Rogers goes live with new monthly price plans


  • Is this Bb10?

    Garbage. Pure overpriced garbage. No flexibility. I want more data and less minutes. Long distance should be free. Vm/cid should be free.

    • anonymous

      Thank you RoBBers. You can shove it up your ‘you know what’!

    • Confuscious

      There is a typo in the title of the article:

      “Rogers goes live with new monthly price plans”
      is wrong, it should read:

      “Rogers goes MENTAL with new monthly price plans”


      WAKE THE F*#% up Bell, Rogers and Telus these plans are not what us people want and need. Correction we do need these plans we just need them at a better and more realistic price point. You think they would learn when they see everyone miserable and unhappy with the price of the new plans and then the geniuses at Bell go and offer the same plan. Why would anyone go for this when you can sign up for koodo or virgin and have unlimited calling canada wide without zones for $50 + add ons or if you are in an area that has the new entrants and you are not travelling much at all then even that is an option. Rogers you had the chance to start change amongst the flagship brands and you came out with horrible pricing that the others will and have followed. Good job rogers at being the first as usual to mess stuff up!!!

  • Peter

    And the difference between Social and Streamer is…?

    • Pegger

      Looks like an additional 2GB for no charge

    • Confuscious

      The picture in the article is dated. if you click on the link you will see that “Streamer” is $75 and not $65 as the picture says

      ROGERS is really going after the $73 ARPU with the $75 Streamer!!

      I jus laugh, vote with my wallet and take my N4 and business somewhere else..on month to month of course!

  • Plazmic Flame


  • Kid.Canada

    …and a more expensive than ever…

    My Plan:

    200 minutes
    Unlimited E/W from 6pm
    Unlimited text video and picture msg
    Call Display and Voicemail 3
    6GB Data sharable and LTE ready
    50% off Employee discount

    $33/month ($66 without Employee Discount)

    No one these days calls a lot more then texting or using social media to communicate so I’m more than happy with plan.

    • Ehrand

      This is the plan I have plus the top10 Canada wide (minus the employee discount lol) and I’m really happy with it!

    • COB

      Yah, I have that exact plan, plus my10 for 65 a month, better than most plans around. Especially since I don’t live in a town with Wind or anything like that.

  • The Nexus

    I honestly like those Wind plans a LOT better (and I’m on Rogers currently with the 6GB “Super Plan”) – the fact that Rogers continues to NOT include Caller ID and Voicemail (and to charge ridiculous amounts for those services – $8.75/item or $12.75 in a dumb “bundle”) is just insane.

    • WirelessBoy

      I think you might be missing the point that Rogers has a larger coverage area, you can use your 6GB of Data anywhere in Canada that Rogers has service, also your text messaging, you are not limited to the Zones. I use Data and Text Messaging when I am travelling in Canada and all I have incurred in the last year is $13 in overage charges all for long distance.

  • Lucas d


  • js

    rogers pricing gives me cancer

    • carlisso

      What a foolish, unthinking comment.

  • John

    Typical Robbers.

    I wish we had more companies in Canada, its depressing how much we pay for cellular service up here.

    • Confuscious

      I wish we had a CRTC that does its job!

      If the CRTC doesn’t want to force and “spend money and resources policing the Canadian Mobile industry”

      They should just open the doors to foreign telcos!!
      ROBELUS would stop offering 3yr contracts 2weeks later;
      offer Caller ID&VM in their plans
      and start with a $10-1GB / $20-3GB $30-6GB or something like that!

      $15 for 500MB is simply laughable!

  • Mike

    It seems like lately the big 3 are giving more minutes but less data. Just as people start to use more data and talk less.

  • taylor

    i pay $45 for unlimited data with MTS

    i’m good thanks

  • John z

    I called in today & was asked about the plans & if i would want one of them. I told them that i seen the plans on here a few days ago LOL

  • All I do is Wind!

    looks like Wind will be absorbing alot of subscribers during the holidays lol

  • Nirujan

    Its better in terms of unlimited local but still pure garbage. At 65, data should be 6gb and at 55, it should be 1gb. If wind/mobility had better coverage, I would go with them in a heartbeat.

  • Joseph Z

    So is WIND MOBILE with the following:

    Unlimited Wish 25
    Unlimited local talk
    Unlimited global text
    World saver
    100MB data
    Call control — $25/month

    Unlimited Wish 40
    Unlimited Canada/USA talk
    Unlimited global text
    Unlimited Canada pic msg
    Unlimited data
    World saver
    Call control — $40/month

    You do the math yourself!! 🙂

    • WirelessBoy

      Yup, the math is quite simple…Wind coverage is small and Rogers coverage is LARGE, you get what you pay for, $40 for limited coverage and overage charges when you are outside of these limited coverage areas, or $55 with a LARGER coverage area, and the ability to still keep your Unlimited Texting/Video Messaging etc and your 1GB Data can still be used when you are in an area that Wind does not cover…yeah, the math is very simple, you are right!

    • Mike

      And LTE.

  • Vin

    If the above picture is from their official Flyer/web posting/Advt., then they really need a GOOD Proof Reader.
    Social & Streamer both are for $65.
    ROBBERS You really have to overhaul your Pricing dept. and make them to come up with Competitive pricing according to the market plus a really good proof reader.
    All in all …..You guys are ridiculous and Hopeless

  • Peter B

    They just made it easier to understand that their prices are a rip off. Sad to know that a lot of people actually sign up for these crazy rates.

  • PewZ

    It’s a step in the right direction, one battle at a time trolls

  • Matthew

    I like how they have unlimited local calling then underneath they have unlimited after 6pm. Like thats supposed to be an extra feature you are getting. Crooks.

    • PewZ

      Look at every service providers plans that offer it, they all mention after 6pm or weekend calling after saying unlimited minutes.

  • Zoomus

    What a bunch of crap prices, currently on a plan with Bell with 6 GB of data, 300 minutes any time unlimited weekends and evenings, and unlimited txt free call display and voice mail, for $58 bucks, how the hell are these new plans any better ? are people that stupid and get these crap plans ? yup the name fits, Robers

  • PewZ

    The Streamer plan is actually priced at $75

  • Mr. Miyagi

    I’d really like to go with Wind but I tried it and I had to cancel everything… No reception most of the time…

    • williamworlde

      Tell me more, please. This is what I really want to hear about, as I’m seriously considering jumping ship from Fido to Wind. It’s half the price after all. Also, I’m more concerned about reception, both data and phone, in downtown Toronto, especially in towers. Thanks.

  • Tony_YYZ

    These are such bogus plans. What a ripoff. I currently pay $65 after tax for the following:
    300 Daytime Minutes
    Unlimited Incoming
    Unlimited EW @6PM
    1,000 CDN LD Mins
    CID, VM, Unlt’d SMS
    Unlt’d Network Calling
    6GB LTE Data (makes up $30 of my plan)

  • Steve W

    I always see everyone clamoring for plans more in line with what is offered in the United States. One of the Big 3 makes a plan like that, and they start bashing it. If you don’t like the plan, don’t get it. Enjoy your services elsewhere.

  • Gene

    Robbers is trolling us again.

    Kind of like what MLSE does to leaf fans…oh wait

  • Sean

    Yes these plans are overpriced, but this is a huge step in the right direction in terms of unlimited plans. If one of the big 3 offered unlimited everything sub $100, I think people would bite. This would also increase carrier ARPU.

  • Yeria

    Unlimited local is useless. Calling Burlington from Mississauga is considered to be non-local even though it’s only 20 minutes drive. In the mean time, calling Toronto IS local. That $65 a month plan will quickly become $80 a month after caller ID and voice mail, and you’re still tied with LD minutes often times when you make calls.

    I must say Robellus plans have been improving lately, thanks to the new entrants, but they’re still not good enough. I used 8GB of data and 1500 minutes (mostly LD) last month for $40 on Wind. How much would that have cost me if I was with Rogers? Probably $160+.

  • rogers guy

    The streamer is actually $75. I work for rogers can you make a correction to this post so that we dont recieve people calling us with incorrect information.

  • DAVE

    THEY Say I can use youtube Netflix all I want

  • Betty

    How much for the LUBE that is required when we bend over and sign our 3 years away

  • Astralmind

    What a joke.. not that it is very helpful but here’s what I’ve got with Rogers

    200 Daytime Minutes
    Unlimited EW @6PM
    CID, VM, Unlt’d SMS
    6GB LTE Data

    55$ all in, tax and weird fees included

    As long as I can keep that price, I’m happy and I think it’s almost fair, only the data that is low, something like “unlimited” with a throttle at 15GB would be ideal

  • RyanOver

    the price of this Rogers plans ARE TOO DAMN HIGH !!!

  • Amandeep

    They fixed the typo for the “Streamer” to $75 now on RedBoard

  • chrisrscott

    wind isn’t truly unlimited data please read there fairness useage policy after so much data I think its 5 gb they slow your internet down so much you can’t even use it for anything worth while.

    • Asbestos

      And with Rogers you pay $15 per GB in overages. Which one would you prefer? I thought so.

      Besides, once slowed down, you still will be able to e-mail and use the web with no issues. Stop freading FUD.

  • Eno Barbus

    Saying it again in two words:

    A. RIP

    B. OFF

  • Tinnny

    My Wind plans keeps looking better and better. $39.95 taxes in for everything I could possibly ever need. I feel sorry for people who have no other choice than to be Robbed.

  • williamworlde


    These prices are absolutely absurd for the quantities being offered!

    To the writer of this article (MS wouldn’t publish it if I include his name! WTF!): I call on you, MobileSyrup, other rags, and all with power interested in fair practices to stop the madness! Get off your collective a$$e$ and do some work! Parroting info is useless; ANY i***t can do that! When you write an article like this, put in a comparative chart saying something like, “And this is what you get at Telus, Wind, Bell, Mobilicity, etc.” I don’t care; just give people more useful information!

    Mr. Writer (not journalist!), have you asked Rogers why they can’t compete with Wind? I mean, their infrastructure is well-established and better than Wind’s, they should be able to offer more competitive services/prices, shouldn’t they?

    In my tech support life, I have always tried my very best to wean people away from Bell. I’m not stopping with just them…

    • COB

      You have to keep in mind, people need cell phone service, and companies such as Wind have extremely limited service areas. The only companies I can go with are Bell, Telus or Rogers (or their subbrands Virgin, Koodo and Fido).

      The big 3 CAN charge higher prices because people have to pay them if they want a cell phone to use. Yah it sucks, but it’s how it is.

    • billy joe masterson

      I concur, it would be beneficial if they did offer analysis with opinion and comparison to HELP the public because WE the people who read this know better than to accept this trash. However, would have something to reference to others as to WHY this is trash. It would definitely show that MS is for the people, that’s for sure. I read daily and that won’t change but supporting your reader in new ways(read:protecting their pocket book), is never a bad thing. People respect the honesty.

  • haxor99

    Very dissapointing Rogers!

  • J

    I’ll be sure to get this AMAZING deal. . . Not!

  • Zeake

    My Mobi plan…


    Yeah, that’s what I said… EVERYTHING!

  • Justin

    WOW.. its soo much better than Wind Plan! Whoohoo~
    No Caller ID, No Voicemail, and No Unlimited Data! Awesome!

  • Joshua Bouffard

    does this mean no data overages? just slow down points? Because they say unlimited talk text and web.

  • Joshua Bouffard

    T-Mobile customers pay $89.99 for unlimited talk text and web. Unlimited 4g no slow down. And its all of the USA calling.

  • JT

    Its great for those of us who live in urban areas where we have choice. However, for those in more rural areas, Rogers, Bell and Telus are more or less the only options. In essence, the urban area is subsidizing the rural area infrastructure and services.

  • Kanyes shoes

    Why do you guys get ur panties in a bunch
    By your comments none of you are with Rogers
    So why give a s**t what their plans are and the cost?

    Most are acting like Rogers is ripping YOU off but you’re not with them and hate them

    So relax

    • williamworlde

      Perhaps because people generally don’t like seeing other people being taken advantage of?

      It is not good enough for us to be content with paying the least; we should guide others in a better direction.

      I’m with Fido paying $80/mth. thinking I’ve got a deal. Others are opening my mind to the Wind alternative, even though they may not currently have the best infrastructure. With Wind, I can get 2 years of service for the same annual cost at Fido! I understand this may come at some coverage inconvenience, but we all have to start somewhere.

  • BoXX


  • billy joe masterson

    Well I wrote a nice tasteful message and it didnt appear, however I agree with the above writer, provide opinion and analysis for this crap and comparison, try to help the consumer instead of just relaying these new piles of steamy dung butter to us, we your readers know better than to sign up for this trash. If we had something to show others why we feel that Robbers is not worth a penny, it would be truly better. Adding additional reasons for readers to reference you is never a bad thing!

  • KillerKyle

    Screw rogers. Don’t post this crap, don’t market this trash for them. Instead post an opinion of why it is shite.

  • chrisrscott

    And try to get a wind customer service rep on the line at 1 in the morning too> Go rogers all the way

  • chrisrscott

    try to get a customer service rep on the line with wind at 1 in the morning. With the 95 dollar plan voice mail and call display is included in that price

  • chrisrscott

    and you can add 10 to any of the plans for unlimited can ld

  • corby

    With every offer, post or artical from Rogers. It just comfirms i will be taking my buisness elswhere

  • Phone4me


  • Monk

    Want to see something will really upset Rogers customers outside of Manitoba? There’s a big difference in prices and options between Manitoba and other provices.

    1. Go to Rogers website
    2. Beside “Francais” where it reads “ON” select Manitoba (MB)
    3. View the individual mobile phone plan pages
    4. Near the bottom click “See more plans”

    Manitoba has no less than 19 plan options. The best one being this one:
    -$58.00 month
    – Data share & LTE
    – 5GB data
    – 300 local minutes
    – Unlimited 6pm to 11pm

    Now to compare do the same but at step 2 select Ontario / Alberta / BC etc…

    It really highlights just how much profit margin Rogers has on these products. If they can operate in one market and offer more services at a reduced rate then why can’t they do so elsewhere?

    • Ron Mexico

      Costs attached to providing service in Ontario or Quebec are much, much greater than those in Manitoba. Not defending this pricing at all but this is the truth. Not an Apples to Apples comparison. Just look at what the spectrum alone costs carriers in Manitoba vs Quebec and Ontario.

    • Larry

      As an example Rogers paid about $2.4M for it’s Manitoba spectrum vs $283M for half the amount of spectrum in South Ontario. The other big difference in Manitoba is that the wireless network was co-built with MTS Allstream thus reducing costs which of course leads to cheaper pricing. The real problem is that the CRTC and Fed gov are not pushing hard enough for these guys to co-build and save costs. Instead they build their own organic networks which ultimately raises the price.
      Not saying I support Rogers, but as consumers we are given choices.

  • Jplunks

    Do you expect Rogers to sell there plans as low as Wind/Mobilcity? there is a reason why wind and others sells it for dirt cheap, its because there network is not as good. coverage, voice quality, phone selection etc. if and when Wicity gets a big what makes you think that they will still be as cheap as they are. do you think they price there plans “for customers” …if you dont like the plan THEN DONT GET IT, i have the Super plan and the dreaded $12.79 value pack but i have no plans on changing as i want my 6GB tho never went over 1.5GB ever. Fido went bankrupt offering unlimited, the US companies that offer unlimited are not doing as good as ATT and Verison. Get off your high horse and pick what works for you.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Not interesting when compared to Fido 57$ plan.

  • bob

    Totally agree. People need to get an understanding of how the industry works. You pay premium prices for a reason.

    All I see is “screw this, I’m going to Wind” because all they see is a cheaper price tag. Sure, you pay less per month, but at what cost? Poor coverage, poor reception *within* that coverage zone, lower end devices (for the most part), slower network speeds, the list can go on.

    Does Wind offer a “rogers one number” type of program, or have a handset protection program? What if your phone is stolen? I’m willing to bet they didn’t invest over $2 Billion last year on network upgrades either.

    But at the end of the day some people just see that “$25 a month” tag and that’s all that registers. And sure, it works for some people, but not everyone. Do yourselves a favour and do some research.

    • Gene

      @Bob Sorry you are the one that needs to do the research.

      Poor Coverage Poor reception? I live and work in toronto and missisauga not one dropped call in 11 months 5 bars all the time 8.5 Down on speed test.

      Lower end devices? Are you high?
      Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Optimus 4x HD, Bold 9900 etc Just no sheepphone5

      Slower network speeds yes 8.5 down is suuuper slow.
      BTW there is reason Google didnt include LTE on the N4.We’re not there yet with LTE

      Oh yes, one number?? Please can I make calls from my computer? Its called skype and its free.

      You are what is wrong with wireless in this country.

      Premium Services, Enjoy your Kool aid

  • Francis

    Wind, please come to Quebec !

  • Thomas

    I agree that Rogers has high cost but don’t need to trash it that bad. They have a way larger network that needs to be maintained and everything. If you live in the city and don’t go out a lot then sure wind, mobilicity etc are good for you but up in North Bay or Sudbury or even Barrie doesn’t count into the unlimited minutes..

  • Freddie

    Fido went bankrupt offering unlimited, the US companies that offer unlimited are not doing as good as ATT and Verison. Get off your high horse and pick what works for you.

    Fido didn’t go bankrupt. Fido was destroying Rogers and too much of a threat so Rogers bought them out. Fido was making money hand over first my friend. $50/month unlimited GPRS data plan.

  • Ian

    I refuse to pay extra to Rogers for Caller ID and Voicemail. Whenever the day comes that these basic features are included at no extra charge, I pay around $30 per cellphone for national unlimited texting and 400 minutes local talk with no data. If I need mobile web access, I go to Tim Hortons, McDonalds or Starbucks use their free WiFi. I’m not changing plans till I can get unlimited local talk, national texting, CID, VM and lots of data (ie. 10 GB) for around $30 per month. Maybe that will come by 2015?

  • Jplunks

    @Gene SGN2, 9900, etc are they not pentaband? already? regardless of where or how you get it. RogersOne gives you free calling local and long distance to any canadian number whether you are in canada or another country from “your lame computer”, skype is free calling skype to Skype users ONLY

    @freddie you are right, i meant to say that they were on the verge on bankruptcy which is why telus and rogers were making there bids. they were not making money, they were losing money. How do you make money on unlimited calling *data was not popular enough to generate revenue* they lost money which is why they went down the tube.

  • canuckduke

    This will not deter me from jumping to Wind ASAP. Rogers doesn’t even want you calling the states for Cheap. WIND has me sold on that alone. I might just bite the bullet and pay the ECF

  • nick

    i just got the 95, no more LD for me.

  • WeezyBaby

    its about time these pricks give some unlimited things in our lives!

  • HotDoggable

    Does anyone use voice anymore? Its a legacy service. Obviously Robbers are moving towards data as their means to rip of customers. I currently pay less then this for 6Gb of data on Rogers. Where is the deal?

  • afzi12

    What the f@#$! Is this

  • Ian

    I’m letting other customers subsidize the cost of building a national LTE network for mobile broadband and voice together at a WIND-like price. Then I’ll upgrade to an LTE phone.