Rogers goes live with new monthly price plans

Rogers has streamlined their monthly plans, now much easier to understand and available to all. We posted this news yesterday with complete details – see here – and as expected, the prices range from $55/month to $95/month and are “customers can now get more wireless internet and unlimited calling for only a couple dollars more than they are paying today.”

They’re labelled Occasional, Social, Streamer and Connected and are all shareable, LTE and very internet driven future. Rogers noted on their company blog that “65 per cent of our customers now using a smartphone and 56 per cent of Canadian smartphone users accessing the Internet at least once each day, now is a perfect time to help you maximize the potential of your devices.” Gone are the days of “data” and the re-branded future of Rogers is “Wireless Internet.”

Rogers is still working on updating their site, but those interested customers can grab these today.

Source: Rogers
Via: RedBoard

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