truly involved or understood the evolution of the PC and why there are none of the “originals” left. That there is very little money selling hardware improvements or trying to distinguish yourself on hardware. If you’re going to analyze BB10 againts iphone and the dozen or so android handsets on hardware specs alone then you’re out of the loop. What the hell do you think happened to Nokia. They always had/have killer hardware.

  • jOE

    I hope it’s priced at a competitive price like the Nexus 4 so I can get my hands on it. Good luck RIM!

    • brrro

      this is amazing. this is guaranteeing their launch for Q1 2013. They always had great products & for the most part great quality. Only thing is, with RIM’s history RIM doesn’t price Blackberrys cheap like the way Google is competitively pricing their Nexus line devices.

      That is fine for the consumers that are demanding it, but it would’ve been great in the market if it had a great retail cost.

      Either way, I’m pre-ordering, taking the day off & waiting in line for this! 🙂 This will indeed be my final phone for the next few years (if all goes well..).

  • Adam

    I have had a BlackBerry supplied by my work since the original 900 series. I currently have a 9700. I can’t imagine not having a hardware keyboard device for business emails. On screen keyboards are just too slow and awkward.

    I’ve used iOS and Android devices. They are great devices, but crappy for typing anything more than a sentence or two.

    I’m looking forward to a BB10 device (with keyboard) to eventually replace my 9700.

    • Johnny

      I can guaruntee you that anyone with a touchscreen keyboard can type 10x faster than you on your cramped keyboard.

      With a hardware keyboard you’re hitting a hardware that doesn’t detect anything other than what you press. Basically unintelligent.

      With on screen keyboard you’re hitting software key with better key detection / prediction which results in a far more intelligent word prediction which allows for quicker input.

      I doubt that you’ve used a touchscreen keyboard or else you won’t make that claim.

      Hardware keyboard for mobile devices should be placed in the history books.

  • Ron Mexico

    Great the 500 RIM followers here at Mobilesyrup will be happy.

    The rest of the world doesn’t care anymore, the rest of the world got tired of listening to nothing but talk from RIM and moved on long ago.

    Thumb me down, truth hurts doesn’t it?

    • Jack

      Yeah – “the rest of the world moved on” and there’s only 500 BB users not 80 million. That’s right …

  • Stuntman

    I’ll be interested to see what RIM has to offer next year. I think it’s their last chance to make an impact in the mobile technology market.

  • screamer

    My boss still has a blackberry and in lunch time when his phone rings we joke around. Look somebody with a blackberry!!! They are done no way to fight anymore!

    • kad

      to good to pass up…

      who’s the boss ? he his
      what phone does this boss have? Blackberry

      go ahead minions laugh all you want 🙂

      I rest my case

    • QC_Al

      Guess it shows the maturity level of the people “the boss” has hired. Snicker and joke all you want as people who make fun of or are offended by comments on mobile device choice are incredibly vain and IMO stupid. Sound like the bo-hunks and hillbillies arguing about Fords and Chevy’s. I use a BB and am not ashamed of it, n’or am I a fanatic. However I will go out on a limb and say “RIM will do fine”. From the leaks that we’ve all (unless you’ve been living under a rock)seen, they have a vlid product with excellent features. Within days of RIM showing off their predictive keyboard and lock screen there were imitations on iOs and Android which tells me RIM is still innovating and doing things right. How much do you think they’ve held back showing?

  • Al

    @ johnny “With on screen keyboard you’re hitting software key with better key detection / prediction which results in a far more intelligent word prediction”

    go read up on time complexity, why go through “intelligent” exponential algorithms for predictions when you can use a relatively constant-time or logarithmic functions to process faster?

    Until there’s a mind reader where typing is unnecessary, it’s better with a hardware keyboard for long emails.

    p.s. This scenario is for typing out long emails/documents, not getting short msgs across (for short msgs, you would win this argument)

    if it goes well without any major setbacks in program design and within an acceptable price range, I’d give BB10 a chance!

  • Its Me!

    God knows that bbm was not enough to hold me onto blackberry…
    I fully left it for android… BIGGGG Mistake…
    My Nexus S is still unable to send or receive a MMS message.
    My nexus was unable to do so when I first bought it, then an update later i was.
    However, another update later I am unable to send or receive MMS messages again.

    Listen, as a consumer, I do NOT care what the reason why my phone cannot send or receive MMS messages…
    Especially when this “nexus” phone is supposed to be the best android phone (at the time).
    Especially when my iPhone would do it flawlessly… not to mention my stupid $69.99 dumb phone did it also.
    Do not get me wrong, I am not an apple/rim/microsoft/google fanboy/girl
    I could give two s#its about who makes my phone…
    If my phone does not work properly… Especially for a simple tast like an MMS…
    I will not buy or recommend it again.

    I do feel that slow and steady wins the race…
    I feel like everyone has been rushing out all these os’s and rim hasn’t given a rats a*s about any of them.
    Hopefully and i mean HOPEFULLY… RIM comes out with something so spectacular and INNOVATIVE, something game-changing.
    If not, RIM is just pathetic for even trying to compete with some peoples who’s stock price is well over $600…

  • Emil Howarth

    RIM is not dead yet….BBM is no # 1 messaging system next to open source texting….new feature BBM voice is a great add-on that has just arrived…But while the FACEBOOK, TWEETING – X generation crowd has abandoned their Blackberry devices for Iphones & Android units; big business and government still hold on…yes their are pockets that got fed up and tossed their Blackberries to recycle bin-BUT Security issues still motivate decisions where big bucks pay the tab. Blackberry’s security features are second to no other.

    Also Blackberry’s operating system partner QNX is a significant player in the high tech world. They have a long history of creating micro based operating systems for mission critical environments like: Hospitals, Police & Fire Depts, Ambulance services etc. Their kernel design technology in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s was 5-10 years in advance of Microsoft Windows improvements.

    BB10 will be a winner and your IPhones will be that toy you gave up. OR the big company that you work for will upgrade to new Blackberrys making your connectivity with your IPhones at the office more difficult as time goes on.

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